extensions for marketersThe world of online marketers is full of new challenges – challenges to keep up with the soaring traffic, challenges to research and use information coming from social channels, challenges to interacting with emails, challenge to make communication more relevant and impressive and challenges to come up positive ROI and challenges to handle Google penalties and its recovery. Overall, online marketers are always “on the go”. However, staying put to the continuous productivity goals is not easily met, technology again can help. Small things like browsers extensions can make the work easier, difference and more productive for the online marketers. Here are some extensions that successful digital marketers have integrated with their web browsers.

#1: Pocket – Curate Content Later

Today, more than 15 million people across the globe are using pocket to save content – articles, videos, web pages, music and more, to be viewed later. It’s just like bookmarking but with added functionalities. Pocket lets all important content go to a single space and doesn’t require an internet connection to be browsed through later.Pocket extension

Features of Pocket – Curate Content Later

  • Easy to view that improves the viewing experience of any page.
  • Use this browser extension with your favorite apps & website.
  • Easy to share article, videos and media on various social media platforms.

Developed by: GetPocket
Category: Productivity
Available for: Google Chrome

#2: Social Pilot / Buffer Extension for Social Sharing

social pilot extension

Managing all your social media platforms isn’t an easy task, especially if you are expecting to gain financially and grow your brand. However, Social Pilot or Buffer comes as an easy tool to bring all your social sharing needs to a single platform. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and other accounts to make social sharing easier and with just a few clicks.

Features of Social Pilot

  • Schedule your post in advance on various social media platforms.
  • One unified interface for all social media networks.
  • Provide content suggestions & bulk scheduling options

Developed by: Social Pilot
Category: Social & Communication
Available for: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

#3: Bitly – Create & Track Shortened Link

If your work involves going through a lot of links every day, Bitly would be a handy tool with your Google Chrome browser. The extension allows you to save, share and track links straight from your browser and save it to your Bitly account. Organizing your content will get a lot easier and you can also use this tool to instantly share the links on Twitter, Facebook and through emails.

Features of Bitly – Create & Track Shortened Link

  • You can track clicks stats for a particular link.
  • Provide URLs shorting service
  • You can optimize your marketing efforts
  • Customize your bitly links with call to actions

Developed by: Bitly
Category: Social & Communication
Available for: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

#4: Social Analytics – Show Sharing Stats of any Page

social analytics

Analytical data for your social reach is more than just a piece of information. Using data of social shares you will get to know which posts did more and why. This extension gives you a complete numerical feedback on the amount of customer engagement.

Features of Social Analytics

  • You can analyze interactions for a url on various social media networks.
  • Provide instance access to all social data for a URLs.

Developed by: Markus Zondler
Category: Productivity
Available for: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

#5: Pin It Button – Share on Pinterest with One Click

Pin it button extension

Finally, if you are on Pinterest and use it for your marketing, this tool will make your posting easier. With just a single click, you can share images on your Pinterest profile and these images can come from anywhere.

Features of Pin It Button

  • Save any things in your Pinterest account which you can find on the web.

Developed by: Pinterest
Category: Productivity
Available for: Google Chrome

#6: Mozbar

mozbar-extensionMozbar is the browser extension developed by Moz, world’s leading SEO tool builder which helps integrate SEO programs with your internet browser. The extension works by tracking down activities of users and using the data to determine relevant SEO metrics. Available as an extension toolbar, it can help with custom searches, link metrics comparison, keyword highlighting and determine page placements. Mozbar also allows users to export SERP report for particular keywords to analyze ranking pages in a better way.

Features of Mozbar

  • Able to create custom searches country, region, city or search engine
  • Export search result file for particular keyword
  • View of social sharing activity for Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus
  • Access important SEO metrics for particular web page

Developed by: MOZ
Category: Search Tools
Available for: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

#7: Evernote Web Clipper

evernote-extensionA popular browser extension among web marketers, Evernote Web Clipper allows the user to take easy screenshots, add comments, saving documents that are needed to be reviewed later and easy sharing of pages/links on social networks. The extensions allows for saving all your marketing notes, articles and ideas in a convenient folder and acts like a virtual library for your research.

Features of Evernote Web Clipper

  • Simple article view which will clean distraction of particular page
  • Allows user to save entire page
  • Custom bookmark option for text or image
  • Take custom screenshot as per requirement

Developed by: Evernote
Category: Productivity
Available for: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari


#1: Rapportive

rapportive-extensionThe Rapportive extension on your browser will help with optimizing the marketer’s relationship with clients and customers. The extension works by streamlining networking while familiarizing the user with his/her web connections. It can be said to be a tool that lets you know/research everything important about your leads/prospects. Rapportive collects information from social sites, emails and customer browsing history and puts it right in your inbox.

Features of Rapportive

  • Gives the social media profile links of mail sender
  • Information about sender’s job, company and linkedIn profile
  • Check out sender’s photo as well

Developed by: Rapportive
Category: Social & Communication
Available for: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

#2: Momentum

Momentum browser extension has been specially developed by keeping marketing productivity in mind. The extension helps by keeping browsing distractions to a minimum and showing up your daily goals in a new tab. This is especially helpful for marketers who seem to fall prey to the lure and addiction of irrelevant social media activities.

Features of Momentum

  • Create to do list for tasks
  • Set a goal for particular day
  • Get the reminder of your work

Developed by:  momentumdash.com
Category: Productivity
Available for: Google Chrome

#3 Sidekick

sidekick-extensionDeveloped by HubSpot, Sidekick is an email management tool that gives the web marketer a deeper insight into email contact lists. Sidekick allows users to get a complete profile of prospective clients and customers and scheduling them for future email notifications. Further, Sidekick also provides information on whether the receiver has actually opened and gone through the email conversation. This allows marketers to ensure that their contacts are really interested in the campaign.

Features of Sidekick

  • Know who opens and click your emails
  • See contact details of sender’s profile in your Inbox
  • Schedule Email
  • Compatible for different platforms like Gmail, Salesforce & Hubspot

Developed by: HubSpot
Category: Social & Communication
Available for: Google Chrome

#4: Page Monitor

Competitor analysis is an important part of web marketing. The Page Monitor extension allows user to monitor listed websites for changes and modification, as and when they occur. This will let marketers know about new campaigns that competing businesses have come up with. For startups and growing businesses, Page Monitor will act as a vital tool in understanding website elements that help make the cut.

Features of Page Monitor

  • Monitor number of pages whether it changed or not
  • Select parts of particular page to track
  • Desktop notification
  • Import/Export the monitoring page list

Developed by: Max Shawabkeh
Category: Productivity
Available for: Google Chrome

#5: Page Analytics

Developed by Google Page Analytics is among the most popular browser extensions that web marketers use today. The tool allows marketers to gauge their website page scores and optimize it for SEO. Further, Google Page Analytics is also a vital tool to analyzing interactions that visitors and customers are having with a particular website. All the data is displayed/represented by charts, graphs and growth figures.

Features of Page Analytics

  • Able to view Google Analytics metrics like- Page views, Unique page views, Bounce rate etc.
  • Date comparison and segmentation tool available

Developed by: Google
Category: Productivity
Available for: Google Chrome

Apart from above productive extensions there are other extensions also available which are very useful for online marketers.

VidIQ Vision: Provides detail summary of YouTube video which marketers can use for their video optimization.
Alexa toolbar: This toolbar actually shows the page rank as well as website rank based on their traffic.

If you are an online marketer and know about other useful online marketing browsers extension, do share by comment. We love to learn about new extension and will definitely include in this list.

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