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Top Technology News of 2013

  Today is the last day of 2013, the year which gave lots of opportunities and taught some important lessons. The year will be remembered...

Top 10 Most Searched Advertising Campaigns on Bing in 2013

Bing is one of the most emerging search engines by Microsoft that was launched in 2009. At the end of every year Bing releasing...

Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet Specifications and Features

This is Nokia’s celebration moment as it unveils the first Windows tablet Nokia Lumia 2520. This is everything that one could have probably asked...

Microsoft Surface PRO 2 – The Long Awaited Tablet Is In

The Euphoria is on for the gadget enthusiasts, as Microsoft hits the market with its Surface 2 and Surface PRO 2 tablets in 21...

Information about Microsoft Nokia Deal

Recently Microsoft takes over Nokia’s phone business and patents for $7.2 billion. With this deal; Microsoft Corp has entered into an agreement with Nokia for buying...

Google vs Microsoft – the Battle between Giants

After the launch of Bing search engine and merger with Yahoo search, Microsoft is now working very hard to promote Outlook. Recently I came...