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top free windows app

Top 5 Free and Useful Windows Phone Applications

Are you windows phone user? looking for top free windows application? Here is the list for you. The Smartphone era is on and various technological...

SSL Certificate & Microsoft Exchange Server – Importance & Basic Installation...

You might have read or heard many times that, it is important to have your Microsoft Exchange Server secured by SSL certificate but do...
MS Exchange Server Logo

Does Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Returning HTTP 500 Error?

Does your Microsoft exchange ActiveSync returning an HTTP 500 error? In this article is will discuss about reasons and troubleshoot process to resolve this...
Windows Update Error 800B0001

Solve Windows Update Error 800B0001 Yourself

Recently we received a question from one of our reader who was facing an issue while updating their windows. Here is the exact quotion...
microsoft surface pro 3

How Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Stands Against Apple iPad 4

Microsoft has just launched the Surface Pro 3 last week and promised a tablet that can easy replace a laptop. However, with the initial...
Skype Blog Hacked

Skype Blog Hacked and redirecting Users to Home Page

You must be amazed to know that the Skype blog hacked by Syrian Electronic Army and posted message says: Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army.. Stop...
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Top Technology News of 2013

  Today is the last day of 2013, the year which gave lots of opportunities and taught some important lessons. The year will be remembered...