For any business, web-based social media plays an indispensable role in getting your products and services before the right crowd or what we call the right audience. In any case, nonchalantly posting a photograph on Facebook is no longer efficient enough. You need the correct social media marketing strategy with excellent social media marketing tools for the perfect social media branding of your business. To augment your promoting endeavours and arrive at your objectives utilising social media marketing tips is by far the best option these days in DIGITAL MARKETING strategies. 

Now you will ask us why social media marketing is important? Well, if you wish for consistent profits in your business, you will have to adapt to the world that is fast governed by social media these days. Moreover, people are now just browsing social media for fun, they are seeking advice and recommendations too. Thus, a good social media marketing strategy is essential to excel in any kind of work or business you do.

Top 8 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Every Business

The advantages of social media marketing can only be achieved through the right kind of social media marketing strategy that not only provides you with excellent social media marketing tools but also social media marketing tips for small to large businesses. Social media branding cannot exist without proper planning.

1. Find your Targeted Audience

Targeted Audience

Knowing your target audience is the topmost social media marketing strategy as it saves you from beating about the bush while creating your social media branding. The advantages of social media marketing will come to you, only when you know your audience. You can identify them by sectioning them into three categories: 


Select audience/groups out in light of their different advantages, including hobbies and amusement inclinations. This can assist you with making information-driven, profoundly customised messages that permit you to interface with your crowd in significant ways that can assist with driving brand reliability.

Purchase Intention

This is a group of people who are searching for a particular product, say a vehicle. This will assist you with understanding your crowd’s trouble spots so you can make customised messaging that tends to their necessities.


Subcultures allude to audience groups that share a typical common interest or experience, like music, cars, bikes, etc. By seeing a portion of your interest group’s inspirations, you can more readily comprehend who you’re attempting to interface with.

2. How much time does your targeted Audience Spend on Daily Basis on Social Media?

Spend time on social media

As per Statista As of 2019 and 2020, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 145 minutes per day, up from 142 minutes in the previous year.

All you need to do is find out at what time is your target audience most active during the day. So that you can target them at the right hours, to get maximum output.

3. Provide Consistent Content According to Trends

Trending content is what the Millenials are always on the lookout for. And this trend is actually fast catching up with other generations too. So provide them content that is always trending and is closest to your niche. For instance, if you are into health products, then weight loss and cure for hair fall are always trending contents.

Apart from doing social media posts around other products, ensure that your social media does consistent posts on these two niches so as to keep you trending and in the eyes of your audience. And that will give you a very impactful social media branding.

4. Measure Social Media ROI 

Social media ROI measuring

The standard definition of Social Media ROI means how many Returns on Investment you got in terms of input and output ROI from your social media activities and related expenses. So how do you measure it? There are four basic steps:

A) Calculate the Social Media Expenditure like the cost of tools, employee salary, campaign promotions etc. 

B) Define clear Social media marketing tips & objectives that connect to your overall business goals and require a consistent expenditure. These can be categorised into things like Business conversions, Brand awareness, Customer experience and loyalty, Internet Security, Employee Salaries, etc

C) Track metrics that align with your objectives

These include your social media reach, engagement of the audience, traffic on your site, leads generated, customer conversions, revenue generated as well as any known losses suffered.

Important note: Measure these over a period of six months after launching your social media campaign. Not in the early months; a seed takes time to find its roots and give fruits. 

D) Now calculate an ROI report as per the data collected above and see the impact of your social media marketing strategy. 

5. Invest Money in Social Media

Some people assume that because we are sharing posts on social media on a daily basis, it can be done by ourselves as an easy task. This is a misconception and very brand-damaging Social media branding technique of self-harm.

Social Media is a very vast world that is governed by Artificial Intelligence and Multiple Algorithms created by experts and thus must be handled by the same. So not only invest in hiring an expert for learning Social media marketing tips but also to create an excellent Social media marketing strategy for your brand. The advantages of social media marketing will come to you only when you have an expert approach. 

6. Run Social Media Campaign with Targeted Audience

Running target audience specific Social Media Campaigns will help you not only save your money but also save time. These result in better customer conversions, stronger brand image, better ROI as well as help you get great feedback to improve your product or services. Thus, this is among the most important social media marketing tools

7. Create your Content in Form of Attractive Images and Videos

Attractive content example for Images and Videos

An image speaks more than a thousand words. But these days a combination of both images and videos is needed. Moreover, if you create interactive images and videos, you engage your audience on a better level.

Let us explain this with an example. For instance, if you have a hair fall product. If you just share an image of the product, it will not kill the competition. But if you share it with the advantages as well as ingredients, it will create a better impact. Now, even before you create this very image, if you post a poll with hair fall images asking – Do you have to post COVID19 hair fall? Or do you have normal seasonal excessive hair fall? Then these will help you know how to write the impactful content on your image as per what specific product the audience needs, Secondly doing a video by a health care expert showcasing the benefits of the same on a few case studies will further create a better impact and ROI. 

8. Contact the Influencer Within Your Niche for Branding 

An influencer is a social media marketing strategy person who has a high number of followers in a certain niche. For example, if you have a fashion accessory to promote, you need to contact someone from that niche. Best of all you have to promote a service like home cleaning, then you need to contact say a health expert as well as an influencer in home decor, who can showcase how your product or service is beneficial in either way.

Influencer Marketing is among the very cost-effective and far-reaching, high ROI giving social media marketing tools in modern times. And also among the highest rated Social media marketing tips for small business because if you cannot pay much, you can ever do a barter collaboration with influencers- some do agree to it. 


For great social media branding, you not only need an excellent social media marketing strategy with extremely targeted social media marketing tips for small business. You also need to give time to the team that needs to do consistent and improvised efforts in the field as per the customer feedback.

A seed doesn’t become a tree in a matter of months, you need to nurture it with patience. So when you calculate ROI in the first six months and don’t find it as per your need, hold on. Improvise the efforts and give the social media team the time to perform. Do another ROI; you might need better experts and creatives to give better results. Never give up on social media, rather engage better with the audience and your social media team with a watchful eye to get better results.

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