Bill and Tony both are very active on social media and regularly publishing compelling content. But Bill is always getting great engagement whereas Tony is hardly getting any views/impressions! Why? The one-word answer is – #HashTagYes, this is right. Let’s get detail about hashtags and hashtag generators.

The hashtag is the primary reason to generate quick viewership in social media and Bill is exactly doing the same by using hashtag generator applications to find the top trending hashtag for his social media post.

In this article, you will learn about many of such best hashtag generator tools but before that, let me tell you about the importance of Hashtag in social media marketing.

What is Hashtag? How it Helps in Social Media Marketing?

A hashtag is a dynamic, user-generated metadata tag for a specific topic that the user wishes to post information, announcements, news or views. They enable other users interested in that topic, to expeditiously access the content posted and engage with it.

A hashtag consists of the pound sign (#) followed by a word (#lifestyle) or short phrase without spaces between words (#itsmylife). Often the first letter of each word in the phrase is capitalized, to make it easier to read (#ItsMyLife). But hashtags are case-insensitive, so a search of #itsmylife will return results for posts using #ItsMyLife too.

Hashtags self-proliferate as more and more users like or share the original post, or use it when responding with their views and comments on the topic.

While hashtags originated on Twitter, today they are used across platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more. In fact, as of 2018, hashtags are used in 80% of the top 50 websites by daily traffic volume.

Interesting Trend:

According to the WeddingWire, US wedding report of 2019; almost 53% of couples generate wedding hashtags to promote their wedding.

This is the reason, wedding hashtag generators are also in good demand but not in our scope to cover in this article. We may plan a dedicated article in the future.

The Power of Hashtags on Social Media Platform

The Power of Hashtags on Social Media Platform

Because the hashtags are defining the topic, posts with hashtags reach far more people than the user personally knows. Thousands of users may consume or engage with it. Some only ‘like’ or ‘share’ it, others join the conversation. A hashtag can spark global discussion, exponentially expanding a user’s circle of influence.

For businesses and brands, hashtags are an absolute godsend and absolutely free. They facilitate greater reach and higher engagement with prospects and customers. And engagements can turn into leads and leads into conversions.

And then, of course, there is hashtag of social relevance, that rise above and beyond mere utilitarian issues, to become worldwide movements, like #MeToo.

4 Problems with Hashtags

Problems with Hashtags

Well, before you start using hashtag in your social media posts, this is very important for you to understand some crucial part of it. Here are few problems for your reference:

1) Overuse

People stuff their posts with so many hashtags; they become difficult to read. Individual hashtags get lost in the crowd and lose their significance. Engagement levels dip. This has led some platforms to restrict the number of hashtags they allow per post.

Pro Tip: Understand the pattern of hashtags usage on the various social media platform. Here you should use 1 to 2 hashtags on Twitter whereas 10 to 20 hashtags on Instagram.

2) Backlash

Hashtags can be vague, irrelevant, misleading, pretentious and just plain annoying. They can evoke bemusement, ire, even derision, generate engagement of a most undesirable kind, and can be particularly damaging to businesses and their brands.

3) Polarization

Some Hashtags reflect polarizing biases that lead to contentious, nasty, and offensive exchanges – and may eventually lead to them being banned.

4) Spam

Trending hashtags can be hijacked by spammers to flood users with irritating messages pushing products and services that they have no interest.

Why you Need Hashtag Generators for Instagram / Twitter etc.

Why you Need Hashtag Generators for Instagram / Twitter etc.

Hashtags are in use across several platforms but are by common consensus most useful on Instagram and Twitter.

Choosing the right hashtag is a challenge. One needs to gain insight into the people they are meant for. One needs to be familiar with the vocabulary they use, in the context in which they are being addressed.

Importantly, one needs to strike the right balance. Stand out yet be relevant. Neither too generic, nor too specific. Short and snappy ones are invariably taken, but too long, and it becomes unwieldy and hard to remember.

To help in this important task, there are several hashtag generators available online. Each has its own set of parameters for hashtag selection. They also help track the performance of different hashtags.

Top 10 Twitter / Instagram Hashtag Generator for increasing your Social Appearance & Branding

I am sure you are having very good understanding about Hashtag now. Its time to reveal our favorite hashtag generator and our list start with:

1. Flick


  • Hashtag generator tool to generate Instagram hashtags effectively.  
  • Shows those hashtags that will increase discoverability.
  • Provide Suggestions for relevant hash tags.
  • Tracking of hashtags performance
  • Filtering irrelevant hashtags.
  • Provide hash tags for 20 languages.


  • It is available for 7 days free trial.
  • There are 2 types of plan for content creators and small businesses, which is Solo plan & growth.
  • If you select Solo plan yearly, It will cost you 9.67$ per month and will cost 16.58$ per month for Yearly Growth plan.
  • For social media managers & agencies Pro Plan and Agency plan is available.
  • If you select Pro plan yearly, It will cost 26.24$ per month and will cost 55.26$ per month for yearly Agency plan

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2. Influencer Marketing Hub – Free Instagram Hashtag Generator


  • Optimized for Instagram.
  • It suggests up to 20 keywords for each image uploaded
  • allows you to pick five or six then generates five optimized hashtags per selected keyword.
  • You can pick the ones you want or use all 25-30 hashtags generated with this tool.


  • This is a free-to-use tool.
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3. Instavast


  • The versatile Instagram bot automatically throws up related keywords based on a selected image, URL, or keyword.
  • Features hashtag analytics to track hashtag performances and course-correct on the fly.
  • Instavast includes a free listing of hashtags banned on Instagram.
  • If you would like to opt for Instagram Marketing they offer various services such as Instagram post scheduler, Auto DM & many others.


  • It comes with a 3-day free trial
  • To Comment tracker 10$ monthly for one account.
  • For Post scheduler 10$ monthly for one account.
  • To Instagram Bot 15$ monthly for one account.
  • For Comment tracker 10$ monthly for one account.
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4. All Hashtag – For Twitter & Instagram

All Hashtag - Top Hashtag Generator Tool for Twitter & Instagram


  • All Hashtag generator allows you to select from multiple options on entering a keyword.
  • Hashtag creator guides you in creating your hashtag.
  • Detailed hashtag analytics help optimize hashtags along the way.
  • Includes lists of trending hashtags by topic


  • 100 % free-to-use tool.

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5. Kicksta – Generate Hashtag for Instagram


  • A tool that identifies the hashtags for brands, based on terminology.
  • commonly used by groups of people with common interests related to the category to which the brand belongs.


  • Standard plan starts at $49 per month & Premium plan $99 per month.
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6. HashtagsForLikes – Find the Trending Hashtags


  • A powerful tool that recommends the most relevant and trending hashtags
  • It categorized by niche, allowing users to access the best hashtags for their business.
  • Extensively used by Twitter and Instagram users.


  • It includes a basic free-to-use version
  • Regular version for $19 per week.
  • Pro version for $19 per week.
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7. Ingramer


  • Ingramer hashtag generator uses a powerful AI algorithm to analyze your photo, keyword or link to generate hashtags optimized to them.


  • Offers a base-level free service but also has several paid packages that include promo, starting at $57 per month.
  • For Direct services, price is starting from $29 per month.
  • For Scheduled posting services, price is starting from $18 per month.
  • To Hashtag generate services, price is starting from $22 per month.
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8. Display Purposes

Display Purposes


  • Enables you to search for the most relevant hashtags for your post.
  • Auto-filters out all spammy and banned hashtags.
  • It also allows you to geo-target hashtags by throwing up the most popular hashtag by country or region.


  • This is a free-to-use tool.
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9. RiteTag – Instant Hashtag Suggestions for Texts

RiteTag - Instant Hashtag Suggestions for Twitter & Instagram


  • Help find optimized hashtags for text and images
  • with a handy Chrome extension that suggests the best hashtag options for any image, when one right-clicks on the image.
  • Hashtag tracking tool reveals the best and worst-performing.


  • It will cost $54 per month for yearly subscription, but offers a limited-time free trial.
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10. Hashtagify



  • Intuitive and graphic interface track and identifies the most relevant and popular hashtags over time, by geography and language.
  • The search feature is free to use while the hashtag tracker that comes with two months of data storage and access to top-performing.


  • The tool costs 29$ per month for personal purpose, 86$ per month for business purpose & 311$ per month for enterprise.
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For businesses, using the right hashtags have attained strategic importance and have become an integral part of their social media marketing arsenal. Their importance can be gauged by the fact that they find prominence on offline advertising as well. This is why it’s imperative they use all the help they can get from these valuable online tools.

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