With the constantly developing technologies businesses are using IoT. IoT is helping businesses to collect a great amount of data from several sources. Now, this amount of data gathered has to be aligned that can be used to analyze the market and further strategy of the business. This task can’t be done and here comes the role of Artificial Intelligence.

AI inbuilt IoT produces smart machines that show intelligent behavior and can help in decision making without or little human involvement. Hence, the combination of these two technologies is called Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT).

Hence, this collaboration of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things technology is receiving a lot of popularity among businesses and professional organizations. According to recent statistics, the users of IoT devices are 10 billion all over the world which is estimated to increase to more than 25 billion by the next 20 years. For trends in AI that are seen that 37% of businesses have started using AI technology which will increase in coming years.

Hence, investing in IoT and AI is being preferred by businesses to grow tremendously.

What Is The Concept Of AIoT And How Do They Work Together?

Concept of AIoT

You might have come across smart devices. These smart devices use AIoT. AIoT is a collaboration of two technologies, AI and IoT. Before describing the way these technologies work together, first, let’s look into them separately. IoT can be defined as refrigerators, television, which use the internet for their working are known as the Internet of Things devices. These devices are then able to make decisions with or little human involvement it is called Artificial Intelligence. When these two technologies work together it is collectively being known as AIoT.

Benefits Of AI & IoT

Benefits of IoT

Increase Operational Efficiency

When AI meets IoT it reduces the constant flow of data and detects patterns in the data that are not easily detectable with simple technologies. In addition to this, it can AIoT can also detect the failures in a process that is not giving expected outcomes and rectify them, to give desired results. Hence, AIoT can reduce manual labor in tedious tasks and also given solutions for getting desired results.

Proper Risks Management

When AI is paired with IoT it can predict a wide range of risks. It can also promote the solutions to those risks to help businesses save their data, finances from any threats.

It is considered a game-changer in the risk management of the finances of a business. This is because it gives tools to the businesses to identify risks and also gives solutions for its management.

Enhance The Products & Services

AI with IoT is enhancing products and services. Now, with minimal human effort, a device can do the task given. Natural Language Processing is also allowing users to communicate with devices. The enhanced product and services are a result of the increased operational efficiency of the businesses.

Provides Low Latency

Latency refers to the difference between the real world and the perspective and features of your software. Because of this latency, the simulation and response time of the software differs. Industrial IoT solutions and AI are collectively able to reduce this time by their adaptive nature according to the command hence, providing low latency.

Improve Customer Experience

When AIoT is enhancing the product and services of the business it is consequently enhancing the user experience as well. Through AI the Internet of Things devices remembers the users’ preference and makes it easy for the user for further use. AIoT is also helpful in the customer service experience by identifying the exact problem customer is facing and providing in-hand solutions.

Highly Reliable & Secure

Secure IoT

Our life is surrounded by smart devices which are now being used for mundane tasks like switching on the bulb to serious tasks like a locker or home gates. Hence, security concerns are prompted here of the IoT. When AI is connected to IoT it increases security like knowing our schedules, recognizing faces, etc. This makes AIoT highly reliable and secure.

Predictive Maintenance

Buying new machinery is a big-time investment. A sudden burden of high cost when the machines fail to work results very expensive. AI with IoT is providing predictive maintenance of industrial machines. This will predict in advance the failure of machines and hence, save from the last-minute expense.

Avoids Costly Impromptu Downtime

In many industries; sudden failure of machines can result in impromptu downtime, the solution for this can be provided by AIoT. AIoT predicts the maintenance of the machines and notifies them in advance of failure.

Real-Life Examples of AI and IoT Integration

Autonomous Cars

AIoT in Autonomous Cars

You might have heard about Tesla’s autonomous cars. These autonomous cars are an example of AI and IoT integration. These autonomous cars are made up of a combination of these digital technologies. The AIoT ensures that the cars can drive safely in any road conditions. It can predict traffic conditions, pedestrian behavior, and weather conditions and get smarter with each trip.

Smart Cities

AIoT in Smart Cities

Smart Cities such as Paris, London is using sensors ad lights that can collect data and can be used further to development on infrastructure, public utilities, etc. These devices are Internet of Things devices connected to machine learning(AI) and are also called IoT smart city. There are meters connected to the building to calculate the energy consumption, it is also being used in waste management solutions.

Industrial of Internet of Things (IIoT)

Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT)

Top companies like Airbus, John Deere are using IIoT to enhance their working. IIoT startups and companies are using smart sensors and actuators to improve the manufacturing of the industry. They are capable of collecting real-time data which can be used later for making faster and productive decisions. They are also able to analyze a huge amount of data in very little time.

Robots In Manufacturing

AIoT in manufacturing

Production and manufacturing industries are employing digital technologies of AI and IoT to enhance manufacturing. Robots are growing smarter through these technologies and can make calculated decisions for better manufacturing. They can also learn new things through AI and are efficiently working towards saving time and cost and increasing production.

Retail Commerce

AIoT in Retail Commerce

Retail commerce is involved with enormous data from different sources. This data can be collected and analyzed through AIoT. These technologies are aimed towards reducing checkout timings of the customers and increasing productivity. They monitor the customer movement and can allow dynamic staffing for increasing customer experience and hence, reducing checkout time.


The dynamic digital technologies Internet of things and Artificial intelligence are gaining huge popularity among many sectors. These, when paired up called Artificial Intelligence of things(AIoT), are benefiting towards collecting and analyzing a huge amount of information for businesses and in addition helping them make wiser decisions. The combination of both technologies is proving to be game-changing for many industries.

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