Microsoft and Google Docs are one of the most popular and useful spreadsheet programs over a billion users. This software’s is used for making charts, tables, office reports, Identifying trends, and arranging data, etc. This Software comes with brilliant functions that improve productivity and after learning some helpful tricks anyone will be master of Google Docs and Microsoft Excel, it has its own demerits as well. The world is changing over time but the way we are using spreadsheet and collaborative tools are still almost same. There are many amazing advanced office tools and application with docs, spreadsheets which are available free and paid and can be good substitution for Microsoft Excel and Google Docs in certain situations.

To help you with the best alternatives to Google Docs and Microsoft Excel, we have made a list of latest and easy to use office and personal suit that comes with advance features that match with today’s super collaborative world.

#1 Airtable

Airtable- spreadsheet software

The major motive of Airtable is to organize the data and to enhance the productivity. In general, it is basically a spreadsheet database – which is nothing but, the highlights and the important aspects of databases are included in the spreadsheet. Basically, the Airtable table fields are same as that of spreadsheet cells but add to it, it will have phone numbers, drop down lists, check boxes and various image attachments.

The main usage of Airtable is that the users can able to set up the field type, create a database, link tables, add records, sort the records, team collaboration suitable for a field. There is also a possibility of publishing views to other websites are accessible here. The data and information entered here will be automatically stored in the cloud. It is also noted that the field values are updated based on a real time. The major competitors of Airtable are Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, RowShare and much more. The research found that the Airtable is better than its competitors based on its user-friendly experience and mobile version usages.

#2 Coda:

coda - best spreadsheet program

According to the recent survey, it has been founded out that coda is one of the most advanced tools which consists of the process of all-in-one solution. Research also founded out that, coda will be a better replacement for Microsoft Excel and Google Docs. It is considered as a flexible product with documents, spreadsheets, and apps in a single interface. Even though the technology has been developed in an extraordinary manner in this world, but when comes to database, spreadsheet, storing data, we are using different sorts of applications and tools to keep the data safe.

In order to overcome those issues, specialists have developed coda, which is basically a combination of Microsoft Excel and Google Docs. The developers not only combined those process and designed coda but also has created this tool in a user-friendly manner, so that everyone can able to use it in a simple manner. In order to make the user comfort them during the traveling time, the developers have included Google map into it to have a clear path and directions during travel.

#3 Quip Live Apps:

Quip Spreadsheet

In general, Quip Live Apps is can able to use in both web and mobile which is nothing but collaborative productivity software. It is mainly used for business persons like editing and creating spreadsheets and documents into a unique interface or group. It is also an important fact that the research found that the teamwork of this tool is much better than its competitors. These types of live apps are interactive, embeddable and you can able to make use of it in your documents.

One can try Kanban boards, embeddable calendars, and lot more, along with integrations with Atlassian and Salesforce. The team members can also able to work in a single page based on satisfying their major needs and requirements. The main factors of Quip Live Apps are that it has the potential to provide the functionality of spreadsheet and word processing. Those functionalities are available both in Android and iOS app.

#4 NoteJoy

Notejoy - docs programs
From olden days to till now, the technology has been improved a lot and many different kinds of software and tools have been created. But while coming to collaborating most important documents, the tools are not that much supportive and user-friendly to carry over and store all kind of data. On that basis, NoteJoy is one of the best collaboration tools for storing a real-time document that will grab the effective editor collectively with influential search and spontaneous companies.

Now you have no need to worry about asking legal permissions to access the document or losing any important documents. Because when you began to make use of NoteJoy tool, all your data will be stored in the cloud and you can access it at any time and anywhere. The NoteJoy team worked together to provide effective features like allowing users to design the shared space with threaded reactions, comments, stack channels and effective search.

#5 Fieldbook

Fieldbook - Docs programs
This tool or product is basically a web-based spreadsheet database tool which is used in an effective manner. This can be useful for various personal usages and the main usage of Fieldbook is that the users can able to, link tables, add records, sort the records, team collaboration, set up the field type, create a database suitable for a field like the above-mentioned tools.

By making use of Fieldbook one can able to organize each and every feature of the database in an effective manner in a single drive or spreadsheet database very securely. You can also easily able to program and handle your data with a set of a database with this software by dividing the tasks with the teams perfectly and have a control over it to save the files very securely.

Do you use any other tools worth sharing? We would love to learn more about them! Write us or share them via comments.

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