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5 Social Media Management Tools for Marketers to Automate their Social Media Marketing



5 Social Media Management Tools for Marketers to Automate their Social Media Marketing

John is a social media manager for a big brand and manages Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Instagram accounts. He designed social media publishing calendar and strictly following the same by manually publishing updates on all different account. Most of his time is spend on accessing all different accounts, publishing updates and individually replying the audiences. He hardly get time on creating social media strategies and looking for some help to save his time. Same is the case with many social media managers who manually handling tons of accounts and result in poor performance. In this article, I am going to show you 5 best social media management tools and will explain how to save your time from social media publishing to enhance the productively.

In modern times, every organization, big or small, understands the importance of social media and being an active part of it. However, with a dozen of social media platforms out there, it becomes hard for an organization to manage all of them in the same competency. To our advantages, there are some great social media management tools that make the job of a marketer easier. Using a single dashboard, social media managers can stay active in all the integrates social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and much more. The process saves time, enables scheduling, helps better management of content, help brands stay active and also personalize content for followers and fans. Social media management tools are not just for brand managers but are also a great way for customers to interact with the business. Well, let’s look at the top social media management tools available at our end and how they promise efficiency.

Comparison of 5 Social Media Management Tools

In this article we have picked up 5 social media management tools includes SocialPilot, Buffer, Hootsuite, Mavsocial and Meet Edgar to seek a comparison between the features they provide. Rather than writing about each tool, here we have focused on important features and then recommended tool which offers such features and so on. In this way, you will learn about some best social media automation features and can choose the tool accordingly. Here we go!

Social Media Calendars


Businesses and individuals need social media to engage in content promotion, community engagement, customer support and coming out with periodic offers. However, managing so many things would require multiple strategies, multiple people and also create multiple problems and challenges. The calendar feature in most social media tools allow everyone in the marketing/management team to know what is being scheduled and what others are doing. The calendar helps track a variety of elements like publish time and date and post images, text, campaign goals, campaign category and much more.

Thankfully each of the social media management tools mentioned above offer the social media calendar feature to streamline your social media marketing activities.

Custom Facebook Branding in Social Media Automation


Whenever something is shared on Facebook via third party tools, the post content is attached to a profile. It can however become quite irritating to have someone else’s product/brand name in your company profile. Customized Facebook branding is a way of allowing such users to have their own brand name when sharing content. The automation tool allows being consistent with branding.

Only SocialPilot that offers this feature among the five tools we are comparing here.

Bulk Scheduling

Bulk Scheduling is among the most sought after feature of a social media management platform. It allows marketing agencies and brand managers to create, schedule & publish multiple posts by using CSV file. Every social media tool might have different process to create & upload CSV file. Marketers just need to prepare the list of posts in recommended editor and can directly upload to the social media tool. After uploading the file some tools will show you the preview of all posts and later you can select connected social media accounts where you need to publish the posts.

It is best understood by the situation when you want to post and hourly discount offer in all your social networks. Marketers often use bulk scheduling feature for ecommerce stores for better ecommerce social media marketing.

  • SocialPilot’s bulk scheduling allows 20 posts for a basic member & 200 posts for pro members.
  • Hootsuite allows posting of a maximum of 350 scheduled posts across your social networks.
  • Meet Edgar also offers Bulk Scheduling features, catering up to 25 social media accounts and allowing for scheduling of 5,000 posts in your library.

Team and Collaboration

Any business or brand working with an extensive network of enterprises, PR agencies, digital marketing agencies and consultants always faces complications in its promotions. A thoroughly described team of professionals is the only way out of the mess. Social media management tools helps to divide the task between these team members and assign roles for the content creation, distribution and management. This not only makes the task easier and saves time but also allows for followers to easily find content.

Thankfully, all the social media management tools here offer a feature for team and collaboration.

Content Suggestion

social media management content suggestionThe aim of every brand and business in its social profile should be about sharing the more relevant, interesting and unique content. But, it can be a tricky task to scoop out such updates. Well, social media management tools offer a feature called “suggestion” that finds interesting feeds from across the networks and allow marketing managers to work on them. This really does make the take easier if you are looking to make an active and engaging presence.

SocialPilot, Hootsuite and Meet Edgar offer content suggestion. However, it wouldn’t be available with Buffer and Mavsocial.

Browser Extension / Link Shortening


In special cases like Twitter, the browser URL can create a problem when you are seeking to share a link across your social profiles. The browser extension and link shortening features allow you to lengthen or shorten these URLs by attaching your or accounts.

SocialPilot, Buffer, Hootsuite does an amazing job of browser extension and link shortening however, you will miss out on this if you are using Mavsocial. Meet Edgar don’t have any default link shortening feature so you need to connect your bitly account to shorten links and track them.

RSS Feed

Feed automation has always been an exciting feature with social media management tools. They keep you social profiles active by attaching real time updates from your blogs and websites. Social marketers for brands can control their feed and the way they appear on social networks. RSS Feed management is one of the most helpful features for agencies that are working with several networks and blogs.

SocialPilot offers both automated and manual setup for RSS feed management. With Buffer, the process is completely manual and with Hootsuite it is completely automated. Mavsocial and Meet Edgar fall behind in this feature with little or no support.

Recently, we got the mail from one of the popular RSS Automation tool Twitterfeed that they are retiring after 31st Oct. After reading that news you might be interested in alternatives of Twitterfeed and these tools helps you to automate your social media posts via RSS Feed automation feature.

Video Uploader

Video is another form of content that is quite popular with brands across the globe. The support for video content is however offered only by Buffer, Hootsuite and Mavsocial. If you are looking forward to making video content an integral part of your social marketing, SocialPilot and Meet Edgar wouldn’t be the best tools.

GIF Support

GIF is a special image format where 2 or three images are played inside a single image file to say more. It is best for small advertisements and animations. Offered as an image format, all the above social media management tools support GIF uploads.

Social Analytics

Social Analytics is again a very important feature when it comes to a successful social marketing. The analytics refers to the feedback of the success, reach and failure of various marketing strategies and campaigns. It’s always an advantage to know how many people you had been able to reach with a particular campaign and what type of content brings you ore popularity.

Such social media analytics is offered by Buffer, Hootsuite, Mavsocial and Meet Edgar. SocialPilot missed out on this feature.

Social Media Profiles

  • SocialPilot offers you to link 8 social accounts – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Xing, Pinterest and VK.
  • Buffer offer 6 – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Hootsuite offer for 7 – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and WordPress
  • Mavsocial offers for 6 – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr
  • Meet Edgar offer just 3 – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


  • SocialPilot offered both as free and a premium account for $149.99/year
  • Buffer is also offered for free and also as a premium account charged at $399/year
  • Hootsuite comes both as a free and custom versions
  • Mavsocial comes both as a free and as a POA account
  • Meet Edgar pricing starts at $49 and depending on the features, can reach up to $99/month

Number of profiles

  • SocialPilot – between 3 and 200
  • Buffer – between 1 and 150
  • Hootsuite – between 3 and 150
  • Mavsocial – between 1 to unlimited
  • Meet Edgar – between 10 and 25

Number of posts allowed per day

  • SocialPilot – between 10 and 500 per day
  • Buffer – between 10 and 2000 per day
  • Hootsuite – Not Available
  • Mavsocial – between 10 and unlimited
  • Meet Edgar – between 10 and unlimited

All the tools support both chat and email support options and having good user base already using these features.

FeaturesSocialPilotBufferHootsuiteMavsocialMeet Edgar
Social Media CalendarsYesYesYesYesYes
Custom FB BrandingYesNoNoNoNo
Bulk SchedulingYesNoYesNoYes
Bulk Scheduling with ImageYesNoNoNoNo
Team & CollaborationYesYesYesYesYes
Content SuggestionYesNoYesNoYes
Browser ExtensionYesYesYesNoYes
RSS FeedAutomated+ManualManualAutomatedNoYes
Video UploaderNoYesYesYesNo
GIF SupportYesYesYesYesYes
Link ShorteningYesYesYesNoYes
Social AnalyticsNoYesYesYesYes
Visual ComposorCanva Integration using Browser ExtensionPabloNoYesNo
Optimal SchedulingNoYesNoNoNo
Click TrackingUsing Bit.lyYesYesYesYes
Re-use PostsYesYesYesNoYes
PricingFree to $149.99/yearlyFree to $399/pearlyFree to CustomFree to POA$49 to $99/monthly
Number of Profiles3 to 200 profiles1 to 150 Profiles3 to 50 profiles1 to unlimited10-25 profiles
Number of Posts Per day10-500/Day10-2000/dailyNo Data10- UnlimitedNo Data
Advanced SchedulingYesYesYesNoYes
SupportChat + EmailChat + EmailChat + EmailEmailChat+ Email
Mobile AppsYesYesYesNoNo
API IntegrationYesYesYesNoNo
Queue Posts never get empty. Ready for reuse alwaysNoNoNoNoYes
Finally, it really depends on your precise needs as to which social media management tool to choose. It is necessary that you understand you needs well and look for the best. If you are not sure about it and needs help to choose the best tool for your social media management, write here by comment and I would love to share my views.

If you are already using any tool and found it worth sharing, do write here in comment and our editors will definitely give them a try.

Jignesh gohel is a Google Adwords certified professional and digital marketing consultant having over 10 years of experience. He loves writing about gadgets, pay per click advertisement and online marketing. Connect with him here at Linkedin - Jignesh Gohel

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