The iOS platform comes with a number of features but it also means that your phone gets drained out of battery sooner. While the latest versions, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have highly improved upon their battery life, they will easily fail when compared to some other phones (probably cheaper) in the market. For those concerned with plugging in their charger more often, here are some tweaks that can substantially improve the battery life of your iPhone Devices. Some of these tweaks might require sacrificing some functionality of the phone, but believe me, you would be better off.

Note: Please note that the few of the mentioned feature may not available in older version of iPhone devices.

#1 Review Your “Battery Usage” Feedback

battery usageWhile there is no direct way to extent the battery life of and iPhone, there certainly is a new feature included in iOS 8 wherein you can monitor what’s consuming up the charge. Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage and you would exactly know the apps that have been responsible for maximum battery drainage. This gives you an opportunity to either delete the apps (if you can) or look for alternatives of the same functions. This feature is not available in iPhone models which are not compatible with iOS 8 operating system.

#2 Reduce Screen Brightness

iphone display & brightnessThe LED screen of the iPhone consumes a lot of power. In case you have the right environment (especially at night and darker locations); you can always reduce the screen brightness and still easily use your phone. To managing the brightness and display setting properly, you can save a lot of battery life of your iOS devices. To control the display and brightness Go to Settings > Wallpaper & Brightness or swipe up the control center from the home screen and reduce the brightness. This is very basic but important factors that can be applicable for not only iOS but also other smartphone to improve the battery life.

#3 Turn off Location Services and GPS

iphone location servicesWhen you turn on the GPS  or location services of your smart phone, most of the apps will try to connect to your exact location and this has been known to be a culprit in draining off the iphone battery. You certainly don’t need maps when sitting at your office desk or home. The moment you need it you can always turn it on and look into the maps. The location services/GPS can be controlled from Settings > Privacy > Location Service. It will also help you to save your internet data that is being consumed by different application to locate the exact location of your device.

#4 Deactivate Vibration Mode

iphone vibration offYou must be surprise to see this point in our list but it is very true. iPhone device require a more battery to vibrate the phone as compare to ringing a device. A vibration profile of your phone requires more battery than the general ringing. You can easily control this setting through Settings > Sounds and turn off vibration.

#5 Manage Push Notifications

iphone notificationsPush notifications requires the phone to sync with your apps/service provider at all times. While it’s a great feature for the mobile user, it does drain up a lot of battery. When you are sitting at your office desk or at home in front of your laptop, you can always go for turning off push mails and email sync. Apart from a few important apps that you will use only on your phone (WhatsApp, etc), choose not to sync other apps. Do it from Settings > Notification Center.

#6 Reduce Auto Time Lock

iphone autolockThe more the amount of time your phone takes to auto lock itself, the more battery it consumes. When sitting idle, you can turn to the minimum auto time lock (1 minute) for maximum efficiency. You can easily control the time of Auto Lock feature by visiting  Settings > General > Auto Lock.

#7 Turn-off Automatic App Updates

iphone updates off

If you have enabled the automatic app updates, it will start updating the app as soon as the update available on iTunes store. It will not only consume the battery but your mobile internet data when you are out of office and no wifi network is available. Never keep ‘ automatic app updates’ on when traveling or away from home. Automatic updates can take up a lot of power and will drain your battery life in no time. You can easily control this feature by Settings > iTunes and App to turn it off.

#8 Disable Animation / Parallax effect

iphone disable animationIt is true that the iPhone parallax effect looks cool and attractive, but the animation is also the reason for high battery consumption of your iOS devices. If you are not a big fan of such animation and want to save the extra bit of your iPhone battery, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and ‘Reduce Motion’ to kill these off.

#9 Kill Dormant Apps Consumes Battery by Running in Background

dormant appWe are using 100s of applications every day but we hardly kill the app. All the application that you use and does not kill manually will keep running in background and will use some of the portion of your battery. Always choose to kill dormant apps as they continue running in the background, take up RAM and reduce your battery. It is very simple and easily process to kill the dormant app; Just Press ‘home’ button twice, swipe vertically to close all dormant apps that will be displayed and waiting in the background.

#10 Keep off Your iOS Device from Extreme Temperatures

It is always advisable to keep off your iOS device from extreme temperature; be it high or low. An environment above 1000 F or near freezing can suck up the whole battery. Always avoid extreme temperatures to extend the battery life of the phone.

Over to you:

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