Email Finders are software or browser extensions that help you find social information and emails of corporate people.

A lot of important conversation and data sharing is done via email. So clearly finding emails would greatly benefit everyone.

Often, you know who you are looking for to pitch an idea or to sell a product but you don’t have its contact. Email can be very useful as a medium of contact and information sharing.

List of Email Finder Tools

There are numerous ways to find an email address. Here we have listed some tools or email finders that are value for money and also have great reliability with a high delivery rate.

There are also a couple of organic ways to find an email, that is listed at the end of the article.

#1 Find Emails In Seconds Homepage

Formerly known as email hunter, provides services like email search, email verifier and domain search.

It is trusted by 2M+ professionals and big names like Google, IBM, and Microsoft.

It has 100M+ emails indexed and a score to tell you the reliability of the email.

As a freemium service, you can find 50 searches for free per month and you can increase that by subscribing to the premium service which will give you up to 50,000 searches spread across API, Web extension or via Google sheets add-on.

This is one of the most used email finders.


#2 The Yellow Pages of Emails

Find Professional emails form social media accounts boasts features like integration with 500+ apps and bulk email finder and verifications.

Apart from that, it can also find emails from social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

You can use the chrome extension to find the emails from social media accounts of professionals.

They offer the prices in three categories.

  • Bundle (Finding and Verify)
  • Finding
  • Verify

Their plans range from free to 2499$/month.


#3 FindThatLead: Generate Leads instantly

Social Search

FindThatLead is mainly a lead generator but can be used to search the email via Name or Website.

This includes services like Email Verification, Social Search and searching bulk emails with keywords and locations.

It also has an email sending feature that will let you reach the target audience more easily.

The pricing is very similar to You can start using this tool for free with 50 credit points, which rises up to $150 per month and $1500 per year if paid for the annual plan.

This Barcelona based company also offers chrome extension like most of the email finders.


#4 VoilaNorbert: One of the best Email Finders


This is a paid service, but it’s worth every cent as it’s one of the best email finders service. The product is known for its deliverability of a stunning 96%.

They have a very big library of emails and great integration in Salesforce, Zapier and many more. It also has an API that developers can utilize to integrate into their products.

The pricing starts with 1000 leads/month for 49$ and goes up to 50,000 leads/month for 499$. You can also buy credits and use them as you go.

This is a very big name as companies like Oracle, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Airbnb uses this to enrich their emails.


#5 Anymail Finder: Find Emails that don’t bounce

Bulk email finder

Anymail Finder is a great tool as it only counts the searches which return a verified email.

They also offer 500 Email searches if you are developing an application with it, for that you need to contact them.

The plans of this service start from 49$ for 1000 verified email searches per month to $149 for 10000 verified email searches per month.

A credit is spent when a search returns at least one verified email.

The credits never expire as when you don’t use the credits for a certain month, then the credits will roll over to next month’s plan.

Also, there is no limit on the number of team members, and all the features are included in the basic plan. If needed you can talk with the customer support team to configure your own plan.


#6 Datanyze Insider: Best Free Email Finder

Chrome Extension

Datanyze’s Insider is one of the best free email finders. It works as a chrome extension.

When you visit a company website, this extension will appear as a button and upon clicking that you will be able to see all the information about the company and employees and you can directly go to their social accounts.

Other than that, the insider list-builder window allows you to add emails to the Salesforce or Datanlyze list in one click.

Once added, the tool will get the social information of that contact and at the end will uncover the email by searching.

You can export this data to a CRM, Spreadsheet or email list.


#7 Clearbit: Best Email Finding Solutions for CRMs


Clearbit provides Enrichment (Finding Profile based on email), Prospecting (finding leads and contacts) and Reveal (generating company profile via web traffic) services.

With a large databank of 200M+ contacts at 20M+ companies, the tool is certainly useful.

You can integrate this seamlessly into salesforce.

It is used by many big companies like asana and intercom.

This is priced at 99$ for 1000 API calls and 199$ for 2500 API calls per month for startups to use Enrichment only.

The price varies from company to company as the use of each is different and the price is based on many aspects of the data you are generating or working on.


#8 Find Social Media Links and email


Considered a pillar of Email Finders, this company claims to have 400M+ contacts spread across 20M companies.

The RocketReach has a variety of products available from APIs to Chrome extension.

There are monthly and annual plans with lookups and searches.

  • Essential (125 Lookups/month)
  • Pro (375 Lookups/month)
  • Ultimate (1000 Lookups/month)

The Price is in order of the above list 468$, 948$, 2388$.

Lookup is only counted if the result has a verified email listed.

The special feature is that you can also include phone number Lookups in your plan but it will almost cost you another $500 to 700$ depending on your plan.


#9 LeadLeaper

LeadLeaper tool

LeadLeaper is a tool for finding emails for businesses.

It assists organizations in managing outreach activities by obtaining the contact information of leads from LinkedIn.

It also assists firms in identifying unique leads and preventing duplicate entries across the list.

LeadLeaper’s products include email monitoring and templates, a Lead BOT, and LinkedIn integration. Businesses may utilize LeadLeaper to find and contact new LinkedIn leads.


#10 LeadGibbon

Lead Gibbon is yet another Best email finder tool that allows you to obtain correct and dependable email IDs.

You can do lead searches straight from your marketing automation program, uncover contact information like names, industries, locations, business sizes, and so on.

It also allows you to export data from your search to Google Sheets and build a trustworthy email list.


#11 GetProspect

GetProspect is a great email-finding tool that supports the detection of correct professional email addresses in seconds.

It is a quick and simple way to grow your target audience’s email list.

The Bulk email finder software allows users to locate email addresses based on their first name, surname name, and company website.


#12 AeroLeads Email Finder


AeroLeads is an effective lead generation and prospecting CRM solution.

It is a versatile tool unlike other programs that can simply identify emails or add leads to CRM databases, AeroLeads includes a floating button that you can click every time you browse a LinkedIn profile to add the leads to your AeroLeads dashboard.

On your AeroLeads dashboard, you can discover the new prospect’s name, title, and employer, as well as the prospect’s email and phone number, as well as the opportunity to connect the lead to your CRM systems such as Salesforce.


Organic ways to find emails

Aside from these tools, there are some other organic ways to find an email.

We will talk about two of them which are easy and available for free.

  • Google Search
  • Advanced Twitter Search

Both of the above are Free to use.

But the catch is that you have to crawl a bit or should know some techniques to use.

Google Search

This is my preferred way of searching for someone’s email without any apps.

Google has a way of filtering a search result in a specific manner that you get the email address.

Below mentioned are search strings that will help you find the email.

  • [name] + contact or contact information or contact me
  • + [name] + email
  • + [name] + contact
  • [name] + email or email address

Twitter Advanced Search

This is a trick used to find the email from the tweeted email address.

Sometimes people comment on a tweet for sharing their contact information and this tool will search their account for a specific type of string that will help you find the contact.

You have to use it in the above manner to find the email.

There is a lower chance than google but Twitter Advanced Search is worth a try.

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