Lead generation is the most common way of recognizing the future potential clients for your business or administration and directing them into your deals pipeline. The objective of the best lead generation tools is to pre-qualify intrigued purchasers, filling your business pipeline and rapidly close deals that should benefit you.

Creating leads can happen across different channels, incorporating both on the web and face to face. The more you grow your compass towards the b2b lead generation funnel, the more potential clients you can recognize, thereby expanding the quantity of leads in your business pipeline. Lead generation marketing automation tools save an enormous measure of time for the sales group, permitting them to zero in on the most valued potential contacts.

Categories of Lead Generation

There are three primary categories of a b2b lead generation funnel.

Categories of Lead Generation

1. Top-of-the-Funnel (ToFu)

Focuses on recognizing net-new possibilities, or the individuals who have as of late come into contact with your organization and have communicated interest in your business. At this beginning phase simultaneously, advertisers may not effectively have the option to tell which leads will result in a sure-shot sale.

2. Centre-of-the-funnel (MoFu)

Focuses on lead sustainment, fostering a presentation or communicating interest into a business relationship. Preferably, this relationship will transform into the trust expected to make a buy.

3. Bottom-of-the-funnel (BoFu)

Focuses on assisting intrigued leads take the next step and make a buy. BoFu procedures incorporate an unmistakable deal and source of inspiration, meaning to transform leads into clients.

Types of Lead Generation

Before we hunt what are the best lead generation tools, one needs to understand what are the various types of lead generation techniques: So let’s start with first things first towards creating an impactful b2b lead generation funnel as well as a successful b2b lead generation for technology companies.

Email Marketing

1. On-page Lead Generation

In the event that visitors are already scrolling your website that means they are already interested in your business. Along these lines, strike while they are on your site and gather that lead! The statistics show that a great many people welcome emails from companies they wish to connect to. That makes the mix of on-page lead generation and email showcasing the best marketing automation tools combo.

2. Email Marketing

Direct email marketing has been around for quite a while as one of the most sought after and the best lead generation tools. It is considered as an all inclusive disconnected approach. So, Direct eMail has a higher reaction rate than online email promoting and paid notices. What’s more, this goes to the way that many individuals actually take a look at their letter drops and painstakingly read whatever it is shipped off to them. This training is normally utilised by B2B organisations to expand their lead generation tools for small businesses as well as large ones by not only raising awareness about the brand but also escalating the conversion rate.

Email marketing can be done in the following main ways:

  • Self-mailer
  • Limited time promotional mail
  • Postcards
  • Individual letters to loyal customers, to retain them and get more business via word of mouth

And many such and more like the email newsletter, offers, etc.

3. Email Address Finders

Email finder is also called the marketing automation tool. Email lead generation alludes to the demonstration of finding and gathering email addresses for likely leads. With email lead generation, you can create leads for each piece of your business cycle, and find the data you really want to draw in them with customised messages. It is quite beneficial towards b2b lead generation for technology companies.

4. Branding and Advertising

Offline branding can be pricey, however it’s doubtlessly the best kind of lead generation practice. Quite advantageous towards b2b lead generation for technology companies and more. As a matter of fact, at whatever point a business gives something to the local area, they generally receive something consequently. Particularly with regards to producing more leads.

On the other hand, advertising is a great pitch too, but for you to have a successful promotion plan, you want to sort out a credible method for arriving at your main target group. If not, you will squander a great deal of assets and particularly cash since printed disconnected promotions are much more costly than online promotions. So, among the most widely recognized and famous printed commercials are:

  • Press Adverts
  • Specialty or neighborhood magazines
  • Announcement Billboards
  • Handouts and flyers
  • Banners/ Posters
  • TV and Radio Adverts

5. Prospecting and Outreach

Utilizing marketing messages, cold emails or calls, email campaigns and different ways to deal with accumulating leads are a portion of the strategies for prospecting b2b lead generation for technology companies and others. For prospecting, we allude explicitly to possibilities who are at this point not in touch with us and accordingly went cold. Identify possible clients, reach out to them and make a base of leads so they are bound to convey and change over them into paying clients.

Now let’s come to the Outreach part. There are five ways to see its benefits say for example via emails as lead generation tools for small businesses:

  • Emails help you create a personal touch with the consumer and helps foster strong bonds
  • If your aim is to create a flash sale, what better than an email as the BoFu model of b2b lead generation funnel. And directly reach out to your previous customers, who may want to buy the newer products.
  • Email outreach will help you gauge measurable engagement in real time. And this is what your sales team needs!
  • Email outreach helps reach the correct target audience and you save time by not beating about the bush. For instance if someone unsubscribes to a certain email or doesn’t even open it, then you know which promotion detached him.
  • You stay in touch with your target audience which can convert to sales at a certain later time. Consistency is the key to stay connected to the subscribers.

6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

To manage relationships with their customers, vendors, and suppliers, each company needs CRM tools, which could be manual as well as digital. CRM tools are programming applications that oversee client corporations, work with lead generation, and automate advertising exercises like email crusades, calls, and gatherings. Client Relationship Management devices assist brands with hassle free deals.

It incorporates an assortment of CRM devices and administrations, similar to content promoting, web based publicising, digital marketing or email promotions to stay in contact with clients. The fundamental thought behind CRM is to get total attention from your interest group without being there face to face

Best Lead Generation Tools

We are showcasing some EIGHT best lead generation tools as lead generation tools for small businesses and also towards b2b lead generation for technology companies.

1. Mailmunch


This email marketing tool makes it simple to connect with website guests and transform them into leads. Make convincing suggestions to take action, track exit goals, and select triggers so your leads can continue to come in. Thus rated among the best lead generation tools.

You can customise backgrounds, exts, and even emoticons, so your missions draw in the most eyeballs, thus bringing you high changes.

Key Features & Benefits

  • An assortment of pick-in structures
  • Pre-fabricated HTML email layouts
  • Presentation page manufacturer
  • Works with locally WordPress, Shopify, Wix, as well as any HTML sites
  • Incorporation with all email marketing services
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Coupon Customisation

Price: Starts from $19.99 per month.

Free Trial: Yes

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2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

To the astonishment of nobody, proficient systems administration site LinkedIn has tremendous measures of organisation data in its data sets. You can get sufficiently close to that data through LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This b2b lead generation funnel tool gives you the essential information to reach and draw in the ideal individuals. LinkedIn Sales Navigator likewise gives progressed lead look, proposals, CRM incorporations, and  sales updates

Key Features & Benefits

  • LinkedIn InMail Messages access
  • Admittance to LinkedIn membership highlights like LinkedIn Learning access
  • Customised lead ideas
  • Coordinate with different deals devices

Price: Valuing goes from $79.99/month to $108.99/month.

3. Picreel

Among the most sought-after and the best lead generation tools, it is among the most sought-after lead generation tools for small businesses.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Track visitors’ digital footprint
  • Capture real-time behaviour of consumers
  • Serve the clients the most relevant offer while they browse your site
  • Reduces cart abandonment
  • Recommends products of choice
  • Surveys offered
  • Flashes/highlights discounts

In short you will never miss a chance to engage with your target audience

PRICE: Starts at $14.00/month, so very much pocket friendly for small businesses.

4. ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat

This platform guarantees a lead generation hike by 200%. How? It has a somewhat novel approach to catching leads. Their lead generation endeavour incorporates getting sorted out charts, survey studies, and tests/quizzes.

The above strategies will acquire fundamental data about the designated leads. The information should be sifted according to the business prerequisites and can be redone similarly.

Key Features & Benefits

  • These leads can then be coordinated into different advertising efforts.
  • Tests/quizzes are tailor-made that inspire prompt partake.
  • Allows you to alter emotive pictures, positive outcomes, and offer buttons for tests.
  • Coordinates results with Salesforce, Google Examination, MailChimp, Zendesk.
  • Guarantees high development of mailing records inside the space of months with true and substantial details.

PRICE: Starts from $30 per month as a basic plan.

5. Pipedrive


This piece of marketing automation tools tracks all customer interactions very easily. So when you check in, you get a unified data of common interest. Thereby helping the sales team decide the next action.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Design sales pipelines via b2b lead generation funnel right from scratch
  • Several Pipedrive’s templates
  • Trains you to meet your targets
  • High-security dashboard where data is quite safe
  • an integrate over 250 other tools

PRICE: Starts from $12.50/month and goes up to $49.90/month.

6. SeedProd


Among the best marketing automation tools, whether you wish to target sales, or do maintenance or for that matter optimise a business campaign, SeedProd will always have your back. It has some 150+ landing page templates. And all are desktop as well as mobile-ready pages. Plus it protects your landing pages from spams, bots, and other fraudulent entries.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Helps edit content in real-time
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme
  • Regularly helps you match your website with your core image branding

PRICE: Starts from $39.50 per year and ranges to $159.60 per year

7. Airborne


Quite popular as one of the best lead generation tools among the b2b lead generation for technology companies, Airborne is famous for its enhancement of team productivity and efficiency.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Integration of all teams operations
  • Assembles data on a centralised dashboard
  • Quick lead reports generation
  • Helps personalise your outreach
  • Excellent email deliverability as well as correct email ID verification of multiple email IDs in one go

PRICE: Starts with a 14 days free trial and then goes to charge $60/month to the best one at $999 per month premium plan.

8. Mailfloss


Mailfloss works for yourself and eliminates counterfeit messages/emails to be precise before they become an issue. At the point when you interface Mailfloss to your number one email specialist co-op, it checks for invalid email locations and eliminates them each and every day, expanding your email deliverability and getting a greater amount of your messages into the priority inbox.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Accuracy is excellent since the process involves 20 checks. Also this software runs on a globally approved infrastructure.
  • Quite affordable so that it can meet the daily needs as a lead generation tool for small businesses. Mailfloss claims that its prices are some of the lowest in the industry
  • Automated right from setting it up as a b2b lead generation for technology companies, to running efficiently even during your sleep hours.

PRICE: After a 7-days free trial you can select any plan between the range from $17 per month to $200 per month.


Whether you are selecting the best lead generation tools for small businesses or out to try b2b lead generation for technology companies, one thing you have to remember is that best product quality can never be replaced by anything. Serve your best and leave the rest to the above marketing automation tools for lead generation.

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