Did you know, YouTube is the second highest-visited website in the world, with over 2 billion log-ins every month? It makes YouTube, one of the most prominent tools in the digital marketing area to get quick and easy exposure for the marketer. Whether it is for an entertainment company or an IT company, YouTube marketing is an effective tool to keep users engaged. Not just that, YouTube can also aid your SEO activities and boost the overall brand image.

With YouTube, you can mix the two most crucial elements of content, i.e., Message and Video, and deliver a consistent and clear message. To slay your YouTube Video marketing, all you need is an online video editor, a YouTube account, and a clear vision. 

YouTube Marketing Guide

If you are new to YouTube marketing and want to learn from scratch, this article is for you. Here we have compiled basic to advance information for you beginners to start your YouTube video marketing journey and become a pro marketer.

Effective YouTube Video Marketing Strategy in Simple Steps:

This guide is designed for beginners and hence, we will start from the very basic step to create a YouTube brand account first.

Create a YouTube Brand Account

Create YouTube account

Before you jump into the creative field of video marketing, a prerequisite is a Google Account. If you own any Google account already, just use the same credential and you are good to go with it. If not, create a new Google account, and you will automatically be signed in to YouTube. However, this is not it. Effective video marketing demands a brand account to manifest your brand’s vision and mission. To create a YouTube Brand Account, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Sign In button as shown in the above screenshot and log in with your Google account
  • Click on the account corner in the top-right corner of the YouTube home screen.
  • Then choose your channel option from the menu. 
  • Select the custom name option and name your channel. 

Pro Tip: You can change this name any time you want. 

Upload and Customize Your Video

The quality of your video and content is the most crucial part of the YouTube Video Marketing campaign. Hence, before uploading a video, make sure it is crafted, created, and edited perfectly. There is plenty of great online YouTube video editor at your disposal to get superior quality and perfectly synced videos.

Uploading a video on YouTube is as simple as ABC. You merely have to click on the Content tab in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen and select the video from the dialog box. Now, it is time to customize your video to get more views. Personalization plays a crucial role in YouTube’s algorithm, and that is why optimizing a video on YouTube is not entirely in your hand. However, there are a few ways to help you cut the edges and get more views. These are:

  • Analyze what keywords your audience might use to watch your or similar videos. 
  • Add the keyword in the video’s title naturally. 
  • Write a description for your video and add the keyword within 50 words. 
  • Use your keywords as tags. However, YouTube says, tags have the slightest impact on video optimization. 
  • A timestamp is a magical tool that breaks your videos into chapters/parts. It increases the number of views as it motivates users to watch their favorite part repeatedly.
  • Use attractive and relevant thumbnails. 
  • Respond to comments. 

Analyze Your Competition

Analyzing the competition is the step involved in every marketing campaign. Before starting your journey with YouTube, you must find out what is working for your competitors and what is not. Researching your competitors allows you to set realistic goals and methods to achieve them. You can note the following indexes while researching your competitors:

  1. Subscriber count
  2. Number of posts
  3. Frequency of posting videos
  4. Video quality 
  5. Keywords and descriptions
  6. Comments and replies 
  7. The promotional strategy they use. 

A SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats) analysis is the most effective strategy at this stage. You can record your competitor’s progress against yours to track the efficiency of your marketing efforts. 

Pro Tip – You can use various tools available in the market (Free / Paid) depending upon your choice and can get data from your competitor’s YouTube channel in one go. See the below screenshot from the VidTao tool.


Analyze Your Audience 

Now that you know what your competitors are doing, it is time to learn what your audience wants to watch. You have to ask yourself two prominent questions here. First, who do you want to reach out to? And second, how does your target audience behave on YouTube? What do they watch? Do they like customer testimonials videos, product demonstration videos, tutorials, product reviews, seminars, video blogs, or event videos? YouTube’s demographics differ from country to country. You must know what percentage of total users on YouTube falls under your target audience and what they want to watch. At this stage, social listening tools are the most effective to perform sentiment analysis and find out what works and what does not. 

Optimize Your YouTube Channel

The subscriber count is the most crucial metric to track your progress on YouTube. Well, optimizing your videos is just one step toward increasing your subscribers count. The real magic lies in the optimized YouTube channel. An optimized YouTube Channel helps the YouTube algorithm put your videos before the eyes of your audience and motivates them to watch and subscribe to your channel.

To optimize your YouTube channel, you have to make sure that your visual branding reflects your brand’s overall personality. For this, you can use YouTube’s built-in features, such as grouping all the related videos into playlists and making a creative channel trailer. 

Make Use of YouTube Advertising

The organic effort works but takes time and will require a lot of plan and promotion. If you are planning to launch a new product but before doing so, you want to have a higher subscriber count, YouTube advertising is the best way to achieve this goal. YouTube advertising helps you to place your ads before your audience in the form of banner ads or ads before videos. These video ads can be made skippable after a few seconds or not. As we mentioned earlier, YouTube is a Google-owned company due to which to advertise on YouTube, you have to use the Google Ads Platform. However, before you jump into the deep ocean of Google Ads, you must know the audience demographics, have at least 10 videos on your YouTube channel, and have compelling visual branding. 


A YouTube channel is one of the most effective tools for building a brand’s online presence. That being the case, you should never compromise the quality of your video and content. For content, make sure you are creating what the audience demands, and for video quality, make sure you use the best online video editor possible. The above-cited steps will aid your marketing campaigns and get you more valuable subscribers and user-generated content like comments and shares.

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