There is a sudden drop in the Tiktok ratings. From 4+ star ratings it has dropped to one-star. At the moment, while this blog is being written, more than 2,89,62,442 people have rated and commented on the app page and its current avg is just 1.2.

Wondering why ratings have suddenly plunged? We cannot comment on why but we have seen that many people have started searching for TikTok alternatives. People all around the world, are looking for local TikTok alternative apps to promote local businesses these days.

If you don’t know about Tik-Tok, let me briefly answer the question before we start listing their alternatives.

Formerly known as, it is a video-sharing social networking service. It is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. The users can create short dance, lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. 

It gained a lot of popularity, as people from all walks of life and around the world started making videos. For some, it has become a passion, having found their audience, for them, it has become compulsory to post videos on a daily basis. Many brands have made their way to advertise their products using the most popular content creators as the face of the promotions. You even find Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities promoting their upcoming movies on Tik Tok. Amazing isn’t it!

From the moment it was launched in India, it has been marred in controversy. It was temporarily banned by Madras High Court, but after a few days, the ban was lifted. In current scenario, we have seen people in India also looking for Tiktok alternative app developed by Indian companies.

If you are already planning to uninstall, well, read below about the 5 best TikTok alternatives you will enjoy using! these apps are much cooler, and already have been downloaded millions of times from Google play store and Apple’s AppStore. With huge music collection and a plethora of video effects to choose from, which app from below will you prefer?

1. Vigo Video 

Vigo TikTok Alternatives

Earn money while your creativity shines and entertains millions of people. Showcase your skills, be it dancing, sketching, cooking, etc all within the 15 seconds. 

Another great feature is that you can add animated stickers and visually appealing video effects that can make it the most-watched and shared video!

The inbuilt AI beautifying feature in the camera will enhance your facial features and get rid of blemishes and unwanted spots. Just like Facebook and Instagram, you can create live streams and connect better with your followers. This can increase your engagement and help you connect with your target viewers.

If you are wondering how to cash in your videos, here is how. A flame sign or icon showcases any like, comment, or subscription on your video. Now, these flame signs are much like in-app currency and can be traded to get real cash that is credited to your bank account. Yes, it’s true! So what’s stopping you? Vigo Video app is available on Google play store and in the Apple Store. Go and tickle the funny bone or dab with swag!

2. Likee 

Likee TikTok Alternatives

Likee is yet another social video revolution that came to India approximately two years ago and received an overwhelming response. It has swiftly advanced to one of the leading apps in the category and is in the list of the top five most downloaded apps on Android and iOS. 

The app focuses on enhancing the value of users and content creators. It recently updated video compartmentalization for better viewing based on different genres, such as cooking, dancing, acting, etc. 

With the launch Talent Creator Union, Likee organizes meet -up that gives a great exposure to all the creators and also brings them one step together to the limelight. Creators with increased engagement receive monetary rewards and many can make a living by showing their talent to the nation.

3. Dubsmash: The Trailblazer for Short Video Making


How can we forget this gem of an app? It is one of the oldest music video apps and is a great alternative to TikTok. 

It was launched in 2014, a karaoke-style video messaging app, and instantly became a smash hit. With more than 50 million downloads from users in 192 countries, it also boasts a large number of celebrity users. Although rolling out viral content is not an easy task, Dubsmash showcased the possibilities.

Even after receiving a few blows and losing followers, Dubsmash rose for the ashes and in the year 2018. The new coding and having a critical remix option for soundtracking your clip with the audio of any other video not only set it apart from Instagram and Snapchat but also rejuvenated the app.

Dubsmash now has 1 billion video views per month and is one of the most fun TikTok alternatives. Woah! Easily available on Android and iOS platforms.

4. Cheez

Cheez TikTok Alternatives

Say Cheez and Action!

Apart from creating lip sync videos and at Cheez to get a chance to do more, like vlogging and creating fashion and comedy videos.

If you are a creator, increased popularity or engagement will result in rewards and good news for the audience is that they too get prizes for watching and commenting on their favorite videos.

You can trim all the bloopers using the cutting and trimming tools, and record a perfect video. Mind-boggling a variety of stickers, visual effects, and live filters can help you make unique content that your followers will truly enjoy! 

There are so many challenges to choose from, for example, a dance-off or creative show off with fellow creators brings the best content. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

5. Funimate


It was released in the world in the year 2014 and Kemal Ugur the founder of this app. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The best feature is that the users can create slow-motion videos, select several video clips into a compilation, and make video loops using features exclusively available in Funimate. 

The music library has a huge collection and you get access to innumerable popular songs and sound effects which make up for a great video. To turn the dull moment into magical ones, it has more than twenty advanced video effects. You can give this app a try to break from the monotony!

Plenty of TikTok alternatives available online, right? So make the most of the lockdown period and get creative. These micro-entertainment platforms offer an escape from the hustle of daily life and really uplifts your spirit. 

Discover your talents and entertain the people around you. Share it on social media and gain popularity and who knows one day you might do a video along with your favorite actor or actress. Fame and success await you.

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