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On August 13, 2016
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HTC RE is a compact and top quality small camera to buy in this segment.

Taking selfie with friends is one of the biggest trend now a days and having selfie friendly camera is in demand. Actually the “Selfie” is considered as the idea behind the invention of product we are going to review in this article. I am sure most of us have clicked the selfie with friends or family and might faced the difficulties in clicking or framing the faces. What if you have a small camera specially designed for taking selfies? HTC RE is for you! Its been a long HTC has launched this remarkable small camera available as a standalone device  in stores and priced under $100. The device looks more like an inhaler or a toy submarine periscope and some may even confuse it with a small piece of PVC pipe, but the RE is actually a quite a high functional gadget that has been designed for just one purpose – take photos and videos. Rumored for long to be the perfect competitor to the Go-Pro & SJCAM, HCT choose to differ and places the RE as a regular use camera rather than an extreme action/sports camera.
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From the first looks, the RE from HTC looks more like a smart phone accessory and if you are already curious, here are some things to know about the RE.

Minimalist and Unique Product Design

The best thing about the HTC RE is the minimalist, Unique and attractive product designing. Quite different from the Go-Pro or other action camera, which integrates the conventional camera shape, the RE is more like an asthma pipe or some toys. It is small and can be easily tucked into your pockets. The RE camera comes with two buttons, one on each face to facilitate the click on front and back end. However, there is no viewfinder, display or graphical user interface to frame your shot. All of this has been replaced by LED indicators that alerts user about the device functions and abilities.

HTC RE Has No Power Button!

You must be surprised to know that the HTC RE camera has not power button at all. The RE automatically powers itself on when you pick it up. There isn’t a dedicated power button integrated into this device. The only two buttons on the device are meant for slo-mo video capture (the front button) and shutter button (the one in the back). The RE comes with a 16 MP sensor that is a fixed ultra wide lens with a viewing angle of 146 degree. The sensor is capable of capturing videos at 1080p HD with 30 fps. Slo-Mo video scan be captured at 120 fps with 720p quality.

Instant Smart Phone Compatibility for Data Transfer

The HTC RE can be paired with either an iPhone or even an Android device to transfer images / videos. The camera is also capable of data transfer over Wi-Fi. One can even connect a smart phone to be used as a remote viewfinder for the RE and further set up time lapses.

htc re phone compatibleIt is good to know that HTC hasn’t limited the compatibility of the RE with its own product line.

Available in Different Range of Colors

If you are color loving freak, don’t worry; you can have choice of different colors options. The HTC RE can be ordered in a variety of color specification. The camera comes dipped in orange, teal, white, blue and we expect to see more colors soon.

Power & Memory

If you are wondering how the RE works, well at its core is a 820 mAh battery that guarantees up to 1.40 minutes of HD (1080p) recording and shooting about 1,200 still images. The RE comes bundled up with an 8 GB microSD card but the slot is expandable up to 128 GB.

The HTC RE seems to be the first break of HTC from conventional mobile device manufacturing to such a standalone imaging product. The RE has been the result of the newly instituted Creative Labs unit and we hope to see more such products.

Where to Buy HTC Re Camera?

During launch, the camera was available at $199 but now it can be purchased under $100 from almost all online store.

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