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These Cases for iPhone 8 and iPhone X will Amaze You!

iPhone 8 x Cover


These Cases for iPhone 8 and iPhone X will Amaze You!

Few hours to go for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus & iPhone X launch and the specification and prices are already revealed. Now the biggest question is, which are the cases you should buy for your iPhone? Don’t worry, we are here to solve your query. Read on!

For all iPhone 8 and newly launched device lovers who are not just mad about iPhones but also for the specific iPhone cases; newly launched iPhone 8 and iPhone X cases are increasing the curiosity and level of excitement. As the features and specifications are already leaked and revealed, you should start hunting for the best iphone cases to protect your new smartphone. Though the iPhone 8 and iPhone X aren’t yet launched officially by Apple, but the accessory manufacturers have started revealing their cases for these iPhones.

The online and offline markets are flooded with the multiple iphone 8 cases from various manufacturers regardless of nobody having an idea about what the phones looks like. Mainly the accessory manufacturer start producing covers once the leaks has started appearing on trusted sources. Take a look at the photos of cases that are by now announced. However,it is not suggested purchasing them right now owing to the fact whether they will fit to the iPhones or not. Also, the confusion over the names is making these cases unreliable. iPhone 8 and iPhone X indicates two different phones.

1. Desmay Slight iPhone X (8) Cases:

iphone x case desmay slight

The Company has publicized its first case designed for iPhone X (iPhone 8) available at $18.99. It displays scope for a dual-lens camera fitting perpendicularly on the back. Though, no idea about what the accessory maker presumes from the phone is been shared by it. The company asserts to be marketing one of the skinniest iPhone 8 cases of 0.35mm, but as not many accessory makers have publicized new iPhone cases up till now; this seems to be a simple idea.

2. Olixar Armourdillo iPhone X Protective Case:

The Company with so much of creativity and techniques used seems to have launched the most protective case ever launched by any other iPhone accessory manufacturer. It is designed to have a robust look safeguarding your iPhone from cracking; if you drop it by chance. In case; if the phone have a bezel-less display making it delicate, this case could be needed.This being not among the best good-looking cases makes you lose the charm of being said glass-backed design that is being expected on iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

3. Olixar Ultra-Thin iPhone X Gel Case:

Among the low-priced iPhone X cases promoted at present; it could defend the phone from the abnormal scratch. Though, there are less chances of this case being able to protect your device in case you drop it. Also, the gel material would be less comfy to your palms. If you looking to try something different, this iphone 8 cover is for you.

4. Totallee Thin iPhone 8 Case:

These could win over your heart as they are among some of the best looking cases for iPhone 8 and iPhone X.The ultra-thin designs are intended to keep the phones lighter in your pockets and handbags. Alike, Desmay Slight iPhone 8 cover; there is an upright camera cut-out. You can have these cases in multiple color choices comprising a bold blue and green in addition to brown, which are all improbable colors for Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Currently they are beautifully displaying all these different variations and chances are there you will see more cover in near future.

Additional picks

Loads of other accessory makers have inveterate work is still ongoing on cases for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Though at the moment those companies have decided not to disclose precisely on what they’re working which probably means there is more information to come about new iPhone cases from companies like Lifeproof,  Speck, Case Mate, Pad & Quill and many more by September 12th or 13th of 2017; soon after the unveiling of new iPhones. We will keep updating this post upon receiving more information about latest iphone 8 and iphone x cases from all leading case and cover manufacturer in country.

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