Do you want to access your business email the same way you access Gmail? Do you want to place all your documents on the cloud? Do you want to use all the amazing features of Google? Google Workspace (Launched at Google app for business) is for you. In this article, I will show you all the different features and Google Workspace productivity tools pricing for you to try one of the best Google apps for work features and business collaboration tools in the market.

You might have noticed that this isn’t a “Bill Gates” only world anymore. While Microsoft still remains an important service provider across several sectors, Google has been fast pacing up and is now the leading brand behind every online work process.

With Google Workspace, Google introduces a highly innovative user-friendly tool that enables customers to collaborate in a much-improved way. These new Google collaborative productivity tools offer all of the interesting features like Gmail, Google Chat, Google Calendar, Google Analytics, and Google Meet so that you can, write emails and begin a video conference confidently. The Meet picture-in-photo function permits customers to make video calls in Gmail and Chat through a pop-up window, which will be extended to Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Best Google Business Collaboration Tools

1. Gmail – Custom Email for your Business

As per the last available data, Gmail has more than 900 million users worldwide. In the US 70% of mid-sized businesses were using Gmail along with top leading universities and government agencies. With 30 GB of storage space on paid registration, Google has easily become the cornerstone of any small business globally. A highly responsive platform, you can even embed the company URL into emails, create and send newsletters and share documents with your employees, clients, and customers.

The Gmail interface also makes it easier to track conversations (email threads), allowing convenient multi-party exchanges. Gmail in Google Apps is also compatible with Microsoft Outlook and other email clients with an Ad-Free feature & 24/7 customer support.

2. Google Meet – Video Conferencing For Business

Google meet

Google Meet is an amazing video-conferencing application. This application is the business-orientated model of Google’s Hangouts stage and is proper for gatherings, all things considered. The application empowers users to make high-definition video meetings. It’s safe and secure. It’s almost free from costs which is the best factor.

The application is a Google collaboration tool that allows users to join pre-scheduled meetings from scheduled occasions, select a link, enter the meeting code or even dial in from their phones if the invitation requires a phone number. This incorporates with Google Workspace version of Google Calendar and Gmail and shows the entire posting of individuals and booked meetings.


  • Safe secured and protected
  • Easy access on any device
  • Can Host a large meeting
  • Share your screen
  • Engage in meetings

3. Google Docs – Online Word Processing for Business

google docs

Google Docs is one of the most prominent elements to get benefited from the recent app overhaul. With the new platform, you can even choose to work on offline content creation. Google Docs integrate several collaborative features for word processing allowing multiple parties to take part in revisions and facilitating a fast-paced creative team. Google Docs is an effortless way to create presentations and proposals today. The real-time chats and comments further complement the process where no one has to leave their desk but yet be on the same “page”! In the same Google Doc, multiple team members can work at the same time, and if something goes wrong then not worry at all because Docs provide unlimited revision history too.

Just log in to Google Apps and manage large business sheets & create presentations online in very little time and later manage it from anywhere anytime.

4. Google Chat – Business Messaging App

Google Chat is one of the easiest and most helpful channels of communication. It includes video conferencing, voice chats, and instant messaging. It makes a virtual meeting, wherein individuals can easily meet and talk without any physical incorporation. Google chats have seamlessly integrated tools that will help you to keep a track of all your work communications and choose the right channel for every conversation. The Google workspace for business messaging is reliable and very secure.


  • Can chat for 1-to-1 private conversations
  • Have Room for Team Collaboration
  • Manage Tasks and Files in Rooms
  • Fully Safe
  • Ease of access

5. Google Calendar – Schedule Business Meetings Online

Google Calendar has become a common platform to schedule appointments embed dates into emails and engage in event management in real time. It lets you schedule appointments even from remote locations or update participants with updated event details as it happens and/or whenever you wish. Simply put, Google Apps Calendar is the best scheduler when it comes to organizing groups of events. The events created with Calendar even generate an email invitation, mobile notification, and also a button to respond.

The platform also allows for merging individual calendars with the rest of the team, making the whole timeline convenient for all. Individuals can even access it from their mobile, tablet, or phone from anywhere. One can also sync it with the phone’s inbuilt calendar.

6. Google Drive – Online Documents Storage Platform

google drive

An alternative to Dropbox or, Google Drive can get you a full terabyte of space with a small yearly fee. It offers unlimited file storage, folder creation, and document sharing and can be used as a secure backup for all your company documents. Built for teams, anyone with a link can access the document. Google Drive allows you to sync files with your computer or laptop automatically. Google Drive supports over 40 file formats, so users can view videos, images, office documents, spreadsheets, and even PDF files online using the Drive platform.

7. Google Currents – Have Meaningful Discussions At Work

Google Currents is designed to connect your organization with other interest groups for sharing your ideas and knowledge at large. This way you can get trade insights with communities. Current Google Workspace additionally permits you to associate with your partners while you’re in the workplace or outside.

Current helps you to keep up to date with important posts from leadership and work more efficiently with personalized content.


  • Manage tags for your organization
  • Create custom streams for your organization
  • Customize post analytics
  • Easy-to-use interface

8. Google Sites – Build & Host Business Websites

Google Sites

Google Site is Google’s fantastic free website builder software. It is part of the Google Workspace of Drive, Email, Hangouts, etc. This is a great option for creating simple websites with a minimalist design and limited functionality. Whether you use Google Sites for work or for your personal projects, the platform will always prove to be a gift to learn and understand.


  • Very Easy to Use.
  • Good Customization Options.
  • Google Drive Integration.
  • Provide flexibility to design own website.
  • Create a website flexible for all devices.
  • Create websites just by drag & drop.
  • Reliable & Secure.

9. Google Keep – Online Note -Taking For Business

Google Keep is a great way to track all your lists, notes, and ideas. The application is loaded with numerous features like taking notes, records, pictures, and sound. With this application, you could safely keep and store all your notes in Google Drive and synced to your entire device when required, so in this way, you can use them at any place when required. It is Google workspace for startups which allows you to view a single-column or a multi-column. However, the notes can be color-coded and labeled as per the requirement of the organization.


  • Fast and reliable.
  • Can extract text from images.
  • Works well with other Google apps.
  • Free of cost.
  • Easily collaborate with your colleagues
  • Update notes across all the websites

10. Google Sheets – Online Spreadsheet Provider

Google Sheets - Online Spreadsheet Editor

Google Sheets is a free software to keep track of important data. It is used to create and edit spreadsheets online. It supports a large number of excel functions that can be utilized to make formulas for calculation and manipulation of data, available on any device. It is a powerful tool for visualizing, organizing, and calculating data into a spreadsheet. Google Sheets is a cloud-based application and in order to utilize this Google service, you must create an account in Google.


  • Data visualization
  • Creation of spreadsheets, editing, and formatting
  • Compatibility
  • Security
  • Integration with other Google products
  • Charts creation
  • Data analysis
  • Access from any devices with email

11. Google Slides – Online Presentations Maker for Business

Google Slides - Online Presentations maker for Business

Google Slides is an online collaborative presentation tool to create, update, and upload presentations using charts, animations, and built-in themes. It is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. Google Slides is an online free tool. You can access your presentation anytime and from any device with your personal email id and share the access with your team.


  • Able to insert photos, documents, animations
  • A variety of in-built templates are available
  • Can apply animation to make your slides animated
  • Features of chatting with people online
  • Can download and print files


The above apps are just prime apps for any business and individuals. Businesses will also get Hangouts and Google Plus in the Google Apps package. Hangouts can help to communicate with clients as well as internal team members online. Google Plus is a very well-known social media platform that helps businesses to promote their brand online and reach out to customers.

As an individual or business owner, if you believe that this Google Apps is convenient for your work, then do share your experience here in the comment section.


What collaboration tools does Google use?

Google Workspace facilitates a custom email for businesses and different collaboration tools, which include Google Meet, Gmail, Calendar, Char, Drive, Sheets, Docs, Sites, and many more.

Is Google collaborate free?

Yes, it is free to use for starter accounts. You need to create your work email to utilize these tools.

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