Hey Apple lovers, the good news of the year has arrived! The much-awaited Apple iPhone 13 release date has kind of been announced!

Apple has declared that it will hold an event named ‘California Streaming‘ on September 14. The occasion will be a pre-recording like the last couple of occasions and will be split across numerous stages. Since this is a September occasion, we can securely accept that Apple will launch its cutting edge next iPhone – the much-awaited iPhone 13. While Apple missed this willful cutoff time last year because of creation issues, things do appear to be on target for 2021 when we have an iPhone 13 release date.

iPhone 13 Launch Date & Time

Iphone 13
Image source: macrumors
  • In tandem with Apple’s traditional September month launches, the iPhone 13  ‘California Streaming’ will be LIVE on the second Tuesday of September that is September 14th, 2021, at 10 am PT.
  • PRE-ORDER: September 17th, 2021 (following Friday)
  • RELEASE: September 24, 2021 (last Friday)

But are you aware of what latest iPhone 13 features can you expect? And what could be the iPhone 13 price? We are trying to get you some expected details from our sources.

Expected iPhone 13 Colors & Variants

Iphone color and variant
Image source: trak

The iPhone 13 series is relied upon to come in color alternatives including a hazier matte dark variation and another bronze tone. The bits of gossip recommend that the new matte dark/black and bronze variations could be accessible along with various others like sunset gold, pearl, and rose among the iPhone 13 colors.

The iPhone 13 series expected to debut this month is likely to come out in four variants.

  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max

A15 Bionic Chip-based processor will power all the above four iPhones with better batteries and improved cameras.

What could iPhone 13 Design be? 

Iphone 13 design
Image source: bgr

Overall, it’s speculated that the iPhone 13 will be a twin in design to iPhone 12, right from its variants to its squared edges. But then what’s exciting is that there will be a larger camera unit on a flat sleek back.

Expected Features of iPhone 13

1. LTPO Display

In terms of features, 120Hz Fresh Rate is expected to support the iPhone 13. And if we believe the trusted news sources, then it will also have an LTPO display as one of the key iPhone 13 features. This has been apparently done to offer the same 120Hz high refresh rate on iPhone 13 Pro series. LTPO display is a technology that Apple smartwatches have used for dynamic adjustment of screen refresh rates in order to save battery.

2. ProRes Video-Recording

The 2021 iPhones are relied upon to accompany another ProRes video-recording highlight that will permit clients to catch images in a greater resolution. It will likewise improve the tones and features in your photos. This component among the iPhone 13 features will not be the same as standard channels.

3. Faster Charging

Furthermore, the iPhone 13 setup may accompany quicker charging. The iPhone 12 arrangement as of now offers support for simply 20W charging and iPhone 13 is relied upon to get 25W charging. Apple iPhone 13 is relied upon to accompany a shrunk notch size.

4. Anti-Fingerprint Coating

The iPhone 13 series is expected to arrive with a greatly reduced amount of smudges & fingerprints on the iPhone’s sides and backs among the key iPhone 13 features.

5. Beam-Forming Microphone

The beamforming microphone tech from Apple’s AirPods is being expected to be taken to the new iPhone 13 Series. This technology means crisper audio capture and better performance than standard mics.

6. Stronger MagSafe Connect

MagSafe had made a comeback with iPhone 12 series and made the 2020 launches connect to MagSafe wallet, MagSafe charger, etc. But the magnets in the feature were not strong enough. if news sources are to be believed, then improvised magnetic connections will be used allowing better tethering of accessories on the device. Thus, making the MagSafe connection more reliable.

7. Improved Camera with Astrophotography Mode

iPhone 13’s camera system is expected to outperform its predecessors with a new astrophotography mode as one of the best iPhone 13 features. What does it mean? It means that you can point to the sky and capture images of celestial objects like the moon and stars. Whatmore? You can even adjust exposure and other elements to take better images and videos.

Along with these, iPhone 13 Pro models are expected to have improved Ultra Wide lenses for better autofocus. And then sensor-shift stabilization and LiDAR tech is expected to help you capture amazing images even in low light.

8. The Biggest Hi-Tech Feature Rumour, that could be a Reality

The iPhone 13 is additionally set to make the big debut support for LEO satellite communication! The Qualcomm Snapdragon X60 baseband chip, which supports satellite correspondence, will be included in the new telephone. Once empowered with pertinent programming highlights, iPhone 13 users can call/ send messages without the requirement for a 4G or 5G network association.

But all this comes with a catch! Yes, if rumours are to be believed, the satellite network highlight is expected to work just on account of a crisis or an emergency need. Another talk proposes that the LEO satellite correspondence framework will be accessible on iPhone 13 models just in select business sectors. The satellite communication component could be of great significance in distant areas with no telephone network coverage.

Why You Choose iPhone 13 over iPhone 12?

  • Better Design with a minor revamp and smaller notch
  • Extremely Improved Display owing to LTPO technology and Touch ID
  • Improved camera lenses for better photography especially Astrophotography
  • Higher performance and efficiency due to A15 Bionic Chip-based processor
  • Larger battery which comes along with faster charging
  • New colours: Matte Black, Sunset gold

Expected iPhone 13 Price

Reportedly, due to the pandemic having broken the back of the masses, Apple is set to come out with a 2021 iPhone 13 launch date at a price scale closer to that of iPhone 12.

So the expected range of iphone 13 price is $699, $799, $999, $1099.

However, expect a slight hike in these numbers, especially outside the US, as all devices will also get the mmWave 5G tech.

And Finally…

While bits of hearsay can be extraordinary for experiences and raising expectations towards the IPhone 13 release date. But not all your dreams or expectations may come true on September 14, 2021.

Thus, we have tried to put our minds and sources together, to get you this piece from our debut trusted news sources in order to paint the best possible image of the iPhone 13 in your mind, as we can. So all the best for the debut and your final decisions on the same.

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