Drones continue to gain popularly both for recreational and commercial purposes. The expanding capabilities of unmanned flying vehicles have made them common names in the tech industry. When looking to get one for your photography, delivery, or to tinker around with, the market is filled with numerous models. You can opt to purchase your first drone from a physical store or you can order one online.

Buying offline means you get to see the quad copter before paying for it. You can also speak to a drone expert face-to-face because many stores will provide one or two. The same applies buying online, plus there is the convenience advantage. With online stores, you can buy your drone from anywhere in the world, meaning access to exclusive products. However, the quality of products and service you get depends on a specific store, hence the need to pick the right one. Here are several offline and online store recommendations.

Drones Etc

Drones Etc is one of the top sites for purchasing all kinds of unmanned flying vehicles. The company has worked with drone buyers in all fields from photography to agriculture professionals. It is a full-service store that caters to purchases and repairs. If you are looking for DJI drones, Drones Etc is the preferred dealer online. Drone Etc has fair pricing for its customers and also features financing options, which the company provides in partnership with Affirm. Customers can select Affirm as the payment option at checkout and get their purchase split into installments. Drone insurance is another service available at Drones Etc so check it out if needed.


Amazon has a solid reputation as an online store, and you may have already used it for several unreleased purchases. The online platform offers a wide selection of drones and quadcopters from major manufacturers. You can get drone accessories as well from camera mounts to batteries. Amazon reviews provide an opinion or two, which can help with your UAV purchase. For a beginner, the images and videos of pilots operating their quadcopters are very educational. Shipping times depend on where you live, so check with the store first. Amazon ensures solid security measures for your online transactions. Read the return policy so that you know what happens in the case of a defective product.


Target is one great brick and mortar store where you can pop in to buy an unmanned flying vehicle. The store carries different brands from DJI to Sky Viper to TYPHOON. If you need accessories such as propellers or Bluetooth controller, they are available at Target. However, you may have to check the locations that stock drones and quadcopters first. You don’t have guarantees that the nearest one will have what you need. The staff is always around in case of concerns or questions given that some drones are more difficult to maneuver than others.


Banggood is a viable alternative to Amazon when you want to buy drones. What they do differently is to offer a selection of affordable UAVs that appeal to hobbyists and enthusiasts. If you are getting a drone for the first time, you may prefer to keep it low budget to see how it works. Banggood has several options from which you can pick. However, you may not get the shipping times that Amazon offers, but they are decent. The store has some great deals that can shave off a few dollars from your UAV purchase. The wide selection of products suits all kinds of drone buyers. If you need quad copter spare parts, Banggood carries those too.

The Drone Store

Another place you can get drones and quadcopters in the U.S is the Drone Store, which is only found in Reno and Sparks. It is a “One Stop Shop” for anything unmanned flying vehicles. The staff at the Drone Store is friendly and knowledgeable about the products. For a first-time buyer who has doubts about a brand, you can get helpful insights from the attendants. The Drone Store is suitable for aspiring drone racers and professional photographers. In warm weather, the store holds approved drone races, which are great for educational purposes. Whether it’s your first quadcopter or parts for your old one, the Drone Store will have something useful.


The DroneFly site is very simple to navigate, which votes well among online shoppers. DroneFly concentrates on improving customer service, so you are sure to get help when needed. The staff knows its stuff, and that goes a long way, especially when you are undecided about the UAV to buy. DroneFly offers 30-minute tech support for customers, which you can divide among different calls to suit your needs. U.S. customers can get DJI Phantom repair services, which it claims to be one of the fastest. DroneFly also offers drone financing for buyers.

Drone Plus

Drone Plus, which began as an online store in 2013, is one of the biggest retailers of UAVs in the North American region. As of 2015, it had 15 stores spread out over 10 N.A States and Canada. It is an authorized DJI support center, meaning you can trust them with your high-end UAVs for repair. The retailer also carries other brands, including Yuneec and Autel. Drone financing varies from one store to another, so check with a specific one. The reputation of Drone Plus is one of its selling points because the proliferation of UAV stores has increased the chances of buying fake products.

A drone is a high-tech product that you cannot afford to buy randomly. Before shelling out cash, know which product suits your requirements. Some drones are more difficult to maneuver than others and, if you are a beginner, it would be best if you start with a beginner drone.

You have to also ask yourself: am I shooting aerial images, filming a short documentary, or just having fun? Whatever the objective, find online and offline stores that provide quality products and excellent customer service.

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