Have you ever wished for having two accounts of the same app on your phone?

Well! Your wish just got fulfilled.

Clone apps are apps that allow you to run multiple accounts of the same app on your Android phone. These cloning apps allow you to run an exact copy of the app on your phone with a different account. For objectives like keeping the personal and work accounts different, the clone app gives an easy option for maintaining work-life balance for the users.

Here is an issue. There are many clone apps for android available on the internet. While some of them are good but others have been reported with issues like draining the battery quickly or not working smoothly. We also have a list of the best daily useful apps check it out

But, we are here with a solution. Listed below are the 13 best cloning apps that you can use to run multiple accounts of the same application on your android phone:

Best App Clones For Multiple Accounts in 2022

#1 Dual Space

Dual Space app

Dual Space is one of the most downloaded clone apps for android phones. The dual space app allows you to run multiple accounts of the same app on the phone. It offers a simple interface and a smooth user experience.

It allows keeping multiple accounts of almost all the social media applications. Dual space apps also offer a private area through which you can keep the cloned apps hidden.

#2 Parallel Space

Parallel Space app

Another one of the best clones for android phones, Parallel Space is one of the premiers in the field. The reason for its popularity is its responsive interface that gives users a convenient experience. It supports 24 languages and offers cloning on almost all android applications.

It offers an incognito installation option that keeps the cloned apps in hidden mode. One of the best services is the privacy policy it offers. Parallel Space does not collect any information of the user to protect their privacy.

#3 Dr. Clone

Dr. Clone app

Dr. Clone is one of the best clone apps for the year 2022. It allows users to make a clone of the apps on their phone that can run multiple accounts. It also allows cloning of games to allow users to run multiple gaming accounts easily.

The most wonderful feature the app offers is not allowing third-party ads to run on the application. Hence, users have a smooth experience with no annoying ads in the interface.

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#4 Matey

Matey app

Another one of the best clone apps of the year 2022, Matey offers parallel space to its users to keep the cloned apps. It can make clones of almost all android apps. The app offers a responsive user experience.

It also has a no ad feature that blocks third-party apps from appearing on the cloned apps. Matey is the best option for global use as it offers usability in 25 global languages.

#5 2Accounts Android

2Accounts Android app

An excellent multiple app cloner, 2 Account android allows users to create multiple app accounts on their android phone. The app has a simple interface that allows users to conveniently clone their apps. In addition to major social media apps, it also allows gaming applications to be cloned so that users can manage multiple gaming accounts with ease.

2 Accounts android also gives the notification of the clone apps exactly similar to the original apps and gives you the power to control the notification setting.

#6 AppCloner

AppCloner offers a clear interface for easy traveling between apps. It allows users to create and manage multiple accounts of the same apps. It allows cloning of mostly all the android applications. The app is free to download and is highly effective in use.

The privacy and security policy also makes sure to protect your policy and keep your information safe.

#7 Whatsapp Clone App

Another app like Parallel Space is the Whatsapp Clone app. The app offers easy access and allows users to run multiple clones of your Whatsapp account that can be run on various devices.

With slightly different working, while other clone apps offer running multiple accounts of the same app on your smartphone, the Whatsapp Clone app allows running of the same account on different devices. This is done by the Whatsapp QR code and you do not require any login or registration process.

#8 Parallel U

Offering better work-life balance, Parallel U allows you to keep multiple accounts of the same apps on your smartphone. You can easily keep your work and personal account different and switch between them in just a few clicks.

The app offers an easy interface for the users. It also allows cloning of almost all the major applications. You can also run different gaming accounts easily by cloning the gaming apps through the application.

#9 DO Multiple Accounts

DO Multiple Accounts app

When the list of best cloning app is prepared DO Multiple Accounts reserves its place among the top. With a smooth user interface, it offers to allows running more than two accounts of the same app. It offers space for multiple accounts of different applications.

It also gives notifications similar to the original app and allows users to adjust the notification setting according to their wishes. It also allows users to keep their cloned app private and also hides the notifications.

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#10 Shelter

Shelter - clone app

Shelter is a free and open-source clone app of android. It is best for the users who wish to keep their cloned apps hidden. It offers a separate space to keep the cloned apps and you can switch between the multiple accounts in just a few clicks.

A powerful privacy feature keeps your data private and allows cloning of multiple android apps. It is also light on resources and does not drain your phone’s battery quickly.

#11 Clone App – App Cloner & Parallel Space

Clone App

This Clone app is the best option to create a clone app in android and use multiple accounts at the same time. You can create multiple apps for social media, games, etc. This dual application feature also provides you VPN service.

There are lots of features like privacy icon and privacy space, dedicated and secure VPN, color mode, floating glue, and many more.

#12 Multi Space

Multi Space

Multi-space is also a good option for multiple apps on the same phone. You will switch easily the accounts to use the other one and keep you logged in simultaneously in both the apps.

The interface of this app is quite good and this app is popular for 2 WhatsApp apps on one phone and other social media apps and games.

#13 Super Clone – App Cloner for Multiple Accounts

Super Clone

Super Clone apps will allow you to run multiple apps on a single phone any social media app. Android 10 version is well supported to run this app smoothly.
As per the application description, privacy and secure your data with a lock. It will also have an option to customize app icons and labels.

Multiple app clones offer the smooth functioning of multiple accounts of the same app on your phone. It offers you ways to manage your work-life balance by allowing you to clone apps to keep two different accounts on the same smartphone. There are many clone apps available on the Internet, but most of the issues are like quick battery drainage or not protecting the privacy of the user. The above-listed clone app is the best one for android phones offering a smooth user experience.

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