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Mozilla Firefox Focus – A Newly Launched Free Private Browser for iOS Devices


Mozilla Firefox Focus – A Newly Launched Free Private Browser for iOS Devices

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On November 21, 2016
Last modified:November 21, 2016


Nice browser to block ads, social tracking and many more privacy related data.

Do you use Firefox on iOS devices and concern about your privacy? don’t want to share your browsing patterns with the websites you visits? We have a good news for you. Mozilla has recently launched Firefox focus browser that will provide you private browsing facility on your iOS devices.  With Firefox focus privacy browser you can secure your privacy by blocking ads, blocking social tracking, blocking analytics tracking or other content tracking that mostly works on cookies to track your browsing behavior. Here is the first view of this secure browser from iPhone 6S device:

mozilla firefox focus browser

As you can see in given screenshot, Mozilla Firefox focus browsers can easily block the ads and we have also confirm the log file about browsing history which is not tracked by the analytics. You can also use Firefox focus as Safari content blocker on your iOS device and will work on both Firefox and Safari browser. Kindly go to setting and you will see different features as show in image 3. Select require options and you are done.

Download link:

We will keep updating this post with more finding and feedback about this free, fast and private browser for iOS device. Stay tuned!

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