Are you looking to save money this holiday season? Are you looking for mobile application that can help you to save money while you are planning your trip this holiday season? This article is for you.

The upcoming holiday season is one of the best times of the year! Travel plans, festive decor, shopping, parties and so on! The to-do list is indeed long with which you definitely would scribble. If you have no such exciting plans, rather than seating ideal at home, you can ensure to turn the holiday seasons merry and bright this year! The holiday season is quite demanding but today’s mobile technology can be helpful for you. This is a tech-advanced era and mobile technology can be quite helpful in minimizing the season’s stress and to save money this holiday season.

If you bought a new Smartphone for celebrating this holiday season, apart from clicking selfies, you can fill fun by downloading functional apps. The smart apps have made our lives easier and organized. Why not reap the best through the apps during this holiday season! There are countless apps that help to navigate the best deals online and in-store. Downloading the apps, you can save your time and use the saved time for other activities. You probably would get confused to select the apps that will be the best for you! Here we bring the list of best and must have apps for this holiday season. Take a glance, learn about the benefits, download, install and use it!

Get detailed info about must-have apps on your phone for this holiday season

1.RocketMoney – Best Money Saving App:

Rocket Money - best money saving apps

Rocket Money is an online financial platform designed to empower individuals to take control of their finances. With a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive range of financial products and services, Rocket Money aims to make all of your financial needs easily accessible.


  • Personal finance management
  • Banking services
  • Investment opportunities
  • Financial education
  • Community engagement

2.You Need a Budget (YNAB):

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

YNAB (You Need A Budget) is a well-known app and platform for managing your money and reaching your financial goals. It all comes down to managing your money, which includes making detailed spending plans, establishing specific objectives and maintaining constant awareness of your financial status. YNAB’s user-friendly features and tools enable you to accomplish this. Ensuring that every dollar you earn is allocated towards a specific goal will help you feel more in charge of your finances and, in turn, improve your quality of life.


  • Zero-Based Budgeting
  • Real-Time Syncing
  • Goal Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Reports and Insights
  • Customer Support

3. Goodbudget – Best App for Saving Money Goal:

Goodbudget - Best App for Saving Money Goal

Goodbudget is a helpful app that makes it easy for people and families to handle their money well. It makes use of an envelope budgeting method, in which you set aside money for various purposes, such as bills or food. You can track your progress toward objectives like debt repayment or trip savings with Goodbudget, as well as see where your money is going and set spending limitations. It keeps you in charge of your money and is easy to use.


  • Envelope budgeting system
  • Expense tracking
  • Goal tracking
  • Customer support

4. Nerdwallet – Best Money Saving Apps:

NerdWallet is a website that helps you with your money. It provides you with a wealth of resources and guidance to help you make informed decisions regarding investments, credit cards, loans, insurance, and budgeting. NerdWallet provides you with accurate and truthful information to help you manage your money more effectively, whether you’re looking to save money, obtain a mortgage, or choose the finest credit card. It is designed to be user-friendly and assist you in reaching your financial objectives and understanding complex financial matters.


  • Financial product comparison
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Credit score monitoring
  • Investment guidance
  • Community support

5. Shopkick – Apps to Save Money:

Shopkick - Apps to Save Money

Shopkick is a free mobile app for iOS and Android powered Smartphones. Once you install the app you will instantly earn Kickbucks from your favorite stores. With Shopkick you will get the best deals and popular products at the stores. You can earn more kicks or reward points when you scan items as well as make purchases. You can redeem the earned kicks in exchange of gift cards for any of your favorite stores.

6. List Ease:

List Ease is a checklist app. With this app, you can create a shopping list, to-do-list and grocery list with any other checklist. This app helps to add grocery items to the list instantly and easily with the barcode scanner. In just a single tap you can bring the grocery items from your previous shopping list. You can easily browse a variety of coupons daily that will help you to save money. It helps to manage multiple shopping lists.

7. Amazon Shopping:

 Amazon Shopping

Amazon Shopping app is a popular mobile app that lets you purchase millions of products. You can easily browse, purchase under categories, compare prices, read reviews as well as share products. With this app, you can also check your order status. Amazon offers the best deals on the featured products. Payment mode is highly secured and with your account, you get full access to the shopping cart.

8. Giftster:


If you are thinking of gift ideas to buy gifts for Christmas or New Year, Giftster is a must-have app on your phone. You get a wide scope to collect varied gifts through Giftster for any purpose. Giftster provides you ample of gift ideas so that you can pick any type of gift. You can also create group wish lists and invite your family members for joining the group. You can auto-add wide range of items from different websites across the world.

9. Remindo- Event Reminder:

Remindo- Event Reminder

Do you set reminders following the traditional methods? Download smart reminder app Remindo! The app will remind you of important events by popup notifications. You can easily set reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, holiday plans or any event. With this app, you can easily categorize the reminders based on the occasion. You can also add an audio note for the events with this app.

The best part of this event reminder app is, you can have preloaded popular events that mean, no need to add all events manually. You can directly set reminder and never forget your best event in life.

10. Snip Snap Coupon:

Snip Snap Coupon

Snip Snap Coupon is a smart mobile coupon app with which you can click a picture of a printed coupon and create a mobile coupon that can easily be redeemed at any store. This app converts texts, images as well as barcodes into a mobile-optimized coupon. Simply collect the printed coupons you have around! You can get the coupons from newspaper, mail and other sources. This smart app also integrates several excellent features like in-store reminders, following friends, expiration date alerts, and location reporting. You can get this app for iOS and/or Android-powered devices.

11. Slice Package Tracker:

Slice Package Tracker

Slice Package Tracker is an amazing mobile app that automatically tracks packages. Users get push notifications updates on the delivery status. This app service also monitors the recall alerts as well as price changes that help to get the refund on items with a low-price guarantee. Slice app is free to download as well as simple and secure to operate.

12. Shopular:


Shopular is a coupon app exclusively for you if you love shopping on Black Fridays! With this app, you get the best Black Friday ads, weekly ads, coupons, and sales. This is a smart app and as soon as you reach the mall, you will get a popup on your phone. Along with this, you get mall coupon and mall deal pop-ups on your phone. Shopular helps to get the best deals and get the best Black Friday Sales.

Last Words:

These apps can be very useful during your holidays by considering the amazing features they offers to plan holidays, find best coupons and to save money while buying products online. From grocery shopping to purchasing gifts by saving money through the coupons, these apps can together help to turn your holidays perfect. There are several other apps that can help you in your holidays. Now, don’t get bored, enjoy your holidays with your family!

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