Are you concerned about online privacy? In that case, you can try a private search tool to explore the internet. Private browsing allows you to keep your browsing data private this means that your browsing history, cookies, and search records are not saved.

Online privacy is very important because as we know that cyber crimes are increasing very rapidly and your personal information can be used by cybercriminals.

There are numerous private search engines that we use regularly like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. and these search engines collect your data like IP address, user agent, location, search terms, etc. Based on your search and your data companies understand your behavior and show you targeted ads. Hence, maintaining your online privacy while browsing the internet becomes very important and necessary.

With private online browsing, you can keep your session private and your temporary browsing data will not be saved. There are other private browsing modes that can erase the downloaded or the bookmarked files and even hide your location. You can keep your personal information like employment status, financial information, private details, etc. safe.

Even with VPN, some search engines can still collect your data and so you cannot rely on a VPN for keeping your online privacy. Due to this, the use of private search engines is increasing because it can help you in maintaining online privacy and keeping your search internet privacy.

Best Private Search Engines

There are a lot of private search engines available and every private search engine has different features that provide maximum privacy and keeps your data and information private. You can select any private search engine based on your requirement and necessity. Here we have mentioned some of the best search engines for private search and online privacy.

1) DuckDuckGo

Image source: DuckDuckGo

It is one of the most popular and secure search engines. It provides results from more than 400 sources including Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Yandex, etc. You can also add a DuckDuckGo extension on Chrome, and it allows you to see how private the websites you visit are. You can save your settings in the cloud with DuckDuckGo and it also does not save search histories.

DuckDuckGo offers a detailed and transparent privacy policy, and you can limit your search by region. One of the most amazing features of DuckDuckGo is bangs. With this feature, users can directly search websites like Amazon, YouTube, Wikipedia by starting the search with an exclamation mark.

The search results of DuckDuckgo are basically from Bing. DuckDuckGo provides an amazing user interface, and this is one of the main reasons behind its popularity.

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2) Brave

Brave Search Engine

The Brave search user interface closely resembles Google’s search option. The Brave’s search box however is more powerful and impactful than Google’s, expressing to clients that they’re going to “Search the web secretly”. Brave comprises light and dark modes for search, as well as it gives amazing backgrounds options to choose from according to the need and units of measurement.

There are numerous options for unspecified local search results. One of the best features of Brave Search is that it will not display ads during the initial phase of the beta, but plans to offer both ad-free paid search and ad-supported free search options.

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3) Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search

Disconnect search uses different search engines like Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc., and displays the results from other search engines. It submits your search query anonymously so your search query cannot be tracked back to you and no data related to your search is stored.

The search results are shown in the style of the search engines from where they are obtained. You can also search for local results with the help of the Disconnect search browser extension. With Disconnect you also get a VPN and a private browser.

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4) Ecosia

Image Source: Ecosia

It is one of the most amazing private search engines as it uses the total revenue generated for planting trees. It generates money from search ads and then they contribute that money to certain organizations for planting trees. You can use Ecosia for desktop, android, and iOS smartphones.

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5) MetaGer


MetaGer submits your search query anonymously to different search engines. It integrates with a proxy server and hides your IP address. This eventually helps in protecting your privacy. For every link, there is an ‘open anonymously’ option. If you select this option, then MetaGer will send your search query through an anonymous proxy so the websites cannot track you.

MetaGer is supported by user contributions and you also donate from the donate button on the result page.

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6) Qwant


Qwant offers a rich user experience and you can use it freely without registering. In case, if you do register then you will get the option of saving search and creating favorites.

Qwant private search engines generate revenue from ads and those ads are generated by using the Microsoft Bing ad network. It does not share any personal information with third parties, and you can filter results by different categories like news, videos, music, social, etc.

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7) Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt
Image Source: Medium

Whenever you search anything, this private search engine collects all the search results, encrypts them, and shows it to you. The search encrypts private search engine provides advanced security and encryption option. It generates revenue with the help of sponsored ads that are featured on the search result page.

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8) Oscobo

Image Source: compare the cloud

It is an anonymous search engine that does not store any user data. Oscobo private search engine has a chrome extension and you can search any content on web-like information, news, images, etc. It does not allow any third party to track your data. Hence, Oscobo is an amazing private search engine that keeps your data private and maintains your privacy.

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9) Gibiru

Image Source: Vpncoffee

Gibiru is a fast and encrypted private search engine. It does not store your search data and you can search anonymously. Gibiru recommends you use a VPN so that other websites cannot track your data and activity.

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10) Swisscows


It is a popular private search engine that does not store your IP address, browser information, personal information, or device information. Swisscows private search engine has a built-in filter for stopping violent content. Hence, it is perfect for kids as it gives importance to family-friendly internet content.

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These are some of the best private search engines that you can use for private search. These private search engine helps to maintain your online privacy and keeps your data safe. Private search engines are not that popular due to their limitations.

11) Infinity Search

Infinity Search is another alternative option for those who do not want to share their private data when they use the search engines. There are lots of filter options available to get exact data.

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It’s very hard to use these tools for commercial purposes, private browsers are made with a simple algorithm that doesn’t include a complex AI mechanism to communicate with the searcher. Due to the lack of advanced features, the majority of people continue using top search engines like Google.

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