Are you a beginner in Android application development? learning development from Android books? Looking for FREE Android app source code to test and built a sample application? you are in right place! here we have manually reviewed and tested various Android application source codes and listed them for your reference.

Android’s SDK (Software Development Kit) has been helping several developers, brands, and organizations come up with unique apps and achieve high-quality results and tremendous efficiency. The primary advantage of free Android app source code (open source codes) is the high level of coordination and collaboration developers can achieve while developing new apps on the Android platform.

The SDK inherently provides a wide variety of materials, including tutorials, extensive documentation, samples, best practices, and a continuously growing array of tools. Open-source software developers have always been motivated by several factors, but quality stands as the noticeable point of focus. If you are an AR or VR developer, you can also find various AR SDKs available in the market to start with.

Android App Source Code
Android App Source Code

On the internet, you will find many mobile app marketplaces where developers can buy & sell their source code online and later re-skin the application based on requirements.

Android’s free open source community has always attracted highly motivated and bright professionals, who in spite of being rather unpaid/underpaid, maintain the standards and discipline of the community. They have been the minds behind the most complicated bug fixes and other enhancements that bring about a stark difference in the quality and usability of an app.

For the individual developer, the community has been increasingly provided with source code that matches new product features and design efficacy. Further, free and open-source codes have the compelling advantage of pricing, apart from reducing the monotony of the job.

The popular reasons behind the growing use of free Android open-source codes by developers include:

  • Security: Free open-source codes are highly scrutinized for their standards and a basic advantage is the high level of security you get. When a community of developers has access to lines of code, there are more chances of any flaws being detected, reported, and addressed quickly. For free open-source code developers, it is both money and credibility at stake and they give in their best.
  • Quality: Again, the higher standards put forward by the Android community ensures that only the highest quality source codes are made available. However, it does depend on where you borrow your source codes from. If you have been following a reputed/popular platform (examples come later in this article), you are most likely in an advantageous position.
  • Customization: Customization is among the base reasons why app developers are looking for source codes. They don’t want to spend time on the basic scripting but focus more on the unique features and designs that they are supposed to develop. For example, the source codes for most ecommerce apps remain the same. It is the customization that allows the developer to come up with a completely new platform.
  • Cost: Most open-source codes are available either for free or at a minimal price. For the source code developers, the number of downloads acts as a calculator in their portfolio, while end users of the source code can have the basic structure of their script readily available and at a minimal price.
  • Saves time: Finally, using free open-source code saves a lot of time and allows you to focus all resources on the unique offerings of the apps. That’s the best way to stand against the competition.

Best Open Source Android App Source Code Websites:

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best open-source Android app source code websites available.

1. Wikipedia:

As always, we can look up to Wikipedia for the best websites to download free open-source Android app codes. Wikipedia too is a community-managed platform and this list is contributed by developers who have been using open-source codes for Android apps for quite a while now. The list here is highly categorized and depending upon the genre of the app, you can choose among the most recommended options. There a detailed list, along with the licenses in categories like Ad Blocking, General Communication, Back up & Security apps,  browsers, emulators, gaming apps, navigation apps, reading apps, utilities, multimedia, security, and general apps.

2. SourceForge:

SourceForge(dot)net is a unique platform that hosts source codes from all different technologies and can be available for you to download the same. You can also download free Android app source code from SourceForge where around 45+ Android app codes are available at the time of writing this post.

sourceforge android app source code

3. GitHub:

Github Android and iOS Open Source code

GitHub does not really require any introduction as it is one of the best source code repository platforms being used by most of the software development teams. If you are new to Android app development and looking for free demo source code to start your development learning practice, GitHub provides the best resource for Android beginners. Here is a few sample Android source code you can download from GitHub:

  • Beginner Android Samples
  • Custom ArrayAdapter Demo
  • Book Library Search Demo
  • ImageLoading and SQLite Demo
  • Rotten Tomatoes Demo
  • Styled ActionBar Demo
  • Animations and Gestures Demo
  • Custom Views Demo
  • Services and Notifications Demo
  • Audio and Video Demo
  • Menus, Popups, and Fragments Demo
  • Google Maps Demo
  • Android Snake Game

Here the new addition to this GitHub Android app source code resource is compiled by MyBridge. They have carefully compiled a list of 38 amazing open sources Android application source codes that are built in the JAVA language. According to their official announcement, they have used the MyBridge AI algorithm to evaluate the quality of these source codes. They have compared over 8200 app source codes and categorized them into 13 different groups. This list will definitely help you to find helpful source codes which can sharpen your Android app development skills for sure.

4. Codelist:

Codelist Android and iOS Open Source code

Codelist is one of the largest biggest open-source platforms. It has myriads of scripts that are available for free and varieties of technologies used in such scripts as PHP, Java, node.js, and many more. Moreover, free Android projects with source code are available on this website which used Flutter, react native for Android and iOS apps. The developer community can download such open-source iOS and Android apps for learning purposes.

Each and every app and different Android and iOS projects are available for free. This open-source platform also provides us with real user votes on every free app and according to vote, users can differentiate easily between free iOS and Android app that is perfect for individuals.

5. F-Droid:

Another exciting platform featuring loads of open-source codes for Android apps, F-Droid had been a favorite among Android developers. The platform gets contributions from all kinds of developers looking to put their mark across the internet and the world of smartphones. F-Droid is a non-profit organization and you will find lots of free and open-source software for the Android platform.

On F-Droid developers will find free source code for popular Android games & applications.

6. Google Android Sample Source Code:

Google itself provides sample source codes in different categories of Android applications for you to start your Android application development learning. The source also provides a host of tutorials that will help budding developers learn more about Android coding and its platform versions. Hosted at, Google samples source code for Android apps can be your best companion in Android app development learning.

Android Sample Source code

7. Fossdroid:

fossdroid Android and iOS Open Source code

Another vast collection of open-source codes resides at Fossdroid. More than 1000 source codes are spread across categories like application development, community apps, navigation apps, security apps, and Android games. As per the Fossdroid team, they take data from F-Droid sources and organized it very well on the website that visitors can get basic ideas about app source code type, category, and other important attributes. On Fossdroid users can also view apps based on their popularity and when it was uploaded.

You might even be able to get specific source codes for your new Android comics, sports & health app, brain twister apps, travel demos, and other sub-categories in communication, finance, eCommerce, multimedia, gaming, community, and more.

8. XDA Developers:

A growing community of Android app developers, this is where all your source code-related queries and searches will be answered. Among the biggest repositories for free open-source codes, XDA Developers provide scripts, discussions, tutorials, and tools for high-quality app development. This is a must for any kind of developer, regardless of his/her experience. After all, market trends are changing and it is as a community that we can grow ourselves.

Android is among the most popular operating system today, based on penetration and usage. It is expected to keep 85% of the smartphone market by 2024. With over 2 million apps in Google’s Play Store, it is the first choice for businesses looking to make a mark among the general user base. An interesting thing to note here is that more than 70% of apps in this store are available for free, showcasing its popularity among brands and developers.

However, coming up with an app that will make a mark among thousands of similar platforms is not an easy task. Businesses put in a lot of resources, including time and money. Open-source codes are the answer to any developer trying to focus on the unique capabilities of his/her app rather than writing down the same boring lines of monotonous codes.

In conclusion, these are some of the best open-source Android app source code websites available. Each of these sites offers high-quality templates and source code that can help developers jumpstart their app development projects. When choosing a site, it’s essential to consider factors such as reputation, support, and pricing options. With the right resources and tools, developers can bring their app ideas to life and create high-quality apps that stand out in a crowded marketplace.

FAQs on Android App Source Code Websites:

What should I look for when choosing an open source Android app source code website?

When choosing an open source Android app source code website, it’s essential to consider factors such as reputation, pricing options, support, and the quality of the templates and source code offered.

Are open source Android app source code websites free to use?

Some open source Android app source code websites offer free templates and source code, while others require payment.

What are open source Android app source code websites?

Open source Android app source code websites are platforms that offer access to high-quality app templates and source code that can be used by developers as a starting point for their app development projects. These sites allow developers to save time and money by using inbuilt code & templates.

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