Are you worried about internet security related threat associated with your online brand? Checkout these 6 internet security issues may affect your brand and start working on improving your internet security by taking proper action.

It takes a lot of time and energy to build a brand name of yours, but it takes only fractions of seconds to ruin it all. Therefore, it is important for all to protect their brand name just like any other asset. You can purchase asset if it is lost or damaged, but when it comes to brand name, then once it is spoil you will have a hard time fixing it all over again. Nowadays, the companies are witnessing an increased number of internet security breaches those are affecting their brand. Sony Data hack is the best example of this where huge troves of company data were stolen and posted online. According to leading news website, Sony has to release one unreleased film and had to postponed the another. The data released was very crucial one and contained sensitive executive emails and personal information. As a result, Amy Pascal, Sony’s co-chairman has to  resign.

SSL certificates

There are many of such chases where huge brand spending billions on data security are not able to find a long time solution to all these security issues. The miscreants are too strong and they come up with new and improved way of breaching the security of the companies. It proves that, no one is secure and there is always chance of improvement. Atleast we can take some measure to secure your online presence and this is what we will be discussing in this article.

Here are some of the internet security issues may affect your brands –

  1. Data security – Every other day you will hear from one company or the other about how their company was victim of data security breach. It is one of the most common security issues that the brands are facing these days. Moreover, when a customer finds out that the company’s site is not safe enough to share any kind of information, then the brand name easily gets affected. Word of mouth spreads out that the website is not trustworthy at all. The company loses out on a large number of customers that affects their sale and in turn profit.
  2. Denial of Service Attacks – It is nothing major in terms of data theft or virus attacks. Instead, the denial of service attacks deals with unmanageable traffic in one site. If your brand has declared a sale over the weekend, then it is obvious that you will be witnessing huge traffic. But, what if some miscreant floods your site with such a huge traffic load that genuine customers are not able to access your site! It is a thing of concern because your brand name gets affected here. Your customer will be thinking that you are poorly equipped and that is why you are not able to manage so much of traffic.
  3. Mobile malware – Website optimization is a must these days because there are millions of customers who use their smartphone for browsing and purchasing products as well. The brands are well aware of these facts and due to this very reason you will find almost every brand has optimized their website, so that the mobile users can also make use of their site everywhere. Now the nuisance makers are shifting their attention towards the mobile and the mobile malware are taking active part in destroying everything. The platform of smartphones is becoming vulnerable by the day, to the malware attacks and it is definitely affecting the brand names adversely as well.
  4. Unpatched vulnerabilities – There are some loopholes somewhere and the criminals are making use of it to their advantage. They install the malware and adware on the computer, but it affects the brand name to a huge extent because of its inability to perform as per expectation.
  5. Social media attacksSocial media is one of the most important platforms that every brand is using. They are using the social media tools to reach out to their customers and staying connected with them. Anticipating the rise in the social networking, the attackers are getting powerful and the social networking websites are being targeted by them. They allow the spreading of the malware from there through new and improved techniques that can exploit the social media to a large extent. It is always recommended to stay alert on what you publish online.
  6. Man in the Middle Attack – MITM (man in the middle) attack is very common these days and as result, giant like Google recommend using SSL certificate to secure client – server communication. If you are running an eCommerce website or any online brand, you must buy SSL certificate to prevent MITM attack.

It is not easy to build a brand name, but due to negligence, you can ruin it in no time. There are several security issues and all of these can be solved if you are putting in a conscious effort to steer clear of all the prevalent issues. In case any company suffers from any security issues, then it will have a hard time coping with the problem. Third party attacks are one of the major concerns because here there is no such verification made and people have easy access to them as well. The companies must value their brand name and work towards making it a success all throughout.