According to Custora eCommerce pulse, email is generating over 19.8% of all the transactions of the website. Obviously, this is a good number must say and require no additional expenses except email marketing tools and templates. According to Barilliance email marketing statistics, businesses is receiving over 15% email conversion rate if you see the last 5 years data. If you are having verified email list with proper funnel, you can even get better conversion rate.

So, the next question is; how to start email marketing? Neil has nicely explained the topic with all proven example in this article for you to study. And to execute this plan, you will require the email marketing software that best suited your requirements. They can help you with your marketing strategies in order to reach the target audience for your work quite easily. It can make your business grow to a larger extent.

Email marketing tools is an interesting and a very important part of any email marketing campaign. The first thing that comes in mind while looking for these tools is Mailchimp. But it is not the only tool! yes, we have been receiving various email from our readers looking for mailchimp alternatives as it has become quite costly. Or sometime, they don’t have budget to use mailchimp email marketing tool and looking to try its alternatives to test the features first. We know that Mailchimp is one of the best tool present out there for email marketing. But each tools has its own audiences and hence, we will suggest some options available in the market offers similar features.

This article is for you if you are looking for best email marketing tools which are efficient and beneficial in your businesses.

List of email marketing tools

As there are thousands of tools available in market and it is always challenging when you choose 7 out of them. This list is created by considering various factors apart from price and I hope it will help you to choose the best tool as per your requirements. No matter whether you are doing email outreach or any other marketing activities, this tools can definitely ease your job.

#1 Flodesk

Flodesk is the new name in industry and I recently learned about them when I received on creative email from one website I subscribed recently. The template was innovative and after doing some research, I learned that the email was sent from Flodesk platform.

What I liked the most is, their huge collection of email templates specially designed by considering the marketing goal. You can choose the one as per your requirement and start your email marketing campaign in few clicks.


Flodesk offer all-in-one plan at just $38 per month.

More Information

#2 Omnisend : All in one email marketing platform

Omnisend is perfect platform for ecommerce brands by considering their features. You can add multiple channels in one automated workflow. It helps to create and manage marketing campaigns efficiently. You can save up a lot of time because of its integrated tools and various templates. It is an amazing platform for businesses of every size as you control the cost that is being spent in every campaign.


Omnisend 14 days free trial pal in-case if you want to test the features. After that, if you don’t upgrade to any plan then there will be access to only limited features. There are 3 basic plans to which you can upgrade your account to,

  • Standard – $16 per month
  • Pro – $99 per month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing


#3 MailerLite : Ideal tool for every business

The main advantage of using MailerLite is that its user-friendly design and flow. It provides excellent customer support and has some amazing email template designs. MailerLite is a cloud based email marketing software that consists of all the necessary features required in an email marketing tool. You can easily share your campaigns that you created and can also keep a track of them. It also has HTML editor. MailerLite offers integration with various applications like Zapier, Shopify, ProductDyno, WooCommerce and WordPress.


MailerLite is free with limited features if you have up to 1000 subscribers. For more detailed information on the plans, check the official website of MailerLite given below.


#4) Aweber : Powerful e-mail marketing software

Aweber is a powerful tool that includes a variety of features you will love to choose. You can get in touch with your new subscribers instantly by sending them messages with the help of Auto responders. It allows you to target a specific audience based on their search. There are more than 700 email templates and numerous colour schemes to select for writing your messages. Aweber also offers simple testing features to test Subject lines, Pre header text, Content and design of message, etc. It allows you to track your performance with the help of graphs. This tool offers integration with applications like WordPress, Facebook, Paypal, and Etsy.


Aweber offers a free 30 day trial period. After that, the pricing varies based on the subscribers that is mentioned below.

  • 0-500 subscribers – $19 per month
  • 501- 2500 subscribers – $29 per month
  • 2501 – 5000 subscribers – $49 per month
  • 5001 – 10,000 subscribers – $69 per month
  • 10,001 – 25,000 subscribers – $149 per month


#5 Constant Contact : Efficient and easy to use tool

Constant contact is an amazing email marketing tool that has over 240 email templates that can be edited quite easily as per your requirements. It allows you to organize all your subscribers in one contact list. The reporting tools it has makes it easier for you to keep a track of your campaigns and efforts. You can also set up events with ease with the help of this tool. It has integration with a lot of applications like Facebook, Event brite, WordPress, Outlook, Shopify, Salesforce, etc. It is very efficient tool as it offers 98% deliver-ability rate, which means it won’t let your marketing efforts go in vain.


It offers a free 60 day free trial period, which is almost double than any other tools in this list. There are normally three plans, there is a basic starting price of each plans and it depends on the number of contacts. You can know regarding the detailed features of each plan on their official website.

  • Email – $20 per month
  • Email plus – $45 per month
  • Lite – $5 per month

Constant Contact

#6 Sendinblue : Feature rich e-mail marketing software

Sendinblue helps you to get in touch with your users easily. It enables you to send messages in bulk for any special events. Design your email with the help of various email templates that it offers. With the help of CRM you can stay in touch with your customers effortlessly. You can create amazing landing pages by using its templates. Also, keep a track of all your campaigns with the help of real time statistics.


There is free version that you can use for 60 days and it includes 300 emails per day. It also has an enterprise version that includes all the premium features. You can get the quote of the enterprise version from their official website. Apart from that, there are three plans as described below, 

  • Lite – ₹ 1535 per month
  • Essential – ₹2343 per month
  • Premium – ₹3960 per month


#7 GetResponse: Simple e-mail marketing tool with all the functionalities

GetResponse is a perfect tool for online marketing. Create campaigns easily and increase your sales. With over 150 templates, you can make responsive landing pages. Autoresponders helps to automate your emails to subscribers. You can also analyse in detail regarding your campaigns. Its added features include webinar hosting, automated sales funnels and CRM. GetResponse offers integration with applications like Slack, Magento, WordPress, etc.


It provides a free 30 day trial period. There are total of 4 plans from which you can select depending up on your necessity.

  • Basic – $15 per month
  • Plus – $49 per month
  • Professional – $99 per month
  • Enterprise – $1,199 per month


#8) ActiveCampaign : Grow your business with ease

ActiveCampaign is a cloud based platform that is very user-friendly. Keep a track of all your campaigns and leads with ease. It has integrations with applications like Shopify, Joomla, and WordPress. It is very flexible and offers a lot of functionalities like creating sequences of email. ActiveCampaign has smart autoresponders along with CRM and Sales automation.


It offers a free 14 day trial period. There are 4 plans consisting of different features.

  • Lite – $9 per month
  • Plus – $49 per month
  • Professional – $129 per month
  • Enterprise – $229 per month

Active Campaign

These are some of the best e-mail marketing tools offers the same features as mailchimp and at a lower price. If there are any software that we missed in the above list, let us know in the comment section.