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Downloading an application is quite similar to traveling different places. There are some apps/destinations that you cannot miss and there are others that certainly raise your curiosity and you want to try them. As of now, there are more than thousand of repos available at the Cydia Store, but some really take the excitement to the highest levels, Xsellize is one of them. A highly popular repo, not having it on your jailbroken iOS device is like a frog in a well. Xsellize has been hosted in the Cydia Store for a long time now but still regarded among the best sources ever developed. If you have been hearing about Xsellize and trying to bring in the advantages into your phone, here are some simple steps to get it installed. Xsellize works on all iOS 4.x, iOS 5.x and iOS 6.x. the iOS 7.x version is still under testing but we will soon have it in the Cydia Store.

Here are a few steps to follow

Step 1:

The first and most important step is to jailbreak your iOS device. Xsellize will only work on jailbroken device and there isn’t an alternative. There are a variety of methods to jailbreak an iOS device and some of them even offer the service for free of cost. After you have successfully jailbroken your device, move on to install Cydia.

Step 2:

As most of us would already know, Cydia provides a patented brown Cydia logo/shortcut to run the process. Those using Cydia for the first time will get to see Storage, Sources and Packages. However, the most frequent place you would be visiting would be the Sources, the platform for free apps. Tap “Source” followed by “Edit” and “Add”. Every time you plan to install a new Cydia repo, you will have to follow these steps.

Step 3:

Now we get to adding Xsellize Repo on your device. There will be quite a few versions of Xsellize and you can be comfortable to choose any of them. If a certain version doesn’t work, try the next one. The Xsellize repo depends on the iOS version of your device. Places to look for would be cydia.xsellize.com and xsellize.com.

Step 4:

Once Xsellize has been added, search for the iAp Cracker. Tap to install it from the “Modify” button and go through the installation process. Returning to your home screen, you should be able to see a shortcut for Xsellize.

Checkout this YouTube video shows detailed and clear explanation of this process.

Xsellize provides several Cydia tweaks including iBlacklist, Gridlock, AdBlock (too important!), Safari Upload Enabler, Appfront, FolderLock, Springtomize, AndroidLock XT and AppSync. Gamers would like to look for a tweak called “Emulator” and ofcourse the ROM packs. The repo is already packed with several classic games including NES, Nintendo and Game Boy. There are so many reasons that Xsellize has popularized over the years and you certainly will love it.


What is repo tool?

Repo tool is a version control tool used for managing multiple Git repositories.

How to delete a repo?

To delete a repo, use the “git rm” command followed by the name of the repository.

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