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Important Discloser:  We never encourage our readers to install Installous alternatives or do not recommend installous, Appcake or any other such programs .IPA files. We understand that iOS developers who put lots of efforts in developing their application and as a result we do not encourage any types of app piracy. The motive behind sharing this information is to help app buyers to try costly applications before they actually make the purchase decision. We are not affiliated with any brands, developers or any persona mentioned in this blog post. Again, please note that, we do not support any type of piracy and strongly recommend our readers to buy app from iTunes store and not to use such softwares which encourage app piracy.

An Installous had been one of the most successful repos for jailbroken devices. It allowed subsequent installation of Cydia which in turned enabled users to download paid apps for free! This did account for App piracy but Installous had been one of the most orchestrated and purposeful repo. However, it was shut down because its hosting repository was closed. Without Installous, if you try to run Cydia and update it, the device will give a system errors and going through the details you would be clearly able to get proof of the problem. Now that Installous is gone, many users are disappointed as they would have to pay for further app downloads. This however is a misconception. Several alternatives have turned out since Installous was shut down and one of the best options is Appcake an Installous alternative.

After Installous, Appcake has taken up the primary role of App Piracy and is gradually being recognized as an important addition to every jailbroken iOS device. Appcake has an extensive collection of free apps in its website called and is also available as a Cydia repo to crack apps and use it for new app submissions. Installing an Appcake is an easy job and requires minimum know-how. Here are some steps you should consider to follow.

Steps to Install Appcake an Installous Alternative

#Step 1

Downloading Appcake requires Cydia and Cydia can only run on jailbroken devices. Make sure you jailbreak your device first as you don’t have another alternative to download paid apps for free! If you are a new user and have just jailbroken your device, go to to browse through a variety of repos.

#Step 2

You also need to have AppSync installed in your device. This should be readily available in the Cydia Store or on Xsellize repo. Always go for AppSync iOS 5.x and iOS 6.x versions.

#Step 3

Open your Safari browser and go to for Appcake.

#Step 4

Once you find Appcake, all it requires is a tap to start the installation! It’s as simple as that!

#Step 5

Reboot/restart your iOS device and you should be able to start using Appcake.

Using an Appcake

appcake screen

Once the Appcake installation is complete, find the shortcut on the home screen of your device or the Springboard. Go to the search box or browse through the categories to search for apps that you want to try and use the feature before you actually make the buying decision. The Appcake platform also categorized the 20 top apps of every week to make your search more easier. In many ways Appcake is even a simpler version of Installous and can do the same kind of things!

Please note that the information provided here is for your knowledge only. We do not take any responsibility for hardware or software failure. Kindly take expert’s guidance before you make any changes to your iOS devices. We are not liable of any damage caused to your devices by using this information.