Nowadays business uses social media platforms to promote their business. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., but Instagram is very popular among all the social media platforms nowadays.

Instagram recently announced its spectacular updates. With this update, businesses and Instagram influencers having Instagram profiles got the opportunity to plan out the posts and publish them on their profile without any manual effort. It is now possible to automate Instagram Posts, so they are automatically released. This feature is quite helpful for businesses as well as personal users. The users can set up and get the photos published directly from the HootSuite Dashboard. The update is convenient for the users to keep audiences from different time zones engaged with high consistency in publishing.

5 Excellent Features of The Instagram Update

1. Post The Images on Instagram

Posting the images to Instagram with proper descriptions and tags is a very time-consuming and lengthy process, but now you can save time. The Instagram update ensures drive engagement. The users can easily plan the posts to publish in the future, and at the set time, the post will get published without requiring any manual attention and effort in the future. The users can get the posts published on Instagram directly from the dashboard of Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a famous and widely-used social media automation tool with a hashtag generator feature. With help of a tool called Hootsuite, you can plan out and manage your Instagram posts. Hootsuite manages not only Instagram posts but also it can manage your other social networks just as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well. In short, it is the perfect social media management for all platforms. Only you need to add your social networks to this tool. Hootsuite allows you to add more than 3 social networks.

Publishing Instagram stories with Hootsuite allows you to schedule, post, analyze, and respond to Instagram posts. Hootsuite is also used to:

  • Create and automate Instagram stories.
  • View deep analysis and engagement.
  • Monitor social media conversations with usernames, particular keywords, and hashtags.
  • Modify stories even after they have been uploaded.
  • Put money behind posts and content.
  • Check statistics for Instagram posts with insights and generate reports.

Let me explain more about this tool via the following process for how to schedule social network posts in the Hootsuite dashboard directly.

Processes to Schedule Instagram Posts via Hootsuite:

HootSuite Post Scheduler
HootSuite Post Scheduler

Step 1 – Login to HootSuite:

Login to HootSuite
Login to HootSuite

Once you have successfully logged in to Hootsuite, then the dashboard will be opened on your screen which would look as follows before that you would be asked to add 3 or more social networks.

Hootsuite Dashboard
Hootsuite Dashboard

Step 2 – Add Your Social Network to Hootsuite:

In the beginning, Hootsuite will ask you to add your social networks but if you wanted to add only Instagram at this time you can also you can add some more accounts to Hootsuite later by following way.

(i) First of all you need to go to your profile and select Manage Social Network from the drop-down menu;


(ii) Once you click on this, one page will appear to you where you have an option of adding one more social media account which you wanted to manage by Hootsuite.

Manage Social Networks

(iii) By clicking on a private network you can add one more account. Now, all you need to do is just link that with the Hootsuite by adding a Username and Password.

Step 3 – Go to the New Post and Schedule Your Posts:

Now schedule all your Instagram posts with the help of Hootsuite. Just go to “New Post” select the Social media network from the drop-down menu and draft your post, add all the information and media (Photographs, Videos, GIFs, etc.) you wanted to post on your Instagram account then select the date & time and click on the schedule button. That is it!! you are done with the scheduling of your post.


This is how you can schedule your Instagram post and save time from the lengthy process of making posts every day.

2. Managing the Instagram Profile as a Team is Easier

The users can plan the campaigns and execute them across multiple business accounts on Instagram. Along with this facility, the users can also assign messages to different team members and keep the audiences/ followers engaged. All these works can efficiently get managed by using a secure and single workflow integrated with excellent features.

3. Monitoring the Instagram Account

Keeping track of the customers, business competitors, photos, and industrial hashtags is effortless in a single place.

4. Measuring the Effectiveness of Instagram Posts

You can select a metric and track the progress and effectiveness of the Instagram posts and the content strategy. As a part of social media strategy, you can obtain visual reports which will provide the exact details of the effectiveness and progress. You can learn what is working on Instagram and what the reason behind the results is.

5. Scheduling and Publishing Posts Using a Single Dashboard

It is easier to schedule and publish posts to Instagram using a single dashboard. The panel also can get used to manage Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn as well as Google+ accounts. In today’s era, social media marketing is very essential to promote business on a wide range.


It is essential to know the right time to schedule an Instagram post. The right time is when you will be able to reach the largest audiences and ensure higher engagement.

FAQs on Hootsuite Instagram Scheduling:

What must be enabled in Hootsuite for Instagram Stories to publish successfully?

Super administrator privileges
The publishing process for mobile app
Integration to Instagram stories
Instagram self-publishing notifications

How can I manage my posts on Instagram?

The Hootsuite is a well-known app to manage Instagram posts and analytics. You can analyze the performance and measure your Instagram stories.

Can you schedule Instagram reels on Hootsuite?

Yes. The Hootsuite is a well-known Instagram scheduler app that will help you to schedule multiple Instagram reels automatically.

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