After the launch of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in EU, it is strongly recommended to follow compliance while you build your email list for email outreach purpose. Here email list cleaning is one of the important part and there are many legit eMail verification service providers who can help you in this process. Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing techniques. It is a low investment marketing technique with compelling benefits for the businesses. The experienced digital marketers deploy cutting-edge skills to design the best email marketing campaign by following compliance guidelines of the respective countries.

[yellowbox]If you or your customers are from EU, make sure your email verification service provider is GDPR compliance. Kindly consult your GDPR expert before you choose one[/yellowbox]

If you are a digital marketer, business owner or building an email list of your prospect customers, Email verification is undoubtedly not a new term for you! Email verification service is vital for the marketers designing email marketing campaign. Identifying the authentic email IDs is essential. Many people provide invalid email IDs are wrong IDs. Using these email IDs for marketing would be a loss of effort and time as no click rates will get entertained from the invalid Email IDs. Every Digital Marketer must get rid of the invalid Email IDs and stay prevented from wasting time and efforts. Conducting Email verification before Email marketing is essential for the marketers. With the growing popularity of email marketing and needs of email verification, several services introduced to help the business owners.

If you start searching for the best email verification services, you will prepare a long list, and certainly, it would be a never-ending task. Here we compiled few bulk email list verification services providers who are excellent and get distinguished for the methods of email verifying means.

List of Best Email Validation Service Providers:

On this page, you will get the top 7 best email verification services providers offers different services in this category.  Check out the list and pick the most suitable one that would fit your needs!

1. NeverBounce

neverbounce email verifier tool

NeverBounce offers a package of services including free email list analysis, free verification, free testing and free list archiving. This email validation service provides real-time verification with quality assurance. The digital marketers can eliminate the email bounce rates accessing this service.

NeverBounce is capable of cleaning the list of email IDs of any size in 3 simple steps. Upload the existing list of email IDs, download the new clean list and get the list of authentic and active email IDs. NeverBounce offers flexible pricing options as well as tiered discounts. You need not sign any contracts. You can pay the billing price through any major credit card.

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2. DataValidation

DataValidation email verifier tool

DataValidation is one of the fastest, accurate and secure email checker platforms to keep the list of Email IDs clean and ready to send. It offers easy-to-use self-service without any hidden fees or contracts. On this platform, you can get started for free.

Don’t miss to take the opportunity of new subscription service. You can periodically monitor the quality of the email ID lists. You can request to create a custom package as per your needs.

The pricing of accessing this platform is flexible! Visit the site and enter the number of email addresses to find the total cost.

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3. Quick Email Verification


Access Quick Email Verification services to eliminate the email bounce rates. It is one of the trusted email verifier/checker + tool/services beneficial for email marketing campaign. You can believe this platform for bulk email verification.

Just upload the text CSV files containing the list of email IDs. With quick turnaround time and low prices, you will receive the results with the highest accuracy.

Avail the bulk email verification facility with excellent verification statistics paying no upfront fees.

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4. DeliverBility


Verify the Email list without installing any software or plugins. DeliverBility is an email verifier with which you just need to drag and drop the file into the admin panel to get the filtered list of Email IDs. The platform offers real-time results.

DeliverBility is an integrated platform offering a gamut of services including Emails duplication, Domain Validation, Syntax Verifier, SMTP Connection, Mailbox error, Risk Validator and MX Records.

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5. EmaillistVerify

email list verify

EmaillistVerify is an email checker ensuring simplified email list verification services. You get access to verify the Email list with unparalleled validation and higher match rates. Business performance improves with the reduced bounce rates. The platform offers real-time email list verification with excellent features. Upload the list and get the results quickly.

You need not pay any upfront charges on this platform. It offers simple pricing module with no setup cost and no strings attached.

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6. BounclessIO


BounclessIO is a powerful email verifier/checker + tool/services that made email list verification simple. Just import the email list and get the detailed insights of the deliverability. Reduced bounce rates make it easier to reach the customers. With real-time verification API, you get the best solutions to verify individual as well as bulk emails.

BounclessIO offers 100 free verification and offers flexible pricing options. You only pay for what you need.

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7. CaptainVerify

captain verify tool

CaptainVerify is a trusted platform to verify and clean validity of the emails. This email verifier provides accurate statistical report maintaining the quality of the database. It refines the data with quick turnaround time.

It is easier to verify the emails and get the filtered list of valid email IDs. You get real-time technical support from the experts.

It offers a simple pricing model offering a wide selection checks to suit the varying requirements of the marketers. It has no hidden fees and accepts payments via credit cards and Paypal.

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Final Words

Going through the above list of Email verification service providers, you must be quite confused to select the best. Every platform is unique with its services and pricing options. You need to pick the best that suits your business needs. Make sure to visit the websites and learn more about their services before finalizing. Pick the service that offers excellent pricing features that you can afford. A cheap marketing solution with large flexible features can help you to grow the business!