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PCkeeper Review – Spyware, Malware, Adware removal and PC Cleaner

Internet Safety

PCkeeper Review – Spyware, Malware, Adware removal and PC Cleaner

When it comes to online security, a small mistake can be result in big loss and The WannaCry Ransomware is the biggest example of it. If you want to secure your PC / laptop from such Spyware, Malware, Adware or other online security threats, you should have a best Antivirus and Malware scanner + prevention tool installed in your pc. PCKeeper is one of such antivirus malware scanner tool can do this job. In this article we will share pros and cons of this tool that will help you to make a purchase decision to protect your PC.

pckeeper review

PC Keeper is aimed at Windows (specific versions) users who want cleanup without complications. With just a few but handy controls, it does a good enough job for what it claims. Users with PC Keeper also have the option to turn automatic updates and real time protection on and off or launch a full system scan for malware or scan specific folders. The settings are just of one page and they are designed to be intuitive. PC Keeper’s antivirus engine is licensed with Avira, if that helps to calm down your confusions!

The good things

  • An attractive, intuitive and streamlined interface
  • Effective malware blocking
  • Chat based help

The bad things

  • Popups promoting their paid version
  • Sometime people misunderstood their popup as malware!
  • Poor scores in independent lab tests
  • Information provided by help agents (chat) might be incorrect
  • No guard against malware hosting URLs and phishing URLs

It is not a malware or virus but they do promote their paid product which is available at small license fees.

Kromtech’s emphasis on real time help

PC Keeper also includes a separate service called PC Keeper Live, which intends to help users get through PC tune up and malware cleanup. This sounds great if you happen to confront serious emergencies. The “Find and Fix” feature will send a system status report to Kromtech labs and a local technician would be sent to your doorsteps to fix the problem. They will even offer remote login to perform the necessary remediation. However, this will also cost you $9.99 every month or $60 per year, whichever package your choose. It is expensive but this might be appealing to some businesses.

Do you want to Fix Problems with your Windows Vista and Higher? Clean your PC with PCKeeper at FREE of cost now!

The basic PC Keeper however does provide help through chat. The support bar in the application opens up several options and you also can use the toll free number, send an email or even initiate a live chat session inside the application itself. However, getting a reply will depend on the time zone you are in. Kromtech lab is in Europe and they don’t offer a 24×7 chat support. Consequently, an email will not be promptly replied to. The chat might still work.

How good is PCKeeper in blocking malware?

Blocking malware should be the first line of defense of any antivirus program and PC Keeper does a decent job of it. However, when it came to malicious URL, there might be certain compromises that the application makes – some dangerous URLs might still be allowed. What the application does is; block URLs when any download starts. So, it won’t block the browser but restricts any harmful .exe to be downloaded onto your system. Well, that what you finally need.

At $39.95 per year, Kromtech Alliance PC Keeper (pro package) is a good pick if you are looking for a decent antivirus application for your system. However, we are also eagerly waiting for the offline protection features to be included in the package, which according to the website is “under construction”. You might also want to check the ‘Lite’ version without real time protection, 24×7 support and action center integration. It will cost you $29.95 for just the antivirus protection and daily database updates.

Overall, PC Keeper from Kromtech is simple, attractive, and easy to use and does a fair job in personal system protection from malware threats. It would be a good pick for individuals who don’t use their PCs just for business but also for fun and entertainment purposes. At $39.95, you aren’t also paying too much but there are also alternatives you can compare.

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