Google Analytics is hands down the best tool for gathering data about your website traffic, audience, and much more. It has been the preferred choice for industry experts and novices, but there’s a catch with the new update. 

Yes! Google is keen on pushing its new version of Analytics which is GA4 or Google Analytics 4, and it is creating a backlash. The reason is straightforward: most users like the previous version better and are more familiar with that.

But since the GA 3 or Google Analytics 3 has been abandoned by Google, it has forced the hands of users to make a switch. The community is looking for Google Analytics Alternative” to get out of this proprietary stronghold.

Best Google Analytics Alternatives for Users

To help you with that, we have compiled a list of tools similar to Google Analytics, and it is as follows.

1. Woopra:

Third, on our list of web analytics tools is Woopra. Woopra can integrate all the data across your business. Products, marketing, sales, and customized tracking are just a few pros this powerful Google Analytics alternative offers.

They prepare intelligent reports that can display trends, retention, customer journeys, and more! Personalize and connect with users in real-time with built-in triggers.

Woopra is an excellent way of analyzing website analytics. They have a free service that can hold data for 30 days, and advanced plans hold data for one year or more than 24 months for enterprise-grade service. Expect pricing to be around $349-$999.

2. Plausible:

Plausible Dashboard

Let’s look at another web analytics tool that also finds itself under the category of insightful Google Analytics alternative open source. 

Plausible Analytics makes data analysis simple by cutting all the complications of menus and sub-menus. You can create custom reports, and all the statistics will be there on a single page. You will never miss out on anything and learn more about your business with just a glance.

Why should you consider this Google Analytics alternative? Even a novice can handle this tool, unlike Google Analytics which has a web of menus and requires training or studying the platform.

You get a 30-day free trial without entering any credit card details. Also, the prices are under budget, starting as low as $9 a month for around 10000 page views.

3. Splitbee:

Splitbee Dashboard

Rely on the power of automation with Splitbee. This Google Analytics alternative will drive your work more uncomplicated than you imagined.

Perform business tasks such as sending emails, getting notifications, database operations, and building application features that suit you.

It offers you a way to test how altering the website will affect your traffic. Perform variations on icons, buttons, anything, and get the best insight for it!

They offer a free 6-month plan of data retention that covers 2500 events. The paid version starts at $14/month, holding 25000 events a month.

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4. Umami:

Graph of website views

A google analytics alternative is designed to look simple so that even the least technical person can use and understand it.

You can add as many websites as you wish in their rich user interface, free from clutter and easy to understand or perform actions.

Umami is freely available so that you get the best results with minimal investments.

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5. Chartbeat:


Website analytics just got more accessible and more detailed at the same time with Chartbeat. It has multiple layers of analysis and is GDPR compliant to safeguard the business from the EU regulations.

Filter data with a few clicks with any parameter like location, frequency, authors, Google AMP & Facebook Instant Articles Integration.

Chartbeat gives out a free 14-day trial, and their paid service starts at $7000.

6. GoSquared Analytics:

GoSquared Dashboard

GoSqaured is continuously improving itself to serve its customers with weekly updates. They are an award-winning software and rightly deserve to be so because of their unique analytics features.

Trusted by Loreal, GE, and Deloitte, GoSquared offers live chats with potential customers, allowing you to engage with multichannel messaging. Do not worry about privacy or data leaks since GoSquared is GDPR compliant.

The prices are set as per the visitor count ranging from $9/month to $99/month. They offer additional features such as live chats from $29/month to $129/month.

7. Mixpanel:

MixPanel Analytics

Mixpanel: Go ahead and interact with customers using specific messages. Put up the call to action that can deliver faster results. 

You can get alerts according to your defined parameters and never miss out on essential updates regarding operations.

The paid version is around $833 for a year, while a free package is also available.

8. Matomo:

Motomo dashboard

Starting with the popular Google Analytics alternative, an open-source web analytics platform, Matomo is a shining example in this list. Matomo protects your data and is your ally in saving your customer’s privacy. 

Add tracking code to your website and app, and voila, your real-time analytics reports are off to a good start!

They offer a free 21-day trial, and prices can vary at $19 and negotiable prices for enterprise-grade usage.

9. Smartlook:


Smartlook, is one of the most advanced analytics tools with session recording and related features such as heatmaps, funnel tracking, behaviour flows, etc. With this one addition, you can not only track but develop a deep understanding of what’s going on with your website and app visitors. 

It becomes pretty easy to make the necessary changes with such rich information. It is a must-have tool in the arsenal of a digital marketing professional. 

10. Statcounter:

Dashboard of statcounter

StatCounter is pretty true to its name and does exactly as it says, counting stats. Yes! With this one tool, you can record all the basic stuff such as user sessions, site visitors, new visitors, and more. 

On top of that, it’s free to use up to 500 pages, and if you wish to modify it, then there are premium plans. It is available on all major platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.

11. Usefathom:

Usefathom Analytics

Another smart choice for Google Analytics alternatives, use fathom, is bringing simplicity and data privacy to the table. A Canadian company swears to keep EU data within their servers and become GDPR compliant.

They don’t trade users’ privacy for data, and it is reflected in their services. There are no cookie notices, and faster than Google Analytics. If that’s not all, Usefathom gives you the correct count of visitors bypassing ad-blockers or plugins.

They have a free 7-day trial, and prices start at $14/month for about 100K visitors and can reach $44/month for collecting 500K visits.

12. Foxmetrics:

Foxmetrics Analytics

Use foxmetrics which is a powerful web analytics tool to strengthen your business by collecting data, transforming, and visualizing it. You can monitor the activities of your visitors and get reports on users, page views, and other metrics of your choice.

Get more significant ROI and create the most effective marketing campaigns to realize the full potential of conversions.

Their free version handles 100K actions in a month, and the paid version costs $299 a month. They offer size-based prices under enterprise-level services that can be negotiated.

13. Heap:


Forget the role of engineers with Heap. It collects all information about your visitors, where they go, what they click, etc.

It comes with an intelligent data science layer that scans through the customers’ arc on our site and displays the behavior or events that are most crucial for the digital experience.

You can get the accessible version of Heap that will cover 10000 sessions in a month, or you can go for paid versions with around $3600 annually. 

14. Clicky:

Clicky Analytics

Clicky is a web analytics tool that relies heavily on data privacy. It makes it possible to take action on the go.

You will get heatmaps detailing location, visitors, pages viewed, and your users’ logs. Robust bot detection tools keep your page healthy, and visitor counts authentic.

The free version is available, and paid versions start at around $19.99. The prices, after that, rise according to the services.

15. Inspectlet:

Inspectlet Dashboard

Another fantastic web analytics tool on our list does the wisest thing. It lets you see and monitor what your visitors are hovering around or clicking or performing. 

Inspectlet records your users’ sessions that you can use to figure out what changes need to be made to optimize your site.

Filter your data significantly to get only the right & relevant information for your business knowledge.

It has a free version that holds 2500 views in a month, and as you can see, the paid versions are available at $499, covering 2500K views/month.

As we move to a more advanced world that relies on data, several opportunities open up for analytics. You can identify credit risks, prevent fraud, simplify delivery, and improve customer experience by knowing your site activities better.

Go on and try these Google Analytics alternatives for yourself and find your right match.


The tools mentioned in the list open the user to many choices between great alternatives to Google Analytics. Now, which one to go with is a decision to be made by the user only according to their preferences. But we believe that they can now make a calculated decision with such rich information. 

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