If you are an iPhone X user who is looking for the ways disable iPhone X Face ID unlock feature temporarily or permanently, this post is going to be very helpful for you. Day by day iPhone devices are getting popularity like never before and it’s Face ID Facial Recognition bio metric authentication feature is an interesting change which can gives more security to this high end mobile device. This new feature replaced the old touch ID system which was normally integrated with the home button. In trendy new iPhone X Face ID detection feature is designed in such a way that it can perform seamlessly. You can pick this device up any angle and the device will authenticate and unlock automatically.

No doubt this Facial Recognition technology always saves your time and also gives you safety but Apple also promised that there is no chance that anyone can unlock your phone via using Face Detection expect you have an evil twin. But there’s nothing to worry like Touch ID in before iPhone devices. Well guess what, you can also disable Face ID detection temporarily. Yes, you can disable it and you can’t unlock it again until you put in the required password. Now the question is how to disable Face ID unlock temporary? So in this post we are going to guide you through several methods properly so that you can easily disable the face recognition and can secure your iPhone X in a different way easily.

Process to disable Face ID Unlock on iPhone X

You can easily disable Face ID unlock on your iPhoneX by following these steps :-

[Before note – The phone can be locked (screen off), locked (screen on) or unlocked (in use) when you start following the below steps]

#1 Press the “Side Button (lock button) + volume up OR volume down button” simultaneously for a few seconds.

iPhone X Locked

#2 You will now see the screen with “slide to power off”, “medical ID”, “Emergency SOS” & “Cancel”.

Disable Face Unlock on iPhone

#3 Simply press “Cancel” on that screen.

#4 Done. Now the phone will mandatory ask for “Pass code” to unlock your phone and enable Face ID again.

Temporarily Disable Face Unlock

(After Note – The face unlock will stay disabled only for one time till the pass code is entered to unlock. As soon as the passcode is entered and phone gets unlocked, the face unlock will start working again.)

You can use this method when you are in hurry or you are feeling someone is trying to unlock it forcefully. This is the easiest process for the Face Id disable and you can do it even in your pocket and purse within few seconds.

Disable Face Unlock on iPhone X Using Emergency SOS Method

You can also use the iPhone 8’s Emergency SOS methodology in your iPhone X to disable Face Unlock temporary. To perform this; first of all you have to enable the SOS feature in your device then just press the side button quickly 5 times. After pressing 5 times you can find the SOS and Medical Id on your iPhone X screen. Just tap on the cancel here button and it will automatically disable the Face ID feature.

(Before note – this will start making a siren sound when the countdown is in process. Proceed with your will.)

#1 Press the side button (lock button) 5 times.

#2 A call will be made in the next 3 seconds to the emergency number. Simply, cancel it before the 3 seconds countdown ends.

#3 In the next 10 seconds, message(s) will start getting sent to the emergency contacts. Cancel this too within those 10 seconds.

#4 You will be shown your medical details page.

#5 You can click ‘done’ on the top right corner to close that page.

#6 Done. Now the face unlock will be disabled.

Temporarily Disable Face Unlock

These are two best and trusted methods that you can use to easily disable Face ID unlock on your iPhone X. So next time when you want to disable Face ID temporarily, just use one of these two methodologies and experience the successful result. If you are still facing any difficulties during this process or have any doubt regarding the process, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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