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Top 3 Open Source SMS Gateway Software Solution Providers

Popular sms gateway software

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Top 3 Open Source SMS Gateway Software Solution Providers

Are you an SMS gateway solution provider? looking for reliable and open source SMS gateway software solution providers who can manage your SMS gateway services? This article is for you.

Popular sms gateway software

SMS Gateway software allows computers to both send and receive SMS (Short Message Service) transmissions across a telecommunication network. The messages exchanged will be routed through an appropriate mobile phone network to the recipient cellphone. Depending on the SMS Gateway you choose, you can even seek media conversions from a range of formats including emails. Consequently, it is a service that companies can use instantly and at low cost to send information (via SMS) to any number of GSM devices, across the globe. The process works by simply connecting SMS servers to customer database. While the client requires providing the numbers, you also get an optional ID number to track the SMSs. This service is particularly used by clients and brands looking to launch new products or inform clients about promotions, events, discounts, sales and more. Further SMS Gateway supports SMS consultancy, classifieds Add automation, SMS broadcasting and acknowledgement messages.

But how all these can be managed? It require SMS gateway software that manages all this process and help payment gateway providers to easily handles multiple clients.

Here are three open source SMS gateway software providers that you should check in 2017:

Kannel.Org has been developed as one of the top open source SMS and WAP gateway service and is currently being used by several top businesses. It serves trillions of SMSs, WAP Push Services and mobile internet connections. Deployed in 1999, it was launched as Wapit Ltd. While it is not in active development, it is well documented. The features include:

  • Supports both push and pull gateway
  • Compatible with 7 bit, 8 bit and Unicode data
  • Hundreds of messages can be tracked and handled with delivery reports
  • Hundreds of messages every second
  • Is compatible for sending operator logos, OTA configurations, ring tones, WAP SI messages and more
  • Integrates SEMA SMS2000 OIS protocol
  • Can be used to connect HTTP based content gateways
  • Can be deployed as an aggregator

You can check more information about the feature and the support by visiting this official page:


An open source and completely free software, PlaySMS is a web based portal that allows for a host of SMS related services including SMS gateway, personal messaging systems, bulk SMS provider, group and corporate communication tools. Its features include:

  • Support for multiple database engines including PEAR DB and PHP
  • SMS to group of singular devices
  • Supports flash, Unicode and text messaging
  • Can be used to exchange private SMSs
  • SMS auto reply
  • SMS polls, quizzes
  • Routing SMS on per user and prefix basis
  • Time zone settings
  • Multi language interface

PlaySMS is a FREE plugin that works with MesaBot, one of the leading Indonesia online SMS gateway provider. Currently available for sending SMS only.


jasminsms gateway software

Unique and fairly new open source SMS gateway software, Jasmine SMS offers several enterprise specific features. It is consequently targeted to all businesses trying to build a community of users and customers. Jasmine’s SMS gateway is powered by a very strong routing algorithm, thus offering the flexibility of routing based on dozens of categories including source, destination, User ID and similar combinations. Coded in Python, Jasmine uses Twisted Framework to route SMSs through SMPP and HTTP protocols. Its features include:

  • SMPP/HTTP client and server
  • Advanced message routing
  • AMQP broker for storage and SMS forward processes
  • Standard filtering including UserFilter, ConnectorFilter and TransparantFilter
  • Flexible billing
  • Web UI
  • Supports Unicode 8/16 for multiple languages
  • Easy creation and exchange of Vcards, WAP Push and mono ringtones
  • Supports concatenated SMS contents


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