How do you start your day? Well, a small application can help you to start your day with lot of positivity and motivation. In this article, we will share the best mobile applications you should download to make your day pleasant.

useful mobile appsWhat is the first thing one would do after he/she gets up? Well, if the question was asked a decade ago, the answer would have been taking a shower or brushing the teeth or having the bed tea with eyes on the newspaper headlines. According to SOASTA however, 84% of people today will check out a smart phone app. So what do they do? The most popular apps used in the morning are emails (67% of users), weather (45% of users), social accounts like Instagram or Facebook (40% of users) and even online dating profiles (3% of users). Some smartphone users like college students or even professionals use chat messaging applications like WhatsApp in the morning. Some will even stick to the old ritual of going through the news headlines but this time it will be smart phone screen as the morning paper. The coffee does come along!

In this article, we will be sharing few useful mobile application to brighten your morning and will help you to plan your day just after you get up in the morning.

Here is the list:

#1 Flipboard – Your News Magazine

flipboard iconFlipboard is much more personalized than the normal news magazine app. A few clicks will take you through some great stories pouring in from all over the world. The list of news gets updated at every instance, day in or day out. Users can choose to set which stories they would like to go through and based on this, the app presents a personalized news stream. For some it’s about sports news and for others it’s about the stock market.

Earlier, Flipboard was only available for Smartphone users but by considering the popularity, they recently announced their magazine platform for web users.

flipboard mobile app

Download Here

iOS | Android

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#2 Trello – Organize Anything

trello iconTrello is offered as a free project management application and offers users an intuitive way of planning the day ahead. This app platform easily replaces the customary “to do” list that people a decade ago would have been habituated to. The app organizes each task as a card that can even be shared with others. Trello also helps professional project management and keeping track of each work processes within a team in an office setup. Add checklists, labels, alarms, comments to each of your plan.

trello mobile app

Download Here

iOS | Android

#3 Google Fit/ Apple Health

People who love to workout can use these apps to maintain a detailed log of their jogs, the amount of calories they have burned and receive performance based notifications. Available for both android and iOS users, these apps support the healthy morning rituals that everyone is advised to follow.

#4 7 Min Workout

7 min workout

Another intuitive fitness app, 7 Min Workout helps with tips to get your body ready for the rest of the day. Hosting easy exercises, the app provides instructions for anyone looking for casual fitness regimes. If you are avid yoga and fitness lover, you will find popular yoga and fitness related applications here and here.


#5 Twitter

twitter mobile app

Again, available both in Android and iOS platforms, Twitter is the second most popular social networking platform after Facebook today. The Twitter app provides a simple interface to read tweets from people you follow and look up for fresh news items and stories trending this morning.

iOS | Android

#6 Spotify Music

spotify iconJoggers have always found it easier to keep themselves distracted from the surrounding by listening to music. Previously, it was Bluetooth music players and today it is app like Spotify. Spotify is a highly customizable platform that allows users to choose from different playlists, in different genre and make the morning exercise or breakfast soothing and refreshing.

spotify mobile app

Note: Spotify App is not available in some countries so one can use SoundCloud app to its alternative.

Download Here

iOS | Android

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#7 Pocket

pocket iconPocket is another news app but what makes it unique is the ability to scan through headlines and save/highlight interesting topics for a later read. If you are traveling to your work place, the Pocket app will be a great way to mark your stories and make the travel enriching.

pocket mobile app

Download Here

iOS | Android


Now, this is for sports lovers. The app allows you to catch up will all the favorite sports action from across the globe that you missed the previous day. From TNA to cricket, the app builds a long list of sports topics.

Download Here

iOS | Android

Smartphones have really changed the way we live. They have played a great role in making our days more convenient, productive and entertaining. If you own one of these devices, why not make the best use of it!

Which is your favorite mobile app to start your day with? Share here by comment. We will review it and include in our list.

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