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Chris is busy handling leads and can give more time on building strategies to convert those leads into sales. Where as Herry is still not able to generate adequate  leads to feed his sales team and giving most of his time on finding ways to generate leads! Why? Obviously the Chris has found innovative ways to generate more leads where Herry is still using those old traditional ways and suffering. In this article I will show you ways to generate more leads by using various lead generation tools to get best out your time.

Lead generation tools can be best weapon for any businesses and can make your lead generation process effective and easier. As there are 1000s of tools available in market, selecting the right one is the most challenging task for any businesses. To make this process easier, I studied different lead generation tools available online and based on my research and answers provided by them, I have shortlisted few tools to share in this article. Please note that the tools included here are from different vendor and offers different functionality to enhance the lead generation process. Here I am not giving any warranty/guarantee of result, please choose tools based on your requirements and after studying their functionality in details. The motive behind sharing these lead generation tools is just to make your decision easier.

#1 Linkedin Sales Navigator Solution

linkedin sales navigator

Linkedin is world’s largest professional social networking website connects all levels of professional at single platform. If you want to generate B2B leads, Linkedin Sales navigator can be best lead generation tool you should start with. It offers various facility that connects buyers and sellers in a whole new way with their sales tool. Here are few promising features this tool has to offer:

  • You can target right buyers from highly targeted and relevant companies
  • Allows you to understand buyer value
  • You can engage with buyers with personalized outreach

Just visit official page and ask for Demo now!

#2 DataCrops

DataCrops Lead GenerationDataCrops is an award winning web data extraction software offers varieties of solutions that includes web data extractions, online market intelligence solutions, research and analytic etc. Here is the more information about this emerging lead generation tool gained good popularity in last couple of months.

There are many sources of lead generation and business professionals have tried many strategies for the same. However, the problems with this strategies, or lack of strategy, is that you’ll waste a lot of time on prospects that will never become customers. And as we all know, our time is limited so we must be putting it to good use working on prospects that at least have a chance to become customers.

When you create a targeted lead generation strategy, you focus your efforts on the prospects that have a much better chance of becoming customers.

How you generate leads apart from contact form or any other type of lead generation module integrated on website?


  • Email Campaign
  • Cold-Calling
  • Social Media Messaging & Posting
  • Bidding Sites
  • References
  • Word-Of-Mouth

[Tweet “I found that many companies extract data from local directories like yelp, yellow pages etc. Have you ever tried such lead generation method? do you think that this activity can help?”]

DataCrops: By using the extraction software one can easily scrape the thousands of listing content within few minutes. The manually scrapping the content leads you days or even months of work).

So you no longer need this, time consuming manual data mining process or to spend huge money to outsource this work.

According to you which is the best method to generate leads for any business?

DataCrops: Using extraction tools is the best method. All you have to do is to select the region region (E.g USA) and provide your targeted industry and the location (E.g AC repair companies in Houston) and click the “Extract” button,within few seconds (duration may change according to the volume of data that you are extracting) the data will be extracted and it can be exported into popular file formats such as CSV,MySQl or XML,so it can be used with your future projects. Checkout more information about DataCrops lead generation tool to learn how it helps businesses.

#3 Azuqua.com

Another wonderful tool is Azuqua that can help you to improve the business process with their SaaS application. Here is the more details about this application i received from their representative called Samara.

Samara: I work with a company called Azuqua, a cloud business process optimization platform that enables companies of all sizes to create and execute business processes that span multiple SaaS applications. This is particularly useful for sales teams, who need to quickly and easily identify and engage with leads generated online.

Azuqua supports popular services which includes Facebook, Google Sheets, LinkedIn, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sales force, Trello, Twilio and Twitter. Just look at examples of lead generation flows it shows how it works with a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop visual designer which really helps to generate leads. – Nikhil Hasija, Founder and CEO at Azuqua

#1  Social selling is the new hot topic, and Azuqua allows you to automate social selling by monitoring your social or email channels for leads and then automatically create new contacts in CRM. For example, you can monitor Twitter for people talking about marketing automation, evaluate whether that tweet is positive or negative, and then automatically create a ticket in CRM for people who are having problems with marketing automation and might be open to another solution. You can also automatically create or add a note to leads in your CRM system when someone responds to an email marketing campaign. These automated processes allow your sales department to focus on building relationships rather than logging and updating leads.

#2  We understand that mass generating leads such as those from Yelp and other online directories can be a very valuable service, and is something that we plan to offer in the future. At this time our automated processes focus on nurturing warm leads that already exist on social media, through your email marketing campaigns, and directly from your website.

#3 We believe that an integrated approach is key to any lead generation strategy. That is why we developed a platform that allows you to automate multiple lead channels, link them directly to your CRM tool of choice, and develop meaningful, relevant relationships with customers. Our platform also supports channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, Zendesk, Twilio, etc. that allow you to automate the entire customer acquisition and nurture process. You can use Azuqua for a broad range of functions, including marketing automation, sales automation and customer support automation.

#4 PromoSimple.com


PromoSimple offers different lead generation tools that can boost your leads by enhancing your landing pages, contact form or other related web applications. I received detailed insight about this tool from Dan mentioned below.

Dan: Hi, At PromoSimple we offer solutions for creating custom sweepstakes, contests and sign up forms that can be added to websites and Facebook pages to generate leads. This also includes the options to integrate an email service provider, such as Constant Contact, MailChimp and Mad Mimi to automatically subscribe users to an email newsletter list.

You view a sample of a sign up form on our blog by clicking on the PromoBar at the top of the page: blog.promosimple.com where we allow users to sign up for our Feedback Panel to provide insights and suggestions for our product development.

You can also view a sample of a sweepstakes on the Walgreens Facebook page here: facebook.com/Walgreens

PromoSimple is the most flexible solution available, with options for creating custom designs, integrating social media networks or creating your own entry requirements.

With PromoSimple there is default fields built in so that you can collect demographic and contact information such as name, address, gender & Birth-Date. You can also require users to take actions such as Liking a Facebook Page or Tweeting a message to their followers in order to submit the form.

In addition, you can use our custom Thank You message area which is displayed after the user submits their information that can be used for proving a link to download an ebook or to give the user access to a promo / discount code or any type of content that you’d like to show to your users.

We have also found a great deal of success by partnering with other businesses or blogs to run co-branded giveaways, which allows you to gain access to your partners’ user base. For instance, we recently ran a giveaway with a small prize ($25 Amazon gift card) with a family blog that generated over 1,000 leads, as well as hundreds of new Facebook fans, Twitter followers and Pinterest followers. By enabling our Refer A Friend feature we were also able to increase the volume of participants.  Finding the right partners with similar audiences can be exceptionally effective in attracting leads and getting your brand message in front of new users.

We rarely use methods that involve scraping leads from websites, rather focusing on methods wherein the users may be incentivized to provide us with their information.

#5 Velocify.com

Velocify LeadManager Overview from Velocify on Vimeo.

Velocify is  a cloud-based intelligent sales automation software company, has recently revealed the study that reinforces the benefits achieved by lead management tools.

Velocify conducted a study of more than 400 businesses and their salespeople on how those who used automatic prioritization when managing sales leads compare in conversion rates with those that multitask-ed, manually scanned and sorted leads. See what John has to say about Velocify.

John Reese, VP of Marketing, Velocify

Sales leaders are constantly trying to improve the efficiency of their reps, but all too often, even the best reps struggle to determine which leads are worth following up on. Velocify is the only sales acceleration solution out there that tells sales reps exactly who to call and when. It automatically sorts, prioritizes and re-ranks sales leads and opportunities in real-time based on lead status, time elapsed since last action, lead score and a variety of other criteria.

#6 SocialCompass.net

social compass

SocialCompass is an unique product by HipLogiq offers interesting features and module to improve lead generation for any businesses. I contact Karen who work with them for providing more information about this tool. See what Karen has to say about SocialCompass.

Karen: I work with HipLogiq, a social media marketing company that helps companies find new targeted customers on Twitter. SocialCompass helps narrow the filter so leads are more likely to convert. On average, businesses are experiencing a 34 percent conversion rate (based on downloaded offers) but some are as high as 85 percent.

To illustrate, we work with a well-known branded pizza company’s local franchise. When someone Tweets that they are craving pizza, our software pulls that tweet onto a dashboard allowing the pizza company to respond directly with a discounted offer.

Bernard Perrine, CEO and co-founder of HipLogiq

“Beyond the more traditional marketing tools for online lead generation, Twitter’s public forum is perfectly suited for listening to what customers are looking for, flagging conversations that are relevant to a particular business and then replying with an offer to try a product or service. There are manual ways to do this, but our patented software, SocialCompass is the only all-in-one app that will comb Tweets from a company’s neighborhood looking for purchase intent, flag Tweets from potential customers looking for that company’s product (need a coffee fix!), and allow that company to reply with an offer (we have just what you need! Enjoy a free cup on us!). There is also a marketing automation component that sends consumers who download the offer another incentive to share with friends and followers. Finally, our software tracks contact information and conversion rates so companies can help manage their campaigns and measure success.

“Businesses need to be on Twitter because their customers are on Twitter. Twitter lead generation tools help businesses find customers outside the pool of their followers which means bringing in new customers and expanding the market. Because of the intent-based method — that is making an offer to a customer right when they express a need for a product or service — the ROI is higher.

#7 Thumbtack.com

thumbtackBusiness and service listing websites are also helps local businesses to generate leads at minimum efforts. ThumbTack is one of such website that connects businesses with their customers at very minimal cost. I received an interesting review about this tool from Ryan who is an owner of OneStopTekShop.com in Henderson, Nevada. See what Ryan says about this website.

Ryan: Recently I’ve used Thumbtack tool to find leads and it’s very impressive tool. Thumbtack allows anyone to create business and service profile at very cheap cost. Once you create your profile then people who needs your services will contact you via thumbtack business profile. This is how you can generate leads for your business via thumbtack. I wrote about how thumbtack helps me to build my leads on my blog. It’s increased my profits and have got at least two new referrals for every one lead from it. It is a great tool to generate leads.

Other ways I find leads are referrals and passing out flyers to local offices who could use my services. Apart from these local directories are also great for finding local companies which don’t have a website.

Referrals from satisfied customers is the best way to get leads by far also see if customer will let you put small decal on window of office with your contact info on it and  “computers” serviced by “computer company”.

#8 AeroLeads.com


AeroLeads is a powerful lead generation software that works as a web-based lead generation tool and one of the great B2B prospecting solutions in a B2B market. It helps a user to find qualified contact details of companies and persons from around the world that best serves you with your requirements.

With AeroLeads a sales and marketing person can do quick searches using filters available on a platform like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, Angellist and Google, and find accurate data and even add them to your AeroLeads account.

This software delivers information like business name, contact person’s name, email address, phone number, location, etc. and even social media profiles. It uses a special algorithm that provides you with highly accurate data that too with one click.

Furthermore, the tool is integrated with CRM like Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot etc. making it easier to transfer emails and your data to your CRM in one Click.

In simple language AeroLeads allows you to find your prospect clients on various B2B platforms. For any business prospect Email List adds the huge benefit and aeroleads will help you the same.

To find the contact details for your sales and marketing purpose, a user can download the Chrome extension, and run the software on top of LinkedIn, CrunchBase, Angellist and Google.

To summarize the overall features, here we are highlighting some of the prominent features of AeroLeads which can help a user to make the decision:

  1. Scrape business emails and phone numbers.
  2. Real-time email list building solution.
  3. Verifies the data and 99.9% accurate data.
  4. A user can use the tool on top of LinkedIn, Angellist, CrunchBase etc.
  5. Transfer data to CRM like Salesforce, HubSpot, Salescamp, Zoho, Pipedrive etc.
  6. Find as many as contact with 10 data points like title, location, generic company emails, etc.

Do you have something to add in this article? do share your thoughts by comment.

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