According to recent KGI report, Apple would come up with new iPhone X with OLED along with updated stainless steel cases.

Apple doesn’t need any introduction in the Smartphone industry across the world. It has set a benchmark in the industry for its alluring smart devices for which every Smartphone lover desires to hold one of the latest models from the brand. Starting from its designs to the integrated specifications and features, Apple leads the Smartphone market with the latest invention. Recently, Apple had launched iPhone X in September 2017. Though iPhone X remains the latest device from the brand, rumors sprawls for its successor that would release next year! Rumors raise expectations of the users so, it’s better to have patience until Apple declares the specifications and features officially.

KGI Securities reports, Apple may launch two iPhones with OLED displays with stainless steel cases. As per the reports, the metal stainless steel frame will be modified for improving quality of data transmission. Around its casing, currently iPhone X uses four parts of stainless steel band but the successor model of iPhone X may use more parts. If the successor model is modified with such specifications, the visual design will definitely change. The modifications will enhance data transmission but it is unclear whether for this any specification improvement will be done or simple improvements will conclude it.

Apple is getting prepared for the next year’s flagship after the successful launch of the current flagship with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X with one OLED. As per KGI reports, the successor of iPhone X could be a larger version of “iPhone X Plus”. KGI suggests, Apple will upgrade the specs with its next flagship model but there will be no rear-facing TrueDepth camera in the iPhone X Plus. The TrueDepth camera feature enables face-tracking feature with Face ID as well as Animoji. KGI reports, Apple will probably replace Touch ID with Face ID in the next versions from the brand.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus still use fingerprint recognition system as the biometric security. Face ID security feature will also come with iPad Pros to be released next year. Rumors suggest several upgrades but the truth behind the upgrades shall reveal when Apple releases the info officially! There are many questions which iPhone admirers could ask!

  • Will Apple release any new versions of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus within the current price range?
  • What would be the price of iPhone X Plus version?
  • Will iPhone X Plus and iPhone X be the only new devices from the brand for the next year?

Have patience! Wait until the official announcement of the next flagship from Apple!