In the last couple of years, wearable devices have seen tremendous response among the fitness enthusiasts. These modern age fitness tracker device not only count the steps you climbed but also tells you about the heart rate and the calories you burn. However, they are also capable of measuring your blood pressure on a daily basis. There are number of Cheap fitbit alternative products and brand choices available in the market, but with choice comes confusion. And you don’t know which tracker are right for you and what are the activities you need to check?

Things you can consider while buying a fitness tracker

  • Health related features-

Apart from telling the right time these fitness trackers also comes with some amazing feature to check all your health related issues and tells you how to be fit. It also tells you about what are the other thing that you need to change in your daily routine. It can be checking your pulse rate, heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, SpO2 (blood oxygen) including greens in our diet, going for a walk or jogging. So it’s a great and must have device for you.  

  • Battery life-

Battery life is also one of the key aspects of fitness trackers. These days the world market is loaded with lots of fitness tracker devices that claim long-lasting battery life, but they are not, So before choosing the best fitness tracker do full research and go through reviews. Generally, fitness trackers come with 5-10 days battery life on a single charge which is a great thing.

  • Durability-

These fitness trackers smartwatches are very durable in terms of its services which helps you stay connected, track your daily activities and monitor your progress towards fitness goals. Most of the fitness tracker device are durable and manufactured with best quality material to suit your style and personality.

  • Smart features-

The next thing to decide about buying fitbit is its smart features. These days a number of fitness trackers brands are there in the market which offers additional function to track and monitor how you’re sleeping. Health, heart & pulse rate. Find and bring things in which you’re interested. It can be connected with other device or home gadgets and comfort and do not create skin irritation.

A quick look at the best Fitbits

Top Best Fitbit Alternatives You Should Consider in 2021

#1 Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch 6 is one of the best smartwatch available in the market that you can buy. This brand new Apple Watch series 6 is somewhat faster, brighter and cheaper. The Apple Watch 6 comes with numerous high-quality features like checking blood oxygen (SpO2 SpO2). For the first time, it comes with such brighter display which is always on. The Apple Watch Series six case is 11% more thinner as compared to the Apple Watch Series 3 case. Series six comes with some foremost advanced health features. This watch also detects your low and high heart rates or an irregular beat. The Apple Watch Series six is Good fitness watch that it can detect your hard fall and automatically makes an emergency call services for you.


  • Fast new processor
  • Have attractive colors options
  • Measures blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) level on demand
  • Always-on altimeter for real-time elevation tracking
  • Improved wrist-down screen brightness


  • Expensive
  • Offers only a minor improvement in battery life

#2 Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The Xiaomi Mi good Band six has currently been launched, and it’s one of the most important fitness watch brand available in such budget. The screen size has been upped up to 50%. Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 is a great -looking wearable that has 1.56-inch AMOLED display. This watch not only check your SpO2 sensor but also keeps a record of your blood oxygen. Furthermore, it also has inbuilt sleep oxygen levels checker. With this amazing wearable you can measure your blood oxygen levels, 2 take care of your ECG.


  • Affordable Prices.
  • Long Battery Life.
  • Amazing Smart Features.
  • Accurate Heart Reading.
  • Bigger and Colourful Display.


  • Advanced features reduce battery life.
  • The heart rate sensor fails with high-intensity workouts.
  • Sleep monitoring can be discontinued.

#3 Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Galaxy Watch 3 comes with a fantastic style, a vivid display, and is loaded with numerous and latest fitness options that is ready to assist you in tracking your progress across a large vary of activities. The new Galaxy Watch 3 Best fitbit alternatives, it effectively monitors blood oxygen level with fitness tracking accuracy. If you are going to buy a premium smartwatch then, this can be the one which you must purchase. The watch is designed in such manner that it can go along with all kinds of style and fashion. It has a smart user interface and gesture controls features. With the inbuilt speaker, the user are ready to take the decision through the watch directly. you’ll ignore the decision by simply shaking your hand.


  • Great notification interactivity
  • Bright OLED display
  • Beautiful classic watch design
  • Customizable watch faces


  • Single-day battery life
  • Very high starting price
  • Missing some popular third-party apps
  • Slow, clunky charger

#4 The Gear Fit2 Pro

The Gear Fit2 Pro is an exclusive smartmatch that comes with many lucrative features. Its slim style with a pretty incurved AMOLED makes this show which will show smartphone notifications and weekly charts. The watch is most accurate fitness tracker that comes with Water resistant up to fifty meters which makes this watch responsive even in pool. It additionally has GPS, heart-rate observance, aboard music storage for up to one, 1000 songs, all-day fitness and sleep trailing, and automatic exercise detection. The utilization of a color screen makes the Galaxy match a pair of much more attractive. You can use this watch while running in the rain and it has Dust resistant features too.


  • Easy to navigate Interface.
  • Long Battery Life.
  • Water resistant.
  • Accurate Heart Reading.


  • Slightly bulky for smaller wrists.
  • The heart rate sensor fails with high-intensity workouts.
  • Sleep monitoring can be discontinued

#5 Garmin Forerunner 235

This Garmin Forerunner 235 is a perfect combination of unique style and equipped with the most modern features and functionality. This smartwatch is really amazing and Best smart watch for health monitoring.  The smartwatch is loaded with a robust battery lifetime which gives backup up to nine Days. Moreover, the watch is extremely comfy to wear and is waterproof since the weight of the watch is around 42 grams. The Garmin smartwatch is an inspirational watch that force you to be fit. Furthermore, the smartwatch runs on an Android, iOS operating system and comes with an elevated heart rate technology, which can be measured anytime of the day.  Its colourful scale helps in identifying the heart rate zone, and your heart beat per minute.


  • Great design
  • Easy to navigate Interface.
  • colourful scale
  • Water resistant.


  • Clumsy setup process
  • Bad value compared to cheaper predecessor

#6 Huawei Band 6

The Huawei Band 6 is the latest and a great option in the category of reasonable fitness brand. The watch comes with a powerful battery to use, lasts for nearly 10 days. It’s very comfortable to see and were. This smartwatch is really amazing and can gel with any fashion and style trend. The watch comes with Water resistant, high-quality features like checking blood oxygen 


  • Consistent and reliable battery life
  • Screen is responsive
  • It checks  heart rate and SpO2 for 24/7


  • Notification support is not very useful
  • No 3rd-party app integrations

#7 Coros Pace 2

The COROS Pace 2 is highly equipped with almost all the latest features which makes this watch a fitness expert. The watch has an exceptional battery life which last up to 20 days. It is very light-weight and gives accurate results as comparable to the highest-profile watches offered. Further the Coros Pace 2 doesn’t have any navigational features for mountain sports like tracking, but if you wanted to use it for those purposes, you could easily do it in GPS mode.


  • Good and reliable battery life for 15-20 days
  • Screen is responsive
  • 24/7 heart rate and SpO2 is very convenient


  • Lacking in smartwatch features
  • Bluetooth issues

The article highlights about some of the excellent features of latest fitness trackers and sensible watches that is available in the market today. These watches are most accurate fitness tracker which we have covered in this article are really best and comes with quite impressive features to keep you fit.

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