Are you a blogger, vlogger, or publishing podcast? Looking to transcribe audio to the text of your video/podcast to improve the accessibility of your information? This article is for you. Over the years, the need for manual typing has declined. Audio transcription services have quickly gained popularity over the past few years.

Transcribing audio dictation to text has become extremely easy thanks to the various software and applications available in the market. Many fields and services such as law, medicine, podcasts, teaching, and legal rely on audio-to-text transcription software.

Over the decades, technology has advanced in many ways. There are applications and software for pretty much everything these days. Even voice chat in games and social media is catching up speed.

With recent innovations and advancements, audio transcription services have also improved. These services offer various features that allow you to effortlessly transcribe audio dictation files to text.

Advantages of Transcription Tools

Here are some of the key advantages of having a text version of your audio.

Improve Accessibility

As there are many people around the world suffering from hearing disabilities the text version of your audio will help them to access the information easily. They can read the text and can learn from them without worrying about their hearing disabilities.

Easy for Crawler

Search engine crawlers can not crawl the audio content for rankings and hence, converting audio to text will help the crawler to understand the context of the post. It will also help you in achieving a better search engine ranking for relevant keywords.

The market today houses numerous audio-to-text software such as offline software, online automated services, online manual services, DIY (do it yourself) tools, freelancer services, and more. The common goal of this software is to accurately transcribe audio to text in the least amount of time.

With so many options available, it is easy to become confused. Here is a list of the top five audio transcription software on the market. Before you get started – You will need headphones to use such audio transcription tools. Here are the best-selling wireless headphones that you can buy online. 

Top 9 Best Audio Transcription Tools

We have tried to compile the list by reviewing the various features they offer. You can do your own research and can accordingly sign up for this speech-to-text converter tool. Here we go!

1. Trint – Best AI-Powered Transcription Software:


Trint uses AI (artificial intelligence) to convert speech and audio to text. The recorded files are uploaded to its online software and then transcribed using speech recognition software automatically. It provides a machine-driven service to transcribe the video and audio into text with good accuracy. It offers its users the option to drop video and audio files into its web-based application for them to be transcribed. Trint supports many different languages and its AI-driven technology enables it to transcribe quickly.


Trent Pricing
Trint – Pricing
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2. – Voice Meeting Notes & Real-time Transcription:

Otter is a transcription software designed for students, journalists, and business people to get a note from calls, video conferences, lectures, and interviews. It permits you to record an audio or voice, transcribe them, share and review audio conversion on your mobile devices or browser, and organize them from multiple devices. This AI-based transcription app records the audio and transcribes conversations in real-time. It records audio live and converts it into a text file. It may be useful for meetings and company conferences.


Otter Pricing
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3. Sonix – Best Automated Transcription Software:


Sonix is a web-based audio and video transcription solution that allows businesses to transcribe, organize, and find audio and video files. This AI-based application converts the audio file into a text file very quickly. It uses artificial intelligence technology and has an editor that permits its user to take a transcript note while listening to audio. It also provides rich editing tools to easily edit and export your transcripts.


Sonix Priciing
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4. TranscribeMe – Best Tool for Accurate Transcription Service:


TranscribeMe is one of the perfect transcription tools to balance the speed of transcription. It has competitive pricing and a low error rate. TranscribeMe is perfect for those who are looking for a better option for transcription service without sacrificing quality.


TranscribeMe Pricing
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5. Dragon Naturally Speaking – World’s Best-Selling Speech Recognition Software:

Image Source: Equal Entry

This offline speech recognition software is versatile and very fast. It is ideal for people who are not quick typists. For Dragon Naturally Speaking, you will need a compatible audio recorder. Once the audio is recorded, the software flawlessly transcribes it onto its DragonPad.

The only drawback with Dragon Naturally Speaking is that it does not add punctuation to your text. You will have to add them manually once the audio has been transcribed. Dragon Naturally Speaking works best with one person speaking at a time.


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6. Scribie – One of the Most Advanced Audio/Video Transcription Software:


One of the best transcription software on the market is Scribie. This online audio transcription tool comes with a unique combined audio and text interface and an integrated editor. Scribie also allows you to use keyboard shortcuts, making it one of the most time-saving transcription tools available.

Other features include auto-capitalization, autosave, and auto-correct. Scribie is the software for you if you are looking for quick and efficient transcription


  • The price structure for the Scribie transcription service is as per below.
Scribe Pricing
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7. Express Scribe – Free Transcription Software for Typists:

Express Scribe
Express Scribe

Become a professional typist with Express Scribe, offline audio to text transcription software. Express Scribe is compatible with almost every all and video format and even allows you to control playback.

This software even works with encrypted files, so it is ideal for people who use uncommon audio formats.


  • Express Scribe is available in free and pro versions, with the pro version supporting a wider range of audio formats compared to the free version.
  • The starting price for the paid version of Express Scribe is $39.95 for a time.
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8. Temi – World’s First Personal Robotic Assistant:


Temi is one of the fastest audio-to-text transcription software on the market. Once you record or upload an audio file, Temi takes only seconds to analyze it. After the analysis, the software then moves to understand the speech. Once that is done, the transcription is initiated.

The finished file then is emailed to you. All of this occurs in a matter of minutes depending on the length of the audio file. Another advantage of using Temi is that it has the lowest price on the market regarding per-minute costs. If pricing and speed are your areas of concern, choose Temi.


  • Temi transcription service is free for the first 45 minutes and will cost 0.25$ per audio minute. For example, 5 minutes x 0.25$ = 1.25$
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9. Rev – One of the Powerful Transcription Apps:


Among the numerous transcription services to choose from, Rev offers the best value in terms of price and turnaround time. Rev is an online manual audio to text transcription software. Even though this is a manually operated tool, Rev is a leader in audio transcription software.

The turnaround time is impressive with a guarantee of a 12-hour turnaround time for audio files that are less than 30 minutes long. It also comes with a functional edit and review feature in case you need to change something.


  • Rev pricing structure is bifurcated as per the below image compared to other transcribing software
Rev Pricing
More Info

Free Audio-to-Text Converter:

We are receiving various emails asking for FREE tools that convert audio to text without any additional charges. We have also tried to find such tools but sadly, almost all tools offer some basic converter or some string-attached trial version. As of now, we have not found any FREE tool that comes with no restriction but will surely share them incase if we find any.

Audio Transcription is the Future of Text Media:

Online transcription services have seen an increasing rise in demand thanks to their quick turnaround time and accuracy. If you are considering installing an audio-to-text transcription tool, keep the above names in mind. You can also find various physical tools like push pedals and headphones on the market that are compatible with this software.

A push pedal allows you to play, pause, rewind, and fast forward an audio file using a pedal that you control with your foot. These tools have been designed to make transcription much faster and easier.

The best transcription software in today’s market has been named in this article. Download the software that you find most suitable for your needs.


What is voice recognition software?

Voice recognition software is a technology that converts spoken language into written text. It allows users to dictate, command, or speak naturally, with the software transcribing their speech into readable text.

How does voice recognition software work?

Voice recognition software uses algorithms and machine learning models to analyze and interpret audio input, converting it into text or executing predefined tasks.

What are the primary uses of voice recognition software?

Voice recognition software is commonly used for transcription services, virtual assistants, hands-free device control, accessibility tools, and more.

Are voice recognition software systems accurate?

Modern voice recognition software has significantly improved accuracy, but the level of accuracy can vary between software providers. It’s essential to choose a reliable option.

Can voice recognition software be used for different languages and accents?

Many voice recognition software solutions support multiple languages and can adapt to various accents, making them suitable for diverse user bases.

Are there free voice recognition software options available?

Yes, there are free voice recognition software options like Google’s Speech Recognition and some built-in features on smartphones and computers.

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