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Interview with Antonio Meze – Lead Designer of Meze Headphones Products

Wood headphone premium

If you are collecting premium products, you will definitely love exploring Meze wood headphones exclusively designed for specific audiences. Checkout below image of Meze 99 classics wooden headphone. Isn’t it amazing?

Wood headphone premium

In this article, we are going to introduce the person behind Meze creative work and the name of this person is Antonio Meze.

Antonio Meze is an industrial designer and creative thinker who is well known for its creative design that is out of box and very unique. In 2011 antonio designed Meze Wood Headphones an amazing and unique product for music lovers. Meze headphones are specially created for audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

Let’s learn more about this unique innovation and upcoming project with Antonio Meze.

DigiFloor: First of all thank you very much for taking a time to respond our interview question. Let us begin with our first question. Antonio, can you please share few words about your experience and tell us something more about yourself?

Antonio Meze: I studied arts and products design and did a lot of product design work in the last 7-8 years for design studios or directly for brands. It was a natural step to establish my own brand.

DigiFloor: Meze headphones and its design truly amazing, how did you get the idea to design this unique wooden headphones?

Antonio Meze: Wood is a natural material widely available and often underrated. I simply love wood as a material.


DigiFloor: Tell us about the sound quality of this meze wooden headphones and how it’s unique from other headphones?

Antonio Meze: Wood has a special warm and natural acoustic unlike any other material. Thus it makes sense to sue it for any audio equipment.

DigiFloor: The rich look of this headphone is really beautiful and attractive. Will you make any changes in current design of your wooden headphones range?

Antonio Meze: We are developing new models and a new lines but can’t say much about that now. But it is exciting !


DigiFloor: Unique and creative design of meze earphone and meze headphone is just superb. Tell us what will be your next creative design for headphones?

Antonio Meze: Sorry, That is a secret for now. But when i ready to launch my new design then i will definitely share with DigiFloor.

DigiFloor: The meze headphone is turning out to be an amazing product for music lovers. Please share, what kind of feedback you got from meze headphone users?

Antonio Meze: We were surprised that a lot of customers write us personal messages about how much they liked our products. I was not expecting this and it was a very good feeling. Now we are working hard to keep this positive vibe between us and the customers.