google hummingbird

Google Hummingbird is the name of new search algorithm by Google. It is confirmed by Danny Sullivan, the founding editor of Search Engine Land; a leading SEO and internet marketing news portal.

Today, Google is celebrating its 15th birthday and announced some new featured and improved search result on their official blog post. The blog post explain how their improved search result givers result on your voice command using Google knowledge graph with comparison and filter feature.

According to Danny, Google has rolled out this new search algorithm since last couple of days. He added that the Google has confirmed the same in Press Event and he also confirmed this news from Google’s top search execs, Amit Singhal and Ben Gomes.

What is new in This Hummingbird Search Algorithm Updates

To learn more about improved search result, we strongly recommend reviewing Google’s recent blog post we shared with you. The Hummingbird is like a new engine in old car. Google has revamped the old search algorithm with their Improved, Precise and very fast “Hummingbird” algorithm.

The “conversational search” is the biggest improvement in this new search algorithm. Google has explained in detail on their official post. For example, I already know features and information about iPhone 5C and now I want to buy this iPhone from nearby place. I go to Google and search with “Buy iphone 5c”

The traditional search will give the result by matching keywords “buy iphone 5c” in general (ofcourse there are more than 200 other factors). The Hummingbird search Algorithm will be more precise as it knows your location, the meaning of search query and is more intelligent with data of stores that sales iPhone 5C in your area.

Google has not published official release about Hummingbird search algorithm till now. We are working on getting exact information on this algorithm and will soon update the post.

Our team of search engineers are also reviewing the search result by comparing past data and will discuss on technical aspect on this matter soon. Meanwhile, if you have something to share with us, please share your ideas in comments.

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