The AI World Conference 2023 in London will be a two-day event, starting on 7th June 2023, and will bring together thousands of AI experts, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts from around the world. With over 25 speakers, 200 Delegates and 150 exhibitors, the conference promises to be a hub of innovation and knowledge-sharing.

Last year, the Internet of Things world in Europe attracted thousands of techies from all around the world. If you missed the last year’s IOT event, we have great news for you. This year, the AI World Congress 2023 is going to happen in London as a part of London Tech Week from 7-8th June 2023. Here is the brief about the event.

Why attend this AI World Congress 2023?

To know the answer, you should see this numbers:

  • Over 110 industry-specific IoT case studies will be showcased during this event
  • Over 300 visionary speakers from different industries will be speaking at the event
  • More than 100 sponsors, exhibitors and start-ups are going to participate in the event

Speakers from IoT analytics and AI, IoT architecture, IoT data security, Energy environment and agriculture, Smart Cities, Smart homes and various industries will be sharing their experiences during this event.

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Some of the most popular speakers are:

Event Schedule and registration information:

Note: Free passes are also available to qualified individuals. Visit specified links for more information.

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