Reddit cryptocurrency subs are one of the most active platform where you can learn about the current happening in crypto industry. As you know that there are thousands of crypto sub reddits available on Reddit website, which one to follow? In this article, you will find the list of top crypto sub reddits to follow for learning all latest information and events happening in crypto industry.

If you will do deep research then you can find Reddit website comes at the 6th position among the highest website traffic statistics. This is a user-friendly and smooth platform where you can find several facts and useful contents on various niches. No doubt Reddit is one of the most visited website on Internet in this current era and in this high growing before few years ago, Reedit has also become a suitable place for cryptocurrency investors because here you can get many useful and informative discussions. Day by day this platform for cryptocurrency trading and mining lovers is growing rapidly and cryptocurrency sub reddits are definitely on a high.

reddit cryptocurrency sub

This high popularity of Reddit cryptocurrency discussion; it attracted millions of users to their subs who participate regularly. If you are a cryptocurrency investor and want to get fresh information and changes in the field of cryptography and cryptocurrency then it’s a great opportunity for you to join relevant subs at Reddit to collect useful data and info’s which definitely help you towards a proper investment on cryptocurrency sector.

Top Reddit Cryptocurrency Subs

As there are thousands of Cryptocurrency subs are available on Reddit, we tried to filtered few highly popular sub reddits by considering the total number of subscribers to respective Sub Reddit during the time of writing this article. Here we go:

#1 r/Cryptocurrency

We will start our list with the main topic which is “Cryptocurrency”, this sub reddit comes on 2nd position when it comes to number of subscribers but we have listed on #1 by considering the usefulness of the topic. When the thing comes to best Reddit Cryptocurrency subs r/Cryptocurrency always stand at the top of the list. Here you can get any kind of information about cryptocurrency issues and its solution with brief discussion. You can easily find new trending discussions on latest news, technology top cryptos on this platform. You can study the unique graph and insight of trading and several other important discussion relevant to it which will help you to invest smartly on crypto sector. This platform is based on 738k subscriber which is obviously a big achievement.

Subscribers: 738k

#2 r/Bitcoin

r/Bitcoin cryptocurrency sub reddit is the most popular sub with over 936k subscribers your should follow. On this platform you can find trendy news on developments on bitcoin and relevant news all over the world. You can also get other technical discussion regarding lightning network or other essential things regarding bitcoin fork. This is a platform where you can find 936k subscriber. On this platform you will definitely get fresh and trusted news very fast.

Subscribers: 936k

#3 r/Ethereum

If you compare the number of subscribers of this Sub reddit with the Bitcoind one, you will find huge difference. Ethereum coin is growing rapidly in the market and day by day its value also growing faster in such case, most of the crypto traders or investors shows their interest on this coin. If you are one of them who have interest on Etherium and want to get update news regarding this coin then you can join r/Ethereum Redditsub. This is another platform which is subscribed by 396k people and no doubt you will get various discussions on this platform regarding Etherium coin.

Subscribers: 396k

#4 r/BTC

r/BTC subreddit is another popular platform which was formed by users who dissatisfied from the admin of rBitcoin. This is a platform which is much open and no restriction is there. You can any time discuss on crypto currency on this platform and there is no such time limit. This is a platform based of 223k subscribers and this is an active community and you can get some amazing news and knowledge from this forum for sure. Basically the information discussed on BTC or Bitcoin sub reddits will be similar but this one has some more freedom for users to share information and hence, it started gaining good number of subscribers within small time-frame.

Subscribers: 223K

#5 r/gpumining

This Reddit cryptocurrency sub is not that much popular when it comes to number of subscribers but still we have included in this list by considering the uniqueness of the discussion. If you are a crypto minor and want to earn cryptocurrency via GPU mining then this is one of the best platforms for you to join. This subreddit informs users how to use their pc and graphics card and earn crypto currency via mining it. Here you can see discussion on several methodology and mining process which are definitely very helpful for crypto minors. Here you can easily learn how to earn alt currency like Zcash, Ethereum, and Feather coin easily by using your PC graphics. This platform is based on 23.1k subscribers and one of the most active communities of subreddit.    

Subscribers: 23.1K

 #6 r/Litecoin  

Nowadays litecoin is another popular crypto current which is growing rapidly. This is a virtual coin which is derived from Bitcoin and people are showing their interest towards this coin in terms of investment and trading. This is a popular crypto currency which was developed on base of coin distribution, efficiency, speed and mining. r/Litecoin subReddits is quite popular among people and this is a 198k subscriber base platform where you can get various discussion on current situation of Litecoin and other important information relevant to it.

Subscribers: 198K

Apart from these popular sub reddits, you can also join various Cryptocurrency sub listed below based on your interest and its popularity:

  • r/ethtrader – 187k
  • r/Ripple – 186k
  • r/CryptoMarkets – 140k
  • r/Monero – 129k
  • r/Garlicoin – 128k
  • r/BitcoinMarkets – 118k
  • r/Dogecoin – 117k
  • r/IOTA – 109k
  • r/NEO – 91 k
  • r/Stellar – 78 k
  • r/Tronix – 63 k
  • r/altcoin – 63 k
  • r/Cardano – 63 k
  • r/NucleusVision – 60 k
  • r/BitcoinBeginners – 59 k
  • r/icocrypto – 57 k
  • r/VergeCurrency – 53 k
  • r/VeChain – 46 k
  • r/EOS – 46 k
  • r/xmrtrader – 45 k
  • r/Crypto_Currency_News – 44 k
  • r/CryptoCurrencies – 42 k
  • r/Binance – 41 k
  • r/EtherMining – 41 k
  • r/nanocurrency – 39 k

Final words

No doubt cryptocurrency are growing rapidly and many people are investing in this platform to get huge benefit. A good forum is always helpful for any investor or newbie to know more regarding current market and other important information regarding this amazing trading world. Reddit is definitely a popular platform for people where they can easily collect knowledge and can acquire sufficient knowledge for sure. So what are you waiting for? Join these sub Reddits and grab detailed knowledge about crypotocurrency and investment methodology.

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