Do you want to hide your iPhone gallery photographs from child or someone else? Are you looking for FREE iPhone app to hide your images with pass code? This application is for you.

Photographs are the best medium to express your feelings, capture your precious moment and to preserve them for lifetime. There are some photographs you need not want to share with anyone and want to protect in your iOS device. This is what iProtect Album iPhone Application will do !

iprotect album iphone app

iProtect Album is an amazing innovation by its iOS developer that will not only allow you to protect your photographs but also will help you to categorized them as per your preferences. Let’s discuss some of the feature of this wonderful iPhone Apps:

Screen Lock

iProtect album application allow you to restrict access of the apps with screen lock. No one can access the photographs added into iProtects without valid access token. The key to protect your favorite and secrets photographs will be available to you only until you share them with others. Here you just need to setup a secret pass lock key and start creating your secret digital locker to project your personal photographs.

Categorization and Organization of Photographs

Once you access the iProtects Album, you will have to create pass code by entering your security question. Once you successfully created pass key, you will ask to enter the name of album. Follow the process as explained in this video. One you created folder, add as many photographs as you want from your Photo album. Photos added from main photo stream will have to remove manually. iProtects only copies photos and will not move permanently, hence one copy of the photograph will remain there in gallery which you can delete if you want.

8 different views in photo album

iProtects iPhone app is not just a locker app but it also offers various features and photography gallery views. In this app you will have 8 different photo views option that includes:

  • Linear
  • Rotary
  • Inverted Rotary
  • Cylinder
  • Inverted Cylinder
  • Wheel
  • Cover Flow
  • Time Machine

And many more!

You can choose your favorite view and can change them whenever you want.

Delete photos from iProtect Album

iProtects also offer functionality to delete individual photographs from Album. You can also delete whole album at once. Here you need to note that, once the photograph is deleted from iProtect album, it will not be recovered and will permanently deleted from your phone.

Privacy is the biggest concern these days and when it comes to personal photographs, you did not want someone to view them. Safety better than worry and this is what iProtect album iphone app is designed for. Now keep your photographs safe from anyone with secure pass lock at FREE of cost.

Apart from given features, iProtects offers many exciting features that will make your photo protection task easier and smoother.

What are you waiting for? Just visit iTunes store and download iProtect Album iPhone Application at FREE of Cost now!

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