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Tech For Britain 2018 in London – Tickets, Schedule and Tech Talent Conference Details

Tech For Britain 2018

Are you tech entrepreneur or working in technology space? Are you based in Europe? Here is a great opportunity for you to be part of Europe’s premier technology event going to happen on 7th June in London. And the event name is; Tech for Britain 2018 –  A leading tech talent conference of 2018.

The Tech for Britain 2018 conference will bring together the brightest minds in European tech to present on topics including emerging technology, innovation in tech, disruption, tech culture, diversity and inclusion. The event features some of the biggest names in tech including Twitter’s Vice President of Europe, Middle East & Africa Bruce Daisley. The agenda features over 40 speakers with presentations, fireside chats, panel debates & interactive sessions. If you work in tech in enterprise then the event is a must for your calendar.

Brief Event Schedule

  • Date: 7th June 2018
  • Location: London
  • Official website: techforbritain co uk

Here is an exciting speaker lineup for you to review before you take any decision:

tech for britain 2018 speakers