Do you want to learn digital marketing? looking for trusted and authentic source? Google Primer mobile application can be your best digital marketing tutorial.

Primer is Google’s free mobile application can help you to learn digital marketing skills easily. You can find over 90+ 5-minute lessons cover all important topics in online advertising to branding to programmatic buying.

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google primer logoThere is no doubt that Google is the number #1 search engine which plays very important role to drive relevant traffic to any website. Brands are spending millions of dollars in search engine optimization, paid marketing and building Google search engine friendly website to achieve better search position. What if Google itself share important information, trends and lessons to optimize your website? You can have better understanding of various marketing opportunity and can according draft your marketing.

To help webmasters and business owners; Google has finally come up with the Primer Apps which acts as the mini-marketing lesson for the die-hard professionals. Now Google acts as the marketing teacher for aspiring professionals by coming up with this superb application. The start-up mini marketing lesson is sure to help the users to speed up the Google subjects like the media coverage, mobile apps UI, search engine marketing and content marketing. Comprising of the free marketing lessons on mobile web designing, search advertisement, and many more, taking up the marketing lesson was never so easy. Google wants to teach the most basic marketing tricks with the least jargon. So, now anyone can brush up the marketing concept with the help of the this Primer mobile app.

The Bite Size Lessons for the Marketing Professionals :

Google Primer Marketing Application

As a marketing professional, you can access the bite-size lessons that are available just on a single go. The new topics will get added instantly. After a series of rigorous tests, finally the Primer app has been launched with the far expanded lineup of lessons. Topics like programmatic buying, mobile site designing and the search advertisement may be found out and read in details. It is the promise of Google that every week some new marketing lesson will get added to the list of lessons. The application, Primer, may be accessed on Android also.

Helping Marketers to Know the Latest Marketing Trends :

Google Primer also aims at acquainting the marketers with the latest trends of marketing. So, whether you are a small business or a large business, Google Primer will prove to be valuable by offering necessary skills and tools for running the marketing business. The best part of Google Primer is that the bite-sized marketing lesson may also be viewed offline. With the advent of the Google Primer, now the learning app is just a few swipes away. So, whether you are standing on a line, waiting for the food in the restaurant or waiting for the flight, you can learn marketing skills anywhere and at anytime.

Unique Features of the Primer App :

While you use the Google Primer, you can store your learning progress in the profile. The saved content and those are shared with others will get recorded without any problem. The Google Primer comprises of a wider variety of topics and its scope is not simply restricted to the introductory level lesson which was typical of the original version of the marketing application. You can learn about basic marketing skills and also gather knowledge on the advanced level marketing skills.

If you are new to marketing, you can learn the marketing technique in a jargon free manner. Even the content in the app is developed by the marketing expert, Google and the industry experts who simplify the language for the users of Primer and add up the relevant interactions that accompany the marketing lesson. There are interesting steps that need to be done just after the completion of any particular lesson.

Besides this, marketers can know about personalized ‘next steps’ that needs to be done. This offers a sort of customized starting point to the learners. The application, hence, acts as the welcoming training tool to the marketers and it also on-boards the new customers about Google services and products.

The Revamped Google Primer app :

Google Primer Marketing Application

For the budding startups, the Primer App is fantastic. Focusing on providing the online marketing tricks, online content and SEO tools to the digital marketers, the Primer app reached out to the widest number of audiences by offering lessons on several domains of digital marketing. Now, we have the revamped version of the Primer App whereby one can expect to get a broader range of services. The app will not simply offer existing services but also there is a host of new features encompassing mobile site designing, search advertisement feature and the programmatic buying.

The app is updated amazingly with newer lessons with the aim to stay up to date with the growing startup sector. So, in a way, Google Primer is bound to become a hub for the marketers who have to promote their products, services and organization at large. Google promises that every week the lesson in Primer app, it will get updated to benefits the young marketers.

The Distinctive Feature of the Primer App :

The Primer App from Google has a ground breaking feature whereby the app offers the offline viewing platform for the businesses. So, the user will not be requiring the net coverage or the internet connection to access the video tutorials. Those who wish to use the Google Primer; they can also use the platform of socializing where the ideas about marketing may be shared between the like minded individuals. You may interact with the other users and can even share handy information on marketing. This can bring about an increase in the marketing knowledge. If you compare the previous version of the Primer app and the recent version, you will see the great difference in features and functionality.

How is Google Educating the Young Marketers with the Primer App?

The app, Google Primer has been designed with the help of industry experts. The easy content posted in the app may be understood even by those who are beginners at marketing. The app is also available to the young entrants in the industry. In the app, you will find the amazing training kits, learning tools and marketing videos to train the professionals. The tough to master tools are simplified in the Google Primer app so that learners are able to grasp every concept. So, the app which you will notice now, it is the updated version of the previous marketing app by Google.

For those who want to be fed on digestible marketing lessons, must try out the Google Primer. Amazingly, the application has jumped from the 1.0 to the 2.0.20 version. The lesson given in the app may be completed within a few minutes, in between the coffee sessions.

Really, Google Primer is the superb way of integrating the marketing skills. Google Primer application is available on iTunes Store and Google Play Store.