Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger in San Francisco and was first accessible only on iOS, in October 2010. Ever since, there has been increase in Instagram follower and developers slowly introduced significant updates like the stories feature for people to upload their current activities and the Instagram Direct feature, which was a huge step because messaging was made available on Instagram through direct means. Instagram feed planner is quite an interesting place to hover around while having your morning coffee or on the wait for your food delivery to arrive. Depending on the people you follow, the news feed shows content accordingly by suiting your interests. The explore section gets even intriguing, as it lets the user delve into a bunch of new profiles and more interesting content, thus promoting more connectivity.

Instagram in Marketing


Apart from being the leading platform for connecting via social media, Instagram is also one of the most used ways of marketing online. Whether it’s promoting your photography or selling your artworks, whether it’s making your brand more influential or gaining more reach to a newer audience, Instagram hosts a huge population ready to be influenced and engaged. Many clothing brands and apps like Amazon, Myntra and other companies are actively using Instagram as a business opportunity given its huge 800 million user database.

Need for Scheduling Instagram

Nothing comes with pros and without cons. As much productivity as Instagram can provide, there are minor setbacks that don’t let the user take complete advantage of the platform and its global reach. Instagram does not provide its own scheduling tool/app, and this creates a requirement for a third-party tool. It means the content is not tailored according to your exact preferred genre and to develop a more suitable feed and profile that would synchronize well with your business account too; you will have to rely on some third-party Instagram scheduling tools. Some of the very interesting and helpful tools are mentioned in detail below.

1. Buffer: Grow Your Brand with Buffer Instagram Post Scheduler Tool

Buffer Instagram Post Scheduler 2019

About:If you are looking to build your brand or to collaborate with your team in managing a mutually owned/handled business for Scheduling Instagram post, Buffer is the right option. Over 75,000 businesses in the world use buffer in the process of increasing the reach and the engaging activity of the brand.

Working: Developing a preset publishing Instagram scheduling individually for separate social media accounts that you’re promoting your brand on help maintain the perfect planning and execution. Posts can be drafted, and the content can be constantly reproduced, too, according to the feedback.

Perks: Here, you can attract bigger audiences by tailoring your posts in accordance with the user’s requirement for content. The campaigns and scheduling Instagram post will be handled by the people at Buffer to create a systematic approach. There are also options available to bring the sale and its traffic directly to shop from the bio on Instagram.

Subscriptions:  There are two modes of billing, monthly and annual, and one can save up to 20% on the annual plan. There are three plans, namely Pro, Premium and Business, whose details are given below.

Features Pro Premium Business
Fees (Monthly) $15 $65 $99
Social accounts 8 8 25
No of Posts 100 2000 2000
Users reached 1 2 6
Posts report Monthly All-time All-time
Overview N/A All-time All-time
Invite new users N/A Yes Yes

2. HootSuite: Best Social Media Marketing & Management Tool

Hootsuite - Social Media Tool

About: Comprehensive and sophisticated, Hootsuite Instagram Scheduler tool helps not just Scheduling Instagram post but manages remaining social media accounts too. Facebook is equally concentrated, keeping track of the hashtag trends and most tweeted news and other similar things.

Working:  The HootSuite dashboard in this tool helps store every important schedule and date regarding all your social accounts in one place. There is also the quick reply feature will help you save time in choosing between the various platforms and the likes and comments to various brands. The analytics always monitor and create reports of the audience reach and the work status to help improve the brand’s influence and Scheduling Instagram post.

Perks: Unlike other third-party tools that ask for a payment to use them, Hootsuite offers a one-month trial period which can be cancelled anytime during the month. The main advantage here is the ability to manage many social media accounts and the brands, all at once. Data analytics is also a very helpful aspect in this case.

Subscriptions:  Apart from the one-month free trial, there are 3 plans Professional, Team and Business, which operate on a monthly billing plan. In additional they also provide custom solution for enterprises, all you need is to contact them.

1 . Professional:  $1,260 per month

  • Scheduling Instagram post is done in bulk
  • Data analytics work real-time
  • Social sweepstakes
  • Any number of RSS integrations

2. Team:   $6,600 per month

  • Data analytic reports are custom
  • Assignments on a team basis
  • Contest templates
  • A custom brand URL
  • Social media certification

3. Business: $9000 Per Month

  • Upto 35 Social profiles manages in single account
  • All features of Professional packages.
  • 24/7 support stuff.

3. Facebook Creator Studio: Scheduling Instagram Post Free with Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio

About: This is a multi-access Scheduling Instagram post with a hub to contain all your social accounts like Twitter and Instagram on a single Facebook extended page. There are multiple options to view the published posts or review the likes and comments on a post’s performance.

Working: The sort by feature helps in sorting posts by post type, post status and by the date and time of posting, thus making it easier to access any directories from the past. Detailed insights are noted for each post and every advertisement posted, under the insights section in the hub.

Perks: The cross-post option helps In integrating content between simultaneous social accounts and this promote the brand in a better way. There is also a timeline for all the posts in which all the Scheduling Instagram posts per brand and account are given in detail. The main perk being, there is no subscription fee of any kind, thus giving access to many users.

4. Later: Instagram Post Scheduler & Social Media Platform

About: Almost similar to a visual planner, this requires no credit cards or subscription fee, but just an Instagram account.  Founded in 2014, It supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest marketing accounts. It has a user database of more than 2 million. High sales are recorded in these Instagram Scheduler platforms with the usage of Later by simplifying business analytics.

Working: The auto-publish feature helps Instagram influencing highly by establishing weekly slots and then use drag and drop for Scheduling Instagram Post. You can choose between monthly or a weekly calendar to maintain the correct strategy in updating posts. Accessible from any device, all the content, including photos, videos and other stuff, is stored in a single library.

Perks: By linking google drive, easy storage and uploading can be done even from the mobile phone, if scheduled properly. There is also the option of adding this as an extension to chrome, making it accessible at your fingertips, even when you’re browsing the web from the PC. There is an additional add on called side library, which is a combination of the library and the calendar.

5. Hopper HQ: Instagram Scheduling Tool

Hopper HQ -Instagram Scheduling Tool

About: Started in 2015, this company engages with a wide platform of people, promoting over 10,000 brands in over 70 countries. There is an Instagram Scheduler app available too, exclusive in iOS, which has a very interesting interface. The growth of the business can be tracked, and the correct time to post can be found out.

Working: There are vast options to bulk upload and track the upload of the scheduled posts and their reach. Up to 50 posts can be stored and published at once, from single or from multiple accounts.

Perks: It has the feature of adding unlimited team members which provides a large network of team working environment. It also comes with an in-built editor to develop better posters for publicity.

Subscriptions: unlike any other third-party scheduling tool, Hopper has a unique subscription method. It provides plans according to the number of social media account bundles that are going to be registered with the tool. The base plan is $19 per month, for one account.

6. OnlyPult: Save Time with Social Media Scheduler Tool

OnlyPult Social Media Scheduler Tool

About: This Instagram Scheduler app is mainly focused on analytics and managing businesses over diverse social media platforms and also posting on social media. From the same window, we can access many accounts without switching users. We can also connect the employees to the account by sharing the password in this Instagram Scheduling Tools

Working: We can access the publications too, without sharing the password, by just sharing the finished drive link of the files to be published. Most popular hashtags will automatically be followed in this website. Delegation is attempted here by giving the social media managers access to all the publishing content.

Perks:  There is a trial period of 7 days, where one can easily access almost all the website’s tools and techniques for free. The volume of development is always recorded and compared to the previous performances of the company. Automatic post deletion is a feature that helps in emergency cases, in case something in a post was offensive or conflicting with national interest or such mishaps.


  • AGENCY: $34 per month
  • PRO: $55 per month
  • SMM: $17 per month
  • START: $10 per month

7. Social Pilot: Social Media Scheduling & Marketing Tool

Social Pilot: Social Media Scheduling & Marketing Tool

About: This Instagram Scheduler is an analytics tool, this is a cost-efficient marketing scheduler for many companies that seek online promotion and publishing. More than 115,000 businesses use this tool and achieve great results by increasing the reach and range of their brand.

Working: The PDF reports generated in Social Pilot are white-label, true to the value and very effective over almost all the existing social media apps in the market today. The social inbox helps maintain a center for all the queries and the updated reports of the promotions. Client management is a separate domain in which all the clients are justified by providing required rate of expanded reach and the promotion of the brand name.

Perks: The workflows help in keeping track of the collaborations and the reports while equally storing all the previous posts’ data safely. Also, they give a free trial period for people who want to check out the tool. This tool has the best data analytics reviews so far in the digital marketing industry.


  • AGENCY: $83.33 per month
  • SMALL TEAM: $41.66 per month
  • PROFESSIONAL: $25 per month

If you think we missed some other Instagram scheduling tools feel free to tell us on comment box below.