Do you want to access your business email at the same way you access Gmail? Do you want to place all your documents on cloud? Do you want to use all amazing features of Google? G Suite (Launched at Google app for business) is for you. In this article I will show you all different features and G Suite pricing along with discount promo codes 2019 for you to try one of the best business collaboration and productivity tool in market.

You might have noticed that this isn’t a “Bill Gates” only world anymore. While Microsoft still remains an important service provider across several sectors, Google has been fast pacing up and is now the leading brand behind every online work processes. Currently more than 5 million paying customers / companies / firms were using G Suite and the number must have grown at large extant today. There were over 70 million G suite education users to handle daily emails, document creation / exchange, calendar and routine tasks.

[yellowbox]“G Suite achieved a significant new customer milestone last quarter,” he said. “More than 3 million paying businesses are now using G Suite to collaborate smartly and securely in the cloud.” – Announced by Google CEO Sundar Pichai in 2017[/yellowbox]

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The web based Google Apps for Work is professional Office Suite that offers mind boggling array of productivity features based upon the cloud. Even the smallest firms are using the service to be able to do anything, anywhere and at anytime. The only requisite is an internet connection. Organizations can use Google apps for work services on monthly or annual bases according to requirement. When work volume increases, it just another small additional fees to avail the Premium version that extends the storage space while offering unlimited and high quality support. The platform experienced a discreet overhaul last April and is now prepared with a new user interface and an upgraded core code. The new apps added to the platform even support third party development via the Google Apps Marketplace. In case, you don’t have a quality internet access, you are better off with Microsoft Tools like MS Word and Open Office. However, if you rely on a good internet connection for your business processes, but aren’t yet into Google Apps, you are missing out on lot.

G Suite for Business

If you are a startup and want to start with G Suite, just enroll for FREE 14 days trial and test the all different apps offered by Google.

If you already tried the G Suite and want to enroll for yearly subscription; we have a good news for you.

If you want to learn more about G Suite for business features; checkout below section which explains popular features which can help individuals as well as organizations to improve their business process.

Gmail – Custom Email for your Business

As per the last available data, Gmail has more than 900 million users worldwide. In the US 70% of mid-sized businesses were using Gmail along with top leading universities and government agencies. With 30 GB of storage space on paid registration, Google has easily become the cornerstone of any small business globally. A highly responsive platform, you can even embed company URL into emails, create and send newsletters and share documents across your employees, clients and customers. The Gmail interface also makes it easier to track conversation (email) threads), allowing convenient multi-party exchanges. Gmail in Google Apps is also compatible with Microsoft Outlook and other email clients with Ad-Free feature & 24/7 customer support.

Google Calendar – Schedule Business Meetings Online

Apps Calendar has become a common platform to schedule appointment, embed dates into emails and engage in event management in real time. It lets you schedule appointments even from remote locations or update participants with updated event details as it happens and/or whenever you wish to. Simply put, Google Apps Calendar is the best scheduler when it comes to organizing group events. The events created with Calendar even generate an email invitation, mobile notification and also a button to respond. The platform also allows for merging individual calendars with the rest of the team, making the whole timeline convenient for all. Individuals can even access it from their mobile, tablet or phone from anywhere. One can also sync it with phone’s inbuilt calendar.

Google Docs – Online Word Processing for Business

google docs

Google Docs is one of the most prominent elements to get benefited from the recent app overhaul. With the new platform, you can even choose to work on offline content creation. The Google Docs integrate several collaborative features for word-processing allowing multiple parties take part in revisions and facilitating a fast paced creative team. Google Docs is an effortless way to create presentations and proposals today. Real time chats and comments further compliments the process where no one has to leave their desk but yet be on the same “page”! In the same Google Doc multiple team members can work at the same time and if something goes wrong then not to worry at all because Docs provide unlimited revision history too.

Just login to Google Apps and manage large business sheets & create presentations online in very less time and later manage it from anywhere anytime.

Google Drive – Online Documents Storage Platform

google drive

An alternative to Dropbox or, Google Drive can get you a full terabyte of space with a small yearly fee. It offers unlimited file storage, folder creation and document sharing and can be used as a secure backup for all your company documents. Built for teams, anyone with a link can access the document. Google Drive allows you to sync files with your computer or laptop automatically. Google Drive supports over 40 file formats so users can view videos, images, office documents, spreadsheets and even PDF files online using Drive platform.

Above apps are just prime apps for any businesses and individuals. Businesses will also get Hangouts and Google Plus in the Google Apps package. Hangouts can helps to communicate with clients as well as internal team members online. Google Plus is very well known social media platform which helps businesses to promote their brand online and reach out to the customers.

As an individual or business if you found Google Apps for Work very useful then share your experience here in comment section.

Image Courtesy – Google & Pixabay

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