James recently lost his smartphone while traveling in the subway and within a few minutes, he was able to track a cell phone location and found his iPhone a few meters away from where he was standing 15 minutes back. But how he tracked his stole smartphone? Well, it’s very easy! In this article, you will learn about Free applications to track a cell phone be it Android or iPhone.

Imagine an hour without your cell phone! Nowadays mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. The mobile phone is not only a tool to answer calls, but it also carries many valuable information and numbers. Losing our smartphones is the loss of critical data like contact numbers and notes saved on the phone. Mobile phones could be stolen as well and here are the steps to do when your smartphone is stolen. In cases of losing the phone, what comes first to our mind is tracking the phone’s location. Though, there may be instances when your family and friends want to know where are you or where have you been last. It is when these below-mentioned applications are needed.

How to Track Someone Location with a Cell Phone Number:

So let’s find out some ways to track smartphone location:

1. Android Phone Location Tracking Via Tispy – Track Real-time Location

Tispy parental monitoring software

Parents who want to know the exact location of their children could be benefited from this application. It is one of the most popular Android parental control apps, which you just have to download on your child’s cell phone, and you can get each and every piece of information regarding their locations, messages, multimedia, and calls by logging into your account. It also helps you to know which sites are mostly used on their phones. Thus, through this child monitoring software, blocking of any particular website on their mobile is enabled. You can also get live location photos or can also set the scheduler to capture pictures at a specific time. This software helps you to monitor day-to-day activities thoroughly. It also helps in tracking the location of your lost cell phones. The two-day free trial is available to try and then use it.

Important note:

Spying on someone’s smartphone is illegal and make sure you use this tool by strictly following government laws and regulations of your country.

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2. Track iPhone Location For Free Via Find My iPhone:

Find my iPhone
Find my iPhone

I am a proud iPhone user. Someone asked me to show my mobile, I gave him but also mentioned to handle it with care. (iPhone users know the feeling of losing their mobiles, and how precious is there mobile is to them.) Losing your iPhone is like a bad nightmare or more than that; still if by any chance you lose your iPhone then there is an official Apple app called find my iPhone / iPad / Mac which will help you trace the location of your lost phone or any Apple devices. , you have to enable this by accessing your iCloud accounts. If your mobile is lost or stolen, you can use this app on any other iOS device or by login into your iCloud account, to get the exact location of your Apple device.

With the Find My iPhone App, you can not only track the stolen devices but also can lock your iPhone or erase the data too. If your phone is lost, you can also activate the lost mode where your contact details will be displayed and the person who found your iPhone can directly connect with you without accessing your personal information on an iPhone. Apart from these, you can also avail various benefits of this app to save your data.

How to use this feature?

For this, you are required to log in with your Apple id and password. Then click on my iPhone app, and there you will find an interactive map. Click on the device name you would like to track; you can zoom in and out of the map and catch the exact location of your mobile. You can follow the guide provided in the above link to use this feature effectively.

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3. Track Samsung Phone Location For Free on Android OS:

Find my mobile samsung app

The following location of Samsung mobile is not a big task; it is similar to other mobiles. In Samsung Galaxy, there is an inbuilt app called Find My Mobile. To find the location of your stolen or lost mobile; create a Samsung account before you lose the mobile. For this go to

Android Settings > Account > Add Account > Choose My Samsung Account.

When your mobile is lost; log into your account with your ID and Password. Track the exact location of your mobile through the finds my mobile app. By entering the registered mobile number, you can also switch on the siren on your mobile phone, erase all data of your mobile, flash message can be set on your mobile phone, and also you can lock your mobile phone.

4. How To Track Other Android Phone Locations For Free:

If you are not having any of the above accounts then here is the way to track your Android smartphone for free of cost. Through a Google account, go to the Android device manager where you can enable this feature. Switch on GPS settings and select the device you want to locate you will get a map of where your mobile is located. You can also perform all the above features like locking the screen, erasing data, setting the alarm, etc.

Final Verdict:

There are some tried and tested ways to track the location of a lost or stolen cellphone. It also helps in monitoring your child’s location. Make sure you first test the feature of cell phone tracking and review the data tracking and privacy policy of the respective application. If you want to share your views or any experience related to tracking your lost phone, you can share them via comment or an email to our editors.

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