Looking to find a way to surf anonymously on your Android device? don’t worry, with the help of VPN apps, you can easily access blocked content on a specified network.

VPN or Virtual Private Networks is hailed as the most popular and effective way to browse online. It is more applicable when you are browsing over a public network or Wi-Fi with seedy security and privacy. Further, they can even be used to get over firewalls, effective in institutions that have “Facebook blocked”! Android users across the globe surf through VPN networks through the app to get over regional restrictions and search ‘blocked’ contents. Smartphone owners (especially Android) started using VPN to make browsing over public networks more secure. When you are in a desperate situation and your smart phone is the only solution, it also calls for desperate measures. Mobile VPN even lets you securely connect to a home LAN and company network.

If you are ever worried about the public network security when browsing through your Android phone, here are 10 mobile apps that can bring in a VPN connection to your android device:

#1 TunnelBear VPN


TunnelBear VPN turns out to be a good deal, with tons of features. It is compatible with any OS (except Linux) and is also effective for users that need protection for more than a single connection. Coming to the bandwidth, you get an unlimited flexibility with a paid connection but browsing over a free TunnelBear account comes with limitations. Lastly, security encryptions like ‘Vigilant’ and ‘TCP Override’ allows for a smooth and secure streaming. The only drawback is that TunnelBear doesn’t have too many servers and thus you can sometimes face difficulty with content loading. Currently TunnelBear has servers in 20+ countries to browse on.

TunnelBear free account allows for 500MB of browsing every month while its ‘Grizzly’ scheme offers unlimited browsing for just $4.16 every month. Well if you want extra 500 MB for browsing anonymously than you need to tweet about Tunnelbear directly from the app dashboard.

Pro Tip – Apart from Android app TunnelBear provides VPN services for iOS App, Mac & Windows desktop as well. Users can also use browser extensions for Chrome and Opera browser.

#2 Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy

Hotspot Shield is among the most trusted mobile VPNs that offer high end security, stability and speed. You can hope to bypass geo-restrictions and browsing everything from anywhere. The servers are located in around 20 countries and thus have also become one of the most downloaded VPN apps in Android devices. In addition to this, the VPN will also notify browsers when they are trying to access known phishing or malicious websites.

The free version allows for accessing all kinds of US content but comes with limited number of ads. The VPN Elite version however is ad free and allows for up to five devices to be added to the VPN at just $11.95/month.

Pro Tip – Apart from Android app Hotspot provides VPN services for iOS/Windows App, Mac & Windows desktop as well.

#3 Express VPN


Offering an effective 256-bit encryption, Express VPN provides optimized browsing and unlimited speed and bandwidth. The servers are located in more than 87 countries, spanning 136 locations.

Express VPN doesn’t come with a free version but its plans are spread across schemes like $12.95/month, $8.32/year and $9.996 months. You also have a money back guarantee with each scheme.

Pro Tip – Apart from Android app ExpressVPN provides VPN services for iOS App, Mac & Windows desktop as well. It also provides VPN for Blackberry and Linux as well.

#4 Vypr VPN


Vypr VPN uses its Chameleon technology to encrypt and scramble data for ensuring that the information exchanged and generated through browsing is kept private and secure from invasive services and location based internet restrictions. Vypr VPN servers are based in 70+ countries across the 5 continents with 700+ servers and 200,000 global IPs. This makes it one of the fastest VPN services out there. The encryption here is with L2TP, OpenVPN™, PPTP, and Chameleon.

Vypr VPN is offered at schemes including $6.67/month (2 connections), $8.33/month (3 connections) and $10.00 (5 connections). Each scheme however offers unlimited data usage.

Pro Tip – Apart from Android app Vypr VPN provides VPN services for iOS App, Mac & Windows desktop as well.

#5 Surf Easy


With more than 350 million users across the globe, Surf Easy is a popular VPN service. The servers are located in dozens of different countries across the globe including the US and UK. The VPN offers 256 bit encryption and complete anonymity of browsing behavior, password and email activity. Surf Easy has over 1000 servers in 25 different countries as of now.

Surf Easy VPN is offered at $11.99/month and $6.49/month for the yearly payment plan.

Pro Tip – Apart from Android app Vypr VPN provides VPN services for iOS App, Mac & Windows desktop as well. Users can also use browser extensions for Chrome and Opera browser.

#6 F-Secure Freedom VPN

F-Secure Freedom VPN offers powerful features including total digital encryption, zero geo-blocks, unlimited bandwidth, complete anonymity and free app security.

The app is offered for free for the first 5 days of trial and subsequently you can pick the £5.49/month scheme for multiple Android devices.

#7 Fast Secure VPN

With servers in more than 16 countries across the globe, Fast Secure VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and free trial. It is one of the most popular VPN for login protection and data theft. The 256 bit encryption will also work against geo-blocks.

Fast Secure VPN is offered at $0.99/day. You can also opt for the $2.99/$3.99 monthly scheme or the $29.99 yearly scheme.

#8 Free – Premium VPN

Free – Premium VPN is a perfect solution to bypass hacking and government imposed data scrutiny. You can unblock region restrictions and also encrypt all your password, browsing activity and data exchanges over email.

The free plan offers 3GB of server per month while the Pro plan will offer 25 GB monthly. The Premium Plan will however offer unlimited browsing except in some Asian servers.

#9 FlashVPN

FlashVPN servers are located across United States, Japan and England. Offering premium bandwidth and zero connection time, this will unblock any kind of geo restrictions in these countries while offering your encrypted browsing.

FlashVPN is completely free to use.

#10 Hideman VPN

A basic VPN service, Hideman VPN allows proxy servers for browsing anonymity with 256 bit encryption. You can choose to bypass geo restrictions, tracking systems and banners. The severs are located in over 20 countries.

The pricing structure of Hideman VPN follows a range of free and pro schemes. For Android users on smart phones, the lowest is $2.9/month.

If you know any other promising VPN Android app you are using, please let us know in comments section. We will review the app and will include in the list.