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SocialPilot v/s BufferApp v/s HootSuite – Social Media Automation Tools Comparison

social media tools comparison

Social Media

SocialPilot v/s BufferApp v/s HootSuite – Social Media Automation Tools Comparison

social media tools comparison
Are you digital marketing agency or a small, medium or an enterprise business? Are you looking for an efficient way to manage your social media campaign? Social media automation tools are the best and effective way to manage multiple account in minimum time. Let me show you how!

Getting started with social media invariably requires a right set of tools (social media management tools) that help improve citizen/customer/client engagement, efficiency and internal collaboration. Now a days small, medium and large businesses use social media automation tools to save precious time. But the biggest question is; which tool should one use?

We did detailed analysis of different tools available in market and based on price, features and services; we have filtered out 3 most popular and useful tools to share with you.

Comparison of BufferApp & SocialPilot & HootSuite

To make your selection easier, here we are representing detailed comparison of three prime social media management tools: SocialPilot, BufferApp & Hootsuite

#1 Available in Free & Paid Versions

All 3 tools BufferApp, SocialPilot & Hootsuite are available in free and paid versions. However, before choosing one over the other, it is advisable to take a deeper look into what each has to offer.


  • SocialPilot’s free version allows you to connect up to 5 of your social media profiles from which, you can do maximum 20 posts every day. Further you can connect up to 3 RSS Feeds; unlimited groups and can get API access too.
  • However, paying just $4.99 monthly, you get to connect unlimited number of social profiles which includes Twitter, Facebook (Groups & Pages) & LinkedIn (Groups & Pages). Pro version also allows users to make 200 posts daily, 20 RSS Feeds apart from unlimited accounts groups and secure API access.
  • SocialPilot tool have 2 more plans for maximum exposure on social media. One is Pro Plus ($9.99/Month) & Apps Promotion ($14.99/Month)


Starting off with BufferApp however seemed a bit clumsy. You don’t get to know the payment structure until you have actually registered for a free version.

  • BufferApp’s free version also allows connecting up to 5 social media profiles but doesn’t offer any RSS feeds syndication.
  • The Awesome Plan (paid) requires $102 per year or $10 monthly (whichever suits your social marketing strategy) and provides access to 15 RSS Feeds, allows connecting up to 10 social media profiles and allows 100 posts daily.


  • HootSuite’s free version allows users to connect up to 3 social media profiles along with basic analytics report, up to 2 RSS feed, scheduling posts facility & app integrations.
  • HootSuite also provides Pro and Enterprise version in which they allow 30 day free trial in Pro version with $8.99/month charge. In Pro version users can access up to 100 social media profiles, up to 10 Analytics report, unlimited RSS feeds and many more.
  • More or less HootSuite also provides Enterprise version for Corporations, Organizations & Governments sector businesses for better and fast social media management.

Comparing the pricing structure and facilities offered; SocialPilot looks like a more favorable tool.

#2 Connect Multiple Social Media Accounts


socialpilot accounts

SocialPilot’s pro version allows connecting unlimited social media profiles which includes Twitter, Facebook (Profile, Groups & Pages) and LinkedIn (Profile, Groups and Pages). Here is the better view for you.

SocialPilot has one more advanced feature in which user can create unlimited groups of their social media accounts. So, at the time of create/schedule post they just have to select particular group to post in multiple social media accounts in just one click. Here the only lacking part is, Google+ integration.


buffer app social media accountsHowever, BufferApp’s free account is limited to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google-Plus Pages. If you want to connect to the Facebook / LinkedIn pages and groups, you need to upgrade to the “Awesome” version.


hootsuite connect

HootSuite pro version allows users to connect social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook (Profile, Pages & Groups), LinkedIn (Profile, Pages & Group), and Google Plus pages. One more step ahead to other management tools it also allows you to connect FourSquare account.

One of the biggest benefits of HootSuite is that it helps users to access all their connected accounts feed from single dashboard. Yes, this ultimate feature can easily save half of the time of marketers by posting, sharing and managing multiple social media accounts at the same time.

Keeping the above in mind, HootSuite seems to be a better choice with a wide range of offering that also includes Google Plus & FourSquare. But if you are looking for only Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin integration, BufferApp will be costlier solution.

#3 Advanced Post Scheduling Option

All 3 tools SocialPilot, BufferApp & HootSuite allows scheduling of posts along with images.


scheduling option social pilotIn SocialPilot posts can be queued up automatically or scheduled at a pre-set timing. Yes, SocialPilot allow users to create/manage scheduling time for each day to particular group. Here is the better idea.

Apart from this feature SocialPilot also allows users to pause all their scheduling posts in just single click from the header bar button. Users can also pause scheduling for particular account by accessing manage account section.

SocialPilot tool have one more advantage for online marketing managers who handling multiple social media networks of multiple clients and that is Bulk Scheduling. Yes, In SocialPilot marketers can create and upload multiple posts using CSV or Text files. Once you ready with your file then upload it to SocialPilot tool and schedule individual posts for multiple accounts. It will save lot of time of online marketers.


buffer app scheduling optionIn BufferApp free version scheduling option is very limited. Users can schedule their posts only one time whether it is everyday or particular day.

For multiple scheduling options you will have to upgrade your account to pro version in BufferApp.


hootsuite auto scheduleIn free version of HootSuite you can schedule your post time only once for multiple days. In HootSuite pro version users can access advanced scheduling feature. HootSuite is best option for scheduling post because they use an algorithm to determine the best possible and suitable time for maximum exposure of posts.

#4 Analytics

Depending upon the necessity and understanding of the user here BufferApp present useful analytics to track the improvement.


  • SocialPilot just presents daily usage chart in which you can view the history about usage in terms of number of post made by your account.


  • BufferApp also offers a complete analytics in figures and charts, inclusive of post analytics and insights (involving post activity, total posts, new followers, new likes, new comments, etc). When connected to Google-Plus profile, it allows Google Analytics to track the response generated from new posts.


  • HootSuite also allows complete social media activities analytics of Twitter engagement, Facebook & LinkedIn page insights and Google analytics. For all advanced analytics overview users must have upgrade their basic account to Pro version account.
  • In HootSuite users can even export analytics report for individual social media accounts and analyze their activities and take decision on productive social media activities.

Note: BufferApp allows analytics only in Awesome Plan.

#5 Advanced Settings

As said in the beginning, every social media management tool comes with its unique set of features. While the above are the customary tools, the difference will specifically lie in this list.


  • Create feeds
  • Create groups with multiple social media accounts (inclusive of your main profile, pages you own and groups where you are admin)socialpilot create group
  • Post suggestionssocialpilot posts suggestions
  • Link shortening
  • API Integration
  • SSL Secure

Apart from these amazing features SocialPilot recently launched Zapier integration with SocialPilot to manage hundreds of web apps scheduling.

Note: SocialPilot recently launched Android Mobile app & iOS App for better social media sharing & management.


  • Create feeds
  • Post suggestions
  • Link shortening
  • Zapier Integration
  • Browser Extension
  • API Integration

BufferApp allows adding other team members to your accounts to manage and scheduling posts but only in Buffer for Business plan. BufferApp mobile apps are also available for iOS & Android devices.


  • Link shortening
  • Browser Extension
  • API Integration
  • Zapier Integration
  • Create Feeds

Apart from all advanced social media sharing settings HootSuite also provides amazing mobile applications for iOS and Android devices for super fast social media management. HootSuite have one another mobile application for iOS devices in which it only suggests content recommendations to share it on social media platforms.

Comparison Overview of SocialPilot, BufferAPP & HootSuite

Features SocialPilot Buffer Hootsuite
Social Media Calendars Yes Yes Yes
Custom FB Branding Yes No No
Bulk Scheduling Yes No Yes
Bulk Scheduling with Image Yes No No
Team & Collaboration Yes Yes Yes
Content Suggestion Yes No Yes
Browser Extension Yes Yes Yes
RSS Feed Automated+Manual Manual Automated
Video Uploader No Yes Yes
GIF Support Yes Yes Yes
Link Shortening Yes Yes Yes
Social Analytics No Yes Yes
Visual Composor Canva Integration using Browser Extension Pablo No
Social Media Profiles 8(TWT,FB,LNKD,INSTA,
Optimal Scheduling No Yes No
Click Tracking Using Yes Yes
Reporting No Yes Yes
Re-use Posts Yes Yes Yes
Pricing Free to $149.99/yearly Free to $399/pearly Free to Custom
Number of Profiles 3 to 200 profiles 1 to 150 Profiles 3 to 50 profiles
Number of Posts Per day 10-500/Day 10-2000/daily
Advanced Scheduling Yes Yes Yes
Support Chat + Email Chat + Email Chat + Email
Mobile Apps Yes Yes Yes
API Integration Yes Yes Yes


The best way to judge for you is to try the free versions of each tool and also ask for suggestions among peers. Comparing the above two, we would like to say that startup with moderate usage should always be better off with SocialPilot as it offers all important features at almost no cost.

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