Do you still using traditional ways to send email? Are you looking to automate your email outreach activities? You are at right place.

Let me start this article with very interesting example; John is a content marketing guy whose job is to outreach popular bloggers, PR editors or social media influences to share his detailed research work which he has published on his blog. Currently, John is following below process:

  • First, he visit tools to find popular blogs / PR editors or social media influences
  • Once he is having list, he uses various factors like DA / PA / Social Media follower / Engagement data and filter out websites / users based on it.
  • Then he use another tool to find email account details of those blog owners or majority of the time, he do this job by manually visiting website. (Most of his time is spend on this task)
  • Once he is having email list; he start sending personalized outreach email to each those id.
  • To maintain the record, he is using excel or Google sheet and if he did not receive any reply within two days, he will send another email which is slightly different from the first one.
  • And the process goes on!

If you are into sales, the process will be similar as John is following and I am sure, you end up spending lot of time to process the email list and to maintain the data. The most critical part is; sending reminder / followup emails!

What if I tell you that; you can do majority of these steps automatically? Yes, it is possible with the help of email outreach tools!

Cold email outreach is one of the best way to generate business, leads and also very effective in inbound marketing and email marketing automation in 2022. We have seen many marketing agencies have improved productivity by using cold email outreach tools to automate their email marketing process. If you are still doing this practice manually, you should read this article where we will be discussing about 11 best email outreach tools offers all amazing features at highly competitive price. Let’s discuss on it with more details.

What is Email outreach Tool?

Email outreach tool is a special kind of marketing automation software which has predefined themes, templates and process to run without human efforts. This is a useful tool through which you can automatically and easily sent emails on regular basis to your targeted clients. It also keep track on replies, bounce rate, open rate and automatically sends reminders to recipient.

Now the question is what’s the limitation of this tool? Well, it is depending upon the tool you are using but mostly you will have limitation in terms of number of emails it allows to sent every month. Most of the digital marketers use this tool for the traffic and business leads. but the success rate is mainly depending upon the quality of your email list. You can find several Email outreach tools on internet offers free and paid plan but we strongly recommend using paid version of the tools if you are looking for long term business prospect. Let us have a look at some of the most amazing benefits these tools offer:

Benefits of Email outreach Tools

There are several benefits you can mark of an outreach tool listed below:

  • First of all as you know if you are going to email each targeted person by yourself then it will take too much time right? Yes! So the first benefit of outreach tool is it’s easy to use and time saving.
  • You can get another great benefit like huge business lead and well relationship with clients. As the email themes and templates are well written and designed it always put good impression on the client which is always a big positive point of this tool.
  • If you are a marketer then this tool is everything for you because it helps a lot for the marketing purpose and the whole marketing strategy.
  • There are many tools are well available in the market but some automation tools are comes with advanced features with user-friendly interface.

12 Best Email Outreach and Automation Tools

Here we are going to discuss on top 12 best outreach tools which help you for marketing and easily fulfill your work. Please note that the list provided here is subject to change over a period of time by considering various factors like pricing, new feature launch, promotional offers etc.

Here we start our list with my favorite tool:

#1 Respona

Respona is more into link building automation where they offers features specially designed for content marketer / link builder to automate their outreach process.

Respona is currently offering two plans mentioned below:

  • Starter plan @ $99 per month
  • Unlimited plan @ $499 per month

The major difference between these two plans are total number of email accounts, email credits and active contacts. Rest of the features are same. You can refer their pricing page to learn more about both plans and pricing here.


Reply Email Tool

Reply is one of the mostly used and popular light weight automation outreach tool for marketers. This tool is quite user-friendly and offers smooth interface. You can easily get assorted useful features on this tool which always helps you to complete your target effortlessly. This tool can be very useful if you are working on inbound sales, outbound sales, recruiting process, fund raising, account management and business development. You can save a lot of time to send and write emails to the targeted clients or customers.

If you want to use this tool for Gmail then you have to add users to the list and need to insert creative email templates and then send to the targeted persons. Overall this is a great email outreach tool which works perfectly without using any kind of third party email client. Many users praise this too for its flexibility and user-friendly nature and it’s very popular among marketing experts.

#3 Autopilot

Autopilot Outreach Tool

 Autopilot is another name among email outreach tools which provides easy email sending features. This tool responds automatic emails by sending well managed and customized templates with themes. This tool easily and automatically follow up emails for this you just need to fill the form of its website and need to respond one of the cold emails for the verification process. You can get another cool feature on this tool which is nothing but divide the audience according to their behavior and requirement for email sending purpose which helps a lot to the user.

You can easily track you business leads, sales and many other details easily on this effective Email outreach tool. If you are looking for an effective and user-friendly automated email processing tool then auto pilot tool can be a great option for you. The tracking feature is the key factor behind the popularity of this tool.

#4 MixMax

Mixmax Outreach Tool

If you are one of them who is looking for a powerful email outreach tool for sales purpose then MixMax is one of the best tools for you to go with. You will get exceptional outreach facilities with attractive email templates and themes for your business mailing. The interface of this tool is quite smooth and user-friendly.

Overall Mix Max is especially made for sale people because you can get different high end features for sales purpose. This tool is a complete package as you can get many outstanding features with it like email scheduling, sales tracking, click meeting, pool creation, survey creation and much more. You will also get the undo and send button on this automated tool which is very useful for the user.

#5 Postaga

Postaga Outreach Tool

Postage is one of the most popular email outreach tools today. Postage is an email outreach and email marketing tool that uses AI to generate effective outreach campaigns for your website.

 In addition to this, Postage manages your outreach and allows you to track results, creates personal emails that will not get mistaken for spam, analyses your site, and creates a customized campaign for you.

 It can also help you find contacts and social media profiles to send personalized emails to.

#6 SendPluse

Sendpulse tool

SendPulse is an email marketing tool or an email marketing strategy for your business.

They help accelerate your sales and business growth by utilizing email marketing, analyzing insights, creating campaigns, and creating better workflows.

SendPulse allows you to stay in touch with your customers by delivering email marketing content and text messages to them and creating chatbots on popular social media pages.


MailTag is an email marketing tool that helps businesses increase sales and profits faster. 

It is an effective email marketing strategy that allows you to view when clients open marketing emails when they click on the links in your emails and analyze the rate of link clicks, email openings, etc.

MailTag also allows you to automate follow-ups and responses, saving time altogether.

In addition to this, it helps you manage your sales team by creating team statistics such as member productivity and more.

#8 Outreach tool is an email marketing tool that can boost your sales, revenues, and leads.

It allows you to discover sales opportunities and fill your sales funnel through automatic lead generation and verification. It increases engagement with recipients with automated email campaigns, provides research leads on competitors, and syncs your tools across multiple platforms.

#9 PitchBox is an email marketing tool that can boost your sales, revenues, and leads.

It allows you to discover sales opportunities and fill your sales funnel through automatic lead generation and verification. It increases engagement with recipients with automated email campaigns, provides research leads on competitors, and syncs your tools across multiple platforms.

#10 Woodpecker

Woodpecker tool

Woodpecker is an email marketing tool that allows companies to send automated email campaigns, automate follow-ups and responses, and quickly onboard and integrate. 

Woodpecker also has a unique algorithm that prevents mistakes by sending the same email twice. 

It also analyzes your success rates with opening, clicking, and responses and creates a strategy for your next move.

#11 Outreach

Outreach tool

Outreach is another mostly used email outreach tool among marketers. This tool offers high end sales engagement platform which helps the user to generate easy business leads with appeal to cold mailers and its out rich capacity is huge which is always helpful for email promotion purpose. In one word outreach is an all in one system which can work successfully and make your work flow more proficient with saving a lot of time. You can easily setup cold email campaigns with this tool for your business leads. It offers best email templates, themes and features to the user.

You can easily access this tool from your Gmail in box which is always a great thing. If you are looking for a tool for CRM outreach then Outreach is the one stop solution for you and many users normally use this tool for business marketing and email managing purpose.


MailShake tool

If you are looking for a lightweight but powerful email outreach tool then blindly go for Mailshake. This is a popular toolkit which is vastly used by digital and business marketers for business purpose. You can easily manage this tool from your Gmail. You can effortlessly use this fully optimized cold emails processing tool without using any kind of software and Saas apps.

You can find several well and pre-written emails with attractive themes and templates with this toolkit. You can also regenerate your own personalize templates on this tool for link building and other business purpose. It comes with assorted top rated features and very inexpensive. You can easily handle this tool from your Gmail inbox and it’s very user-friendly and provides smooth interface.

These are the top 12 most popular and useful email outreach tools you can choose from. Now it’s quite hard to choose the best one among them because each tool has their own importance and features. So just think your requirement, check the features of these tools and go with the best one according to your requirement.

If you are already using any email marketing automation tool and want us to review in this article, do write here by comment. Our editors will surely look into it and may cover those tools as well.

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