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Outlook Alternatives: 9 Best Email Client That You Can Try in 2022

Mailbird - Best Email Client for Windows

Outlook email Client (or Microsoft Outlook) is an email client which is included with Microsoft Office suite. It is primarily used to send and receive emails. It can also be used to store personal data as well such as contacts, appointments in calendar, tasks, etc.

An email client is a desktop application that can be used to compose one or more than one email address to send, receive and compose emails from that email address. It is helpful to have an email client because it enables speed and boost productivity. Also,  the email client can be accessed from any device and in any location. Besides, you can view all of your emails in one place i.e. in the email client, even if the emails are from different email providers.

Best Email Client for Windows & Mac – Features, Pros & Cons

Apart from Microsoft Outlook, there are several email Clients. Below are some of the email clients and their essential features:

1. Mailbird – Best Email Client for Windows

Mailbird - Best Email Client for Windows

Mailbird makes emailing convenient by bringing emails and tasks in one place. It is available for Windows only. Mailbird contains a lot of popular features such as calendar, task, video calling and  messaging apps. It has a useful desktop application that combines all your online communications in one place. It has a simple interface which allows easy use and navigation.

You can even customize the interface according to your liking. It also allows you to be connected to your social media apps. It even has a feature called Snooze, which allows you to look at a certain email at a certain time that you allotted beforehand.

Mailbird does not allow important or key emails to be smartly identified.  It also contains an easy and convenient search option but should have more criteria options. Mailbird offers a free trial and its pricing starts at 29 USD every year.

Website Download MailBird

2. Mozilla Thunderbird – Secure & Private Free Email Client

Mozilla Thunderbird - Secured Email Client

Thunderbird is another desktop email client. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It allows better organization for email, such as good spam filters, advanced search options, etc. It has a tabbed interface and contains a preview panel as well. It can also handle large attachments using online services. It lacks full support for Microsoft Exchange server. It doesn’t synchronize very well with a mobile device. Thunderbird email client is free.

Website Download ThunderBird

3. eM Client – Email Client For Mac & Windows

eM Client is another email Client for Windows that has a modern and easy interface. It contains calendars, tasks, contacts and chat options.  eM Client can run smoothly on all versions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

You can even communicate with people on Facebook and Google using eM Client. It has easy synchronization with Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo, etc. eM Client doesn’t have a customizable user interface. Also, several users have reported email syncing errors while using the eM client. eM Client offers a free trial.

There is a free version of eM Client too. eM Client has a paid version, the pricing of which starts at 40 USD per user as a one-time payment.

Website Download eM Client

4. BlueMail


Bluemail is email client service that provide various features such as instant push, calendar, and many more with the encryption and security. The service of the Bluemail start from $0 to $12 per month and also custom plan as per the demand of enterprises.

5. Windows Mail – Free Email Client to Manage Mails & Calendar

Windows Mail - Free Email Client to Manage Mails & Calendar

Windows Mail has been regarded as the best email client for Windows. Windows Mail is the default mail client that is pre-installed in Windows. It is simple and minimalist.

It is a basic email client and is pretty no-frills. Windows Mail doesn’t have any major features like snooze options, HTML editing, etc. but still its good & can us it as outlook alternative. Windows Mail is a free email client.

Download Windows Mail

5. Postbox – Fast & Easy to Use Email Client for Professionals

Postbox - Fast & Easy to Use Email Client for Professionals

Postbox is a powerful email client for any platform, be it Windows, Mac or Linux. It has multiple account management. Postbox is especially useful if you have a Gmail account. Postbox allows you to create events within Google Calendar too. Postbox does not include a calendar and doesn’t have social media integration. The settings of postbox are also not easy to locate. Postbox offers a 30-day free trial. After the purchase of Postbox, the pricing is USD 9.95.

Website Download PostBox

6. Front – Create Strong Collaboration & Easy Internal Co-ordination

Front - Create Strong Collaboration & Easy Internal Co-ordination

Front is an efficient method to manage emails. It can easily manage a high volume of emails.  You can comment on emails in Front and avoid forwarding and replying to all email addresses. It is built for collaboration. Front doesn’t have a detailed knowledge area on its website. The price for Front is 9 USD per month per user. There is no free version of Front, but it does offer a free trial.


7. Mailspring – Increase Your Productivity & Send Better Emails

Mailspring - Increase Your Productivity & Send Better Emails

Mailspring is an email client available for Mac, Windows and Linux. Mailspring is easy to use and is organized. It has different viewing options as well. It has a minimalist interface. Mailspring has no address book, and you cannot use Mailspring without creating a Mailspring ID. There is a free version of Mailspring, but the Pro version costs 8 USD per month.

Website Download Mailspring

8. Hiri – Simple & Time Saving Email Client

Hiri - Time Saving Email Client

Hiri is another email client that is compatible for Windows, Mac and Linux. Hiri contains a dashboard that is its major feature. It displays a timer that does a countdown from 30 minutes, and you don’t have to look at your inbox too often as well. The calendar loads slowly, and contacts are difficult to work with. The width of the reading pane is pretty small too.  Hiri offers a free 7-day free trial and costs 39 USD per year and 119 USD for lifetime use.

Website Download Hiri 

No doubt outlook is a very helpful email client that you can use for free. But at some point, you will realize that some features are missing that can help you in your work. Above we have shared the best email client that has more features compared to outlook, including both free & premium ones. Pick the right suitable for your business or personal usages.