Bulk SMS gateway software is one of the high-end products and requires a good amount of investment. What if you can use SMS gateway software FREE of charge? Yes, it is possible with open-source bulk SMS gateway software.

If you are a bulk SMS gateway solution provider or a user who is looking for reliable and open source SMS gateway software or paid version to manage your SMS gateway services? Then this article is only for you.

Additionally, this article will provide complete information if you want to improve your knowledge regarding this. Both the software have their own plus and minuses. So choose wisely according to your need and requirement.

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Before I list the software, let me briefly explain What is SMS gateway software and how it can help to manage bulk SMS solutions?

SMS Gateway software allows computers to both send and receives SMS (Short Message Service) transmissions across a telecommunication network. The messages exchanged will be routed through an appropriate mobile phone network to the recipient’s cellphone.

Depending on the SMS Gateway software you choose, you can even seek media conversions from a range of formats including emails. Consequently, it is a service that companies can use instantly and at a low cost to send information (via SMS) to any number of GSM devices, across the globe. The process works by simply connecting SMS servers to the customer database. While the client requires providing the numbers, you also get an optional ID number to track the SMSs.

features of SMS services providers

How Bulk SMS Gateway Service is Helpful?

Bulk SMS gateway service is particularly used by clients and brands looking to launch new products or inform clients about promotions, events, discounts, sales, and other marketing strategies. Further SMS Gateway supports SMS consultancy, classifieds Add automation, SMS broadcasting, and acknowledgment messages.

But how all these can be managed?

It requires SMS gateway software that manages all these processes and helps payment gateway providers to easily handles multiple clients. Such software help SMS gateway service providers manage all those processes explained here. It is a huge industry and you can save big money if you opt for an open-source SMS gateway software.

4 best open source SMS gateway software providers

#1 Kannel

Kannel has been developed as one of the top open-source SMS and WAP gateway software service and is currently being used by several top businesses.


It serves trillions of SMSs, WAP Push Services and mobile internet connections. Deployed in 1999, it was launched as Wapiti Ltd. While it is not in active development, it is well documented. As you can see, the last stable release of Kannel was made on 19th June 2018.

Key benefits of Kannel

  • Supports both push and pull gateway
  • Compatible with 7 bit, 8 bit and Unicode data
  • Hundreds of messages can be tracked and handled with delivery reports
  • Hundreds of messages every second
  • Is compatible for sending operator logos, OTA configurations, ring tones, WAP SI messages and more
  • Integrates SEMA SMS2000 OIS protocol
  • Can be used to connect HTTP based content gateways
  • Can be deployed as an aggregator

#2 PlaySMS


PlaySMS is one of the most popular FREE and open source SMS management software available in the current market. It is web-based portal that offers SMS-related services including SMS gateway, personal messaging systems, bulk SMS provider, group, and corporate communication tools.

Key benefits of PlaySMS.Org

  • Support for multiple database engines including PEAR DB and PHP
  • SMS to group of singular devices
  • Supports flash, Unicode and text messaging
  • Can be used to exchange private SMSs
  • SMS auto reply
  • SMS polls, quizzes
  • Routing SMS on per user and prefix basis
  • Time zone settings
  • Multi language interface

PlaySMS is a FREE plugin that works with MesaBot, one of the leading Indonesia online SMS gateway provider. Currently available for sending SMS only. The latest version of playSMS was released on 25th June 2018.

#3 Jasmin Gateway

jasminsms gateway software

Jasmine SMS gateway software is now a trusted name in an open source environment and offers several enterprise-specific features. It is consequently targeted to all businesses trying to build a community of users and customers. Jasmine’s SMS gateway is powered by a very strong routing algorithm, thus offering the flexibility of routing based on dozens of categories including source, destination, User ID, and similar combinations. Coded in Python, Jasmine uses Twisted Framework to route SMSs through SMPP and HTTP protocols.

Key benefits of Jasmin Gateway

  • SMPP/HTTP client and server
  • Advanced message routing
  • AMQP broker for storage and SMS forward processes
  • Standard filtering including UserFilter, ConnectorFilter and TransparantFilter
  • Flexible billing
  • Web UI
  • Supports Unicode 8/16 for multiple languages
  • Easy creation and exchange of Vcards, WAP Push and mono ringtones
  • Supports concatenated SMS contents

There is a good community for Jasmin SMS gateway at GitHub.

#4 Kalkun


Kalkun is our new addition to this article which offers open-source web-based SMS management software. The best part of this software is, they are using Gammu SMSD as an SMS engine. As this is a web-based software, you are only required to install them on one PC (i.e Software) and you can access them through a web browser using another PC on the same network.

6 Another best SMS gateway software provider with free trials and paid versions

#5 Atomic SMS Sender

 Atomic SMS Sender

Atomic SMS is a powerful software for Windows which is designed to offer the greatest mobile marketing sending bulk text messages (SMS) from your computer, laptop or desktop simply by using your web connection. The software conjointly sends numerous mass SMS, electronic messaging which starts at a nominal date and time. This is very helpful software if the recipient is located in a very different time zone.

Key benefits of Atomic SMS Sender

  • Secure & Reliable software to track records.
  • Maintenance- to maintain a complex system.
  • Fast Delivery-With our new and improved structure.
  • User-Friendly-Templates for mass communication, servicing
  • Personalized SMS  sending option
  • Starts from $0.02 per SMS Whole rate or $0.06 per SMS Direct rate

#6 RapidSMS


RapidSMS is a free and open-source framework software that is used for developing an interactive SMS application. With the help of RapidSMS, you can send richer messages in order to increase engagement with your recipients. The software can send numerous scheduled and prioritized messages instantly. This is very innovative software that deals with interesting features like SMS Marketing Software, Bulk Text Messaging Software, and Mass SMS Software.

Key benefits of Rapid SMS

  • Well-integrated SMS platform,
  • Supports Multi-Language, Unicode Message
  • Prioritised Message
  • Maintaining constant communication with clients, at affordable prices etc.
  • Also supports Long Concatenated Message
  • Starts from Rs 2000 for 10000 SMS

#7 My SMS Mantra

My SMS Mantra

My SMS Mantra is one of all the simplest software for causation bulk text messages with few clicks. The machine-driven electronic messaging method provides all the reporting details jointly. It’s an Internet-based SMS software for marketers that helps facilitate processes of bulk messaging and alternative digital communications. The software changes and improves the manner you communicate with the customers. It also reduces the value of per text message greatly.

Key benefits of My SMS Mantra

  • Customer Support
  • Contact Management
  • Analytics
  • Scheduling
  • Subscriber Management
  • Import Address Book
  • Manage Contacts
  • Instant Message Delivery
  • Manage Sender ID
  • Starts from Rs 1700 for 10000 SMS

#8 SpringEdge


SpringEdge is Windows software designed to deliver mobile marketing by sending bulk text messages (SMS) from your desktop PC or laptop simply over your internet connection. The bulk SMS software efficiently works through the Atomic SMS Sender Gateway to provide the highest SMS delivery rates. Spring Edge works with various SMS gateway network operators to supply optimal international messaging services.

Key benefits of Spring Edge

  • Instant messaging
  • Web base user interface
  • Sent reports for sms
  • Powerful APIs
  • Voice and sms coverage
  • Starts from Rs 2000 for 10000 SMS

#9 SMSGatewayHub


Smsgatewayhub is one of the fastest business messaging communication platforms that offers personalized bulk SMS solutions to improve business communications with direct connectivity to major telecom operators.  Its features are designed to provide the best solutions so that you can directly send SMS in today’s business environment. The MS Gateway Hub software is an all-in-one SMS tool that permits you to send marketing and promotional SMS to your customers in minutes. The software offers functions like OTP SMS, transaction SMS, advertising SMS, short code SMS, and more.

Key benefits of Atomic SMSGatewayHub

  • dskkms
  • Unicode SMS
  • International SMS
  • Promotional SMS
  • API Integration
  • SMS Scheduling
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Billing
  • Real Time Reports
  • Starts from Rs 2478 for 10000 SMS

#10 Slicktext

Slicktext is another tool that provides bulk SMS services to the users and also schedules the SMS and checks the data insights. Moreover, this tool will also give more features like an email campaign and drip Campaigns. Check every key feature which we listed below. You can even use a free version which gives 50 messages within 14 days.

Key benefits of Slicktext

  • Message scheduling
  • SMS Automation
  • SMS short codes
  • SMS Rest API
  • Text survey
  • MMS Marketing
  • Business text messaging
  • 2-way messaging
  • Drip campaigns

Over to you

When you are working as a bulk SMS service provider, it is very important you choose the best management software. Timely delivery is the key in any SMS marketing solution and hence, better software is mandatory. This list is containing an open source or paid software but you can also check for the other alternatives before you integrate one for your business.

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